The Sims 2 Website – Still Down for “Maintenance”
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Well it has been about 2 weeks or longer since the “Maintenance Mode” of the website has been up.  Not sure what type of maintenance they are doing, but it has been a long while.
Sims 2
During their last Sims 3 site update they removed The Sims 2 banner from the bottom of forums to add “Sims Social”, so perhaps they are trying to slowly shut the site without notice?  Hopefully this is not the case, but who knows with EA’s web team now a days.

Anyway, during the time the site is down and anyone requires Sims 2 Patches for their games, I have all Sims 2 Patches uploaded for your games.  Please note that these patches are for the single packs and are not supporting the “Compilation Game Collections”  that were created after.  If you have any questions, direct all your comments here .


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  1. Betty says:

    I just wanna know >.< Is the sims 2 website never gonna work again?!?! I think I might call ea again…

  2. Betty says:

    I WOULD download from modthesims2 and webs like that but Idk how to get the clothes to my game, with the exchange you just have to press download and with the other websites you have to like click “exctract” whatever the heck that is D;

  3. Lexi says:

    One week ago, I went on the sims 2 site and it looked like it was running. I went to the exchange, but it kept on saying NO RECORDS FOUND. Then, when I re-loaded ther site, it came up with the trouble/ maintenance page.

  4. sophie says:

    omg i need to get some sims2 cloths trin to make a sims series

  5. Sarah says:

    Okay we found a way to get around the supposed “down for maintenance” bug.
    1) Go to
    2) Hover over the ‘Help’ icon and go to ‘more…’
    3) Go to the ‘Exchange Patch’ section and click ‘Download the patch’
    4) Enjoy the website!

    Although not many people have figured this out, so there aren’t many sims to download, so help spread the word! EA can’t exclude us Sims 2 lovers just yet! (:

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