The Sims Social – Tips & Tricks/FAQ’s
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For those of you who have started playing The Sims Social and need a few tips when playing, here are two helpful guides to help you out!


The Sims Social Tips & Tricks

The Sims Social FAQ’s




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  1. Hi, hey have you gotten to play and the loading bar has stoped at 35%?
    I dont know if that is normal or I dont know.
    Please help :-)

    Thank You :-)

  2. Isak says:

    That’s normal, it happens sometimes. Try refreshing the web page.

  3. Delphi says:

    So where are the tips and tricks? ..LOL

  4. tinsley says:

    i bought a new room for my house and now i dont know how to build it? please help!!

  5. Setan says:


    press on the room icon that you have built, a new window will appear, invite your friends ” usually you need to choose three friends” and after they accept your invite, you room will be ready ;)

  6. mike says:

    Someone sent me a request to go steady, and it never showed up. Any help?

  7. John says:

    I need help on the sims social. How do you get a roommate. Please I am tired of going to other people’s houses. Please help!!!!!

  8. Teresa says:

    I’m getting so tired of completed the “get a new look” quest. I can’t get past having one item. It always resets. What an aggrivation.

    1. Teresa says:


  9. Chris says:

    Once a room is built can it be moved?

  10. Boki says:

    Yes,you can move a room with this step by step instruction:1.You must go to shop.2.Click on build.3.Click on room that you want to move.4.And finnaly click on move to move your room.

  11. Nocona says:

    Why when I go to send things or request things from friends is it blank.

  12. Katie says:

    how can I now what level i have reached in each skill??

    1. Sims VIP says:

      click on an object which levels up that skill and the upper right corner will tell you which level you are currently on. :)

  13. Laurie says:


    just wondering, if someone asks you for.. i dunno, a love, or a muse and you accept, will that take on of yours? or once accepting do you still have the same amount as before?

    1. Sims VIP says:

      It will just send one back automatically. It does not take anything away from you :)

  14. Nicolle says:

    Why did my ‘Life’s A Virtual Beach’ quest go away? I used to have it incomplete and now I am ready to complete it and the girl on the side for that quest is gone… what???

  15. Im having problems with my sims social. Everytime I make money my money disappears. Im not using it cause I want to upgrade my home. But I have no luck if it get taken away. Please help :( I love the sims social but if these keeps happening I might as well not play at all.

  16. Leah says:

    Hi I need help in finding where you can buy more doors. Some how I forgot and I need to buy one thanks,

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