Sims 3 Store: The Sims 3 Treasure Hunt!

So this is why that FREE Set went up today! It seems that EA is now going to be giving us an incentive to make purchases and do other odd ball things around the site…to claim prizes!

Treasure hunt has begun, and the time frame for the first one is November 17 to November 24. My guess is that there will be several of these to win.

:!: To keep track of your progress, visit your My Page as you now have a new progress section!

Thanks to tallcoolone for the find!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Explore The Sims 3 Store and complete five objectives. The Reward: The EXCLUSIVE “Smooth Cruis’n Set!”

The Smooth Crusi’n set includes Bayside Bathroom, two bikes, a bike rack and an exclusive Treasure Hunt Badge for bragging rights.


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  1. Crinrict says:

    Not up for us non-us-users (yet)

  2. Jaja says:

    Nice try EA. Greedy bastards.

  3. VinnieVinVin says:

    Next months objective: Complete Novembers objective + purchase 160$ simpoint bundle.

    This is rediculous. Yeah its a bonus to getting stuff, but I can’t see this lasting long before we get repeats, getting repetative, etc.

  4. Simmer of Sims says:

    So not only do we have to purchase a simpoint bundle – ($10) minimum – we also have to buy a daily deal item? How much purchasing will have to occur to get this “free” set?

  5. Sims VIP says:

    Everything is probably going to be already released items. I was actually kinda ticked off that my simpoint purchase today didn’t count towards this. :P

    Not that I care anyway, I downloaded the prize when it was free :lol:

  6. Crinrict says:

    AND you had it anyways before, right ?

    1. Sims VIP says:

      oh yea. I already own all that stuff. I just didn’t know what it was at first, downloaded it cuz it was free, and then looked. :P

  7. 5050Sims says:

    I noticed it said “Complete the tasks by the end of the promotion for a CHANCE to win an exclusive prize.” So you’re not even definitely going to get the prize. :/

  8. Sims VIP says:

    SimGuruPopTart just cleared that up. :)

  9. Fleshjenn says:

    lol. I already got the kitchen set, but the bikes were a nice addition to my game. especially since they were the only ones i liked in that set. I feel kinda bad that I didn’t do the hunt to get them, but I guess it makes up for some of the broken items i brought and they haven’t fixed yet. for those really looking to do the hunt I suggest waiting till its confirmed that buying the simpoints will count and then use them to purchase a daily deal.

  10. niac1234 says:

    I hate it when EA does stuff like this. Their so blatantly trying to mooch the money from your fingers, and so many fall for this trickery, The worst part of it is, is that they are making more money than any company for this because it doesn’t cost them anything to make these store items. They just keep upping the Anty just because they are greedy and selfish. And not only that but because of the store, the quality of Packs is going down monumentally, so now we still pay 40 bucks, but for less. I wish we would have boycotted the store from the start, that would’ve stopped them from unleashing this greedy whip on society. now it’s too late.


    sorry for venting, it just angers me :)

  11. Crinrict says:

    For US only … Way to go .. glad I grabbed it while it was free (and yes, I do have both sets already)

  12. PIERO says:

    anche io xD

  13. finalxfantasy says:

    It’s only for U.S -.-
    EA fails.

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