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The one thing that gets me about all the listings, is that not one of them yet has stated “Stuff Pack“. I’m starting to wonder if this is a secondary “stuff” pack that will not be considered SP#6, but rather an optional add on “stuff pack”?

The only SP6 proof we have of this pack so far, is that Frankie’s original game in Origin was stamped SP6, which later turned into Sweet Treats. I just wish they would announce it already!




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  1. n00biito says:

    They’re probably waiting to stretch the Showtime hype a bit longer. The community is also very divided on the Katy Perry SP if that’s what it is. I see that the price is still $28 also. Isn’t that a bit expensive for a regular SP?

  2. Sims VIP says:

    The extra money is for the royalties that are to be paid to KP for using her name. :-/

  3. Issy says:

    Maybe its just like a Store pack (Like Hidden Springs) and EA will release it on the official store and on disk? Defiantly doesn’t sound like a Stuff Pack..

  4. bspook says:

    Seems this stuff pack or whatever its gonna be will be more expensive then ure standard stuff pack..hope it includes alot more stuff then a reg stuff pack for the price…

  5. Sims VIP says:

    @Issy, sounds like a good guess, but EA would never release DLC on a disc. That is what many thought with Hidden Springs, and all it was, was Origin on a disc. :P $28 bucks sounds like a stuff pack with KP royalties added to it. I wouldn’t rule it out though. Maybe EA will release a store pack as DLC, and with a box attached. Who knows.

    @bspook – Expect it to be this way for a while. Long as KP has a contract with EA, they will have to use her and her name. That means a higher priced pack for royalty fees.

  6. Vinnie Vin Vin says:

    Katy Perry did say Candy-fornia which could lead to this being a KP themed world w/ content. Only reason it would (somewhat) be worth 28$.

    1. n00biito says:

      Yes, I started to think along those lines as well. That makes more sense for that price.

  7. 5050Sims says:

    Looks like the release will be June 12th then, seeing as two sites have listed it as that. (Obviously could change though)

  8. Don't yodel with the margarine says:

    They should just skip this sp and give us the next ep, and I think the next ep is the last one before sims 4 because it’s the 7th in the sims 3 series, and sims 1 has 7 and sims 2 has 8, and and last two series ended with a magic ep so……

    1. Mr.Meph says:

      Don’t think so, The Sims 4, if i remember, was planned for 2014, and we still have 2 years before the launch of the Sims4, or even later, plus the ideas of 3 EP on 1 year, considering that the 7th ep is about a 60%. (according to the quantity of leaks).

      And the last thing, acoording to my fan desires, there are a lot of things to add to the sims 3 yet.

  9. Kilu says:

    If every game that is released from now on includes a $10 spike for Katy Perry’s name on it, then EA can go dip their head in water.

    1. Erin says:

      Agreed. An expansion pack was more than enough, and this stupid Sweet Treats thing is already too much. Any more Katy Perry, and I’m done.

  10. Talia says:

    it would cost me £15- £17.67 it better be have lots of items and objects in it or at lease be a world with objects and clothes because I only ever pay £10 for an SP

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