SimsVIP’s Sweet Treats Game Manual Now Available!


Sims 3 Katy Perry’s Sweet Treats Game Manual


Sweet Treats


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  1. Steph says:

    catloverplayer is going to love this…thank you very much simsvip
    now after getting a better look at this there is 2-3 dresses i’d use some of the objects but deffo would use the cake plaeasure dome

    LOVE the vid :mrgreen:

    1. catloverplayer says:

      Your right I do. :lol:

      1. Steph says:

        @ catloverplayer :smile:

        i can see the possiabiltes for the cake dome i’d probably get rid of the bistro and place the cake pleasure dome instead …hmmm i wonder if a party could be held there ?

        1. catloverplayer says:

          In Starlight Shores I think there is an empty lot close to the beach that would be a great place to place the cake dome. I hope a party can be held there. I hope they thought about that when they made the venue.

          1. Steph says:

            yes i know the one your talking about…thinking of hand is it sunset valley or appaloosa plains that has the lot size 30×27 near where they placed the flying v ? hmm no matter i can check the game tomorrow

  2. AznSensei says:

    I’m counting 97 Items + 3 lots, total of 100. Is that right?

    1. SimsVIP says:

      I’m counting 96 items + 3 lots + a soundtrack = 100 :P

      1. AznSensei says:

        Works with me LOL

    2. Mangoesandlimes says:

      I’m counting 91, as I’m not including the lots, the stencil repeats, or the wall recolor. 5 hairstyles + 9 tops + 5 bottoms + 14 outfits + 48 buy mode items + 9 build mode + 1 song = 91

  3. catloverplayer says:

    So how do you like the new lots Alex?

  4. catloverplayer says:

    Alex one unrelated question is the new store patch safe to download? Has it caused any problems in your game?

    1. SimsVIP says:

      No problems whatsoever. :)

  5. matrix54 says:

    Do the items come without stencils? Some of them look like they could fit in really wall in a normal home without the “extra” stuff on them.

    1. SimsVIP says:

      Most of them do, but some of them are 100% “Sweet”. :P

      1. matrix54 says:

        I have a bit of a sweet tooth, I wont lie, but I’d rather not have a cavity lol. Some of the items really do look like they are usable – like the shelf or the curtains. There needs to be a mod to “de-sugar-coat” all of this lol

  6. catloverplayer says:

    I love the new pink pastels they went with and the candy pattern on the new bars. I plan to copy that pattern to favorites in cas and add it to a lot of other stuff one of which is a double bed because for some reason they left a candy themed double bed out and only included a single bed.

    Heck now we that pattern I can make me a candy themed hottub. :lol:

  7. Steph says:

    candy themed hottub :shock: :lol:

  8. maria_loves_alex says:

    thank you so much hun! and I love your picture with your models, very nice! they’re all wearing my favourite shoes too

  9. Jerome says:

    Quick question to anyone who owns the game, is it counted as a Stuff Pack on the launcher?

  10. miklc says:

    Another awesome game guide, thanks for doing this! It is making me look forward to the UK release later in the week :)

  11. Talia says:

    Love the guide
    but in all we got Female: 6 hair (including Showtime), 8Tops, 4Bottoms, 21Outfits (including Showtime & plain swim suit from sweet treats). Male:1Top&Bottom.69Build & Buy Object(including Bonus content Showtime & sweet treats poster, free poster, katy points budge objects)

  12. catloverplayer says:

    Alex I noticed you had one of the new lots close to the beach in Sunset Valley. What lot address is that? I like that location.

  13. coffeechick0 says:

    I love your pictures. Thanks for sharing.

    I’m still not sold on this SP, it’s too candy themed for me. Like overkill. Most of it I could only see being useful, to me, for Christmas decorations. Not sure why they didn’t sell this at that time of year as I’d think it would have been a hit.

    Anyhoo, even after looking at your pictures I still only see 4 items tops that I liked and would use. Too bad I’m overseas, if a Target had been close by I might have gotten it for that $18.00 deal. As it is I refuse to pay the price they want from me in Euros.

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