First Image of The Sims 3 Seasons


The Sims 3 Czech Facebook page posted this photo a while ago, and then quickly removed it! Luckily for us, our readers are quicker than quick sand! :D

Thanks to Joanna, Adam, Simmy19 & Lola for the tip!


Click image to enlarge!

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  1. Simfan923 says:

    ok getting supernatural the day it comes out, saving money to buy seasons and now im wondering if they’re are any new creatures and if that’s a new town i see

    1. SimsJackal says:

      The new creature for Seasons will be Aliens. :) *Can NOT wait*

  2. Guest says:

    Wow, it looks great. Hope it lives up to players expectations. AND WE FINALLY GET PUMPKINS!!!!!! Ahem, sorry, I’m enthusiastic about that…

  3. LunaLoomis says:

    From the looks of it they have really outdone themselves with this EP, it’s adding so many things that I miss about TS1 and TS2 and some really awesome new things too, and all we’ve seen is the box art and a couple screenshots! There’s even more goodness to come! Between this and SN TS3 is gonna be fantastic and finally truly enjoyable to play, you’ve redeemed yourselves amazingly EA, good job turning it around!

    1. Guest says:

      I wonder, since they’ve added a county fair if they’ve added farming to this too? Like in that one survey…Curious. If they’ve expanded gardening, I’ll be the happiest simmer ever. It and Nectar Making have been my faves since way back in Unleashed. (Only way I’d ever own/operate a winery, can’t afford the start-up IRL)

  4. Ariana says:


  5. Kabuto says:

    It become interesting… Swimming in the sea ! Oh yeah :) !

  6. wzw1177 says:

    I like this picture. YAY!!

  7. Conclue says:

    Peps!!! Peps!!! I’m having palpitations!! Lmao! I’m on vaca so I’m going to check it all out when I get home satruday so excited!

  8. Ryan says:


  9. lola says:

    I thought that there came Aliëns.

  10. toto caca says:

    I totally just peed myself.
    And remember what we saw on the small cover : umbrellas against wind and rain, soccer, little kisses stand, and like mentionned before : jack o lanterns, ice snowboard, sea swimming, etc, etc.
    Since weather is all about sky, it seems logic the new creature will be Aliens, which is confirmed by the survey EA has proposed to us a little while ago.
    Like i said : totally just peed myself.

    1. Julia says:

      I peed myself too xD haha

      1. Julia says:

        ps. when I saw the swimming in the ocean thing xD

        1. toto caca says:

          Let’s hope our sims won’t do it too while swimming…

  11. Samis says:

    Supernatural i Seasons will be the best TS3 EP’s ever. :D

    1. Kabuto says:

      It seems they keep the best for the end, we should get good surprises in 2013 with EP9 and EP10.

      1. lolifofo says:

        That’s >IF< Seasons isn't the last EP. I really hope there's more…

  12. Chris says:

    WTH AM I SEEIN?!?!

    – Carnival stands: Hot Dog, Cotton Candy, etc.

    – Skating Ramps (or this case Snowboarding Ramps)

    AHHHHHH ^_^

  13. Darrell says:

    I can’t believe this. I am so disgusted. How could EA being giving us Seasons when everyone KNOWS we need a University Expansion before they should even consider a seasons pack. I mean, really. Snow? How boring! Rain? Big deal, we get wet. I don’t see how this can even be considered game play. It’s not going to add anything at all new or interesting to the game, whereas sending our Sims to college or university would be totally so cool! We need the classes, we need the dorm parties and the fruit punch keg, we need the cheerleader and the llama mascot. My Sims world won’t be complete without a University pack. Come on, EA, what were you thinking? Who cares about Seasons? We want University!!! Why don’t you ever listen to anything that we want?!?!?*

    *This message is for entertainment purposes only. The sentiments expressed are not the actual sentiments of the poster, but rather a little taste of the same medicine Supernatural fans were given by the more obnoxious of the Seasons fanatics when Supernatural was announced. :D

    1. Seth says:

      Okay, you had me going there for a second. :P

  14. Bo Na Na says:

    Finally the Free Holiday stuff from the Sims 3 Store comes in handy!!! ^^

  15. asdf says:

    I think there´s going to be holidays in this EP sence there is pumpkin carving and i guess the upper left one i a fair??

  16. Breville says:

    This so cool looking!

  17. Mandababy2003 says:

    So I was snooping around the sims 3 Czech facebook page after this picture was leaked, I wanted to see what their fans were saying in regards to it being taken down, etc. I found quite a few very interesting posts. One where a fan asked how they got their sims to swim in the pond & the reply was “wait for seasons”. Then I found a post by the sims 3 Czech people and it was this:

    Jak bylo již dříve informovala o naše stránky jsou dnes večer v sídle EA v Americe velká prezentace nových her. Tato prezentace, včetně informací o The Sims 3, bude následovat živě na níže uvedeném odkazu.

    Pro nás to začne celé léto Showcase živé vysílání ve 22.00 a bude pravděpodobně i ročních období The Sims 3 bude vyhlášena, viz také tento post na naší domovské stránce.

    Pokud je vše v potůčku, budeme spolupracovat v tomto příspěvku a můžete vkládat od 21.45 hodin zde na The Sims News s koly a lupínky na vstup do Letní Showcase zobrazit.

    Which put into google translator says this:

    As previously reported on our website is tonight at the headquarters of EA in a large presentation of new American plays. This presentation, including information about The Sims 3 will be followed live on the link below.

    For us, it starts the whole summer Showcase live broadcast at 22.00 and will likely Seasons The Sims 3 will be announced, see also this post on our home page.

    If all of the stream, we will work in this post and you can insert here from 21.45 hours to The Sims News with wheels and chips for entry into the Summer Showcase show.

    They are saying right there that sims 3 seasons will most likely be announced :)

    1. Mandababy2003 says:

      Wait, that post was made by someone else on their facebook, I am investigating further lol. I guess I should pay better attention & not get so excited!

  18. Jackie says:

    Two awesome EP in a row? IS IT POSSIBLE? I guess we have to wait and see.

  19. JaiJai says:

    Woah, are they gonna have holidays?. This Looks awesome

  20. miklc says:

    We are getting a MERMAID COSTUME!!!!!!!!!!

  21. miklc says:

    Can’t wait to preorder this!!

  22. asdf says:


  23. Ricky says:

    I was always thinking that they were saving the ocean for something. And this proves my theory. Hope there’s more to do than just weather because I like the objects that appear there with the weather. And I’m talking about the masked sim also!

    1. Ricky says:

      Scratch that…I hope to get this, it’s amazing! Trick or treating, Umbrellas, Spring Flings?, and more! And it just took them 2 years to make it (People say it was in development since 2010 after Late Night EP.)!

  24. Mary says:

    Is there going to be a new world? I’m dying over here!!!!

    1. Randomer says:

      SimGuruGraham has confirmed there wont be a New World :)

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