SimsVIP’s Supernatural Giveaway Winner!


The winner of our Sims 3 Supernatural giveaway has been selected! The winner is……Jay! Jay, please check your email as I have sent you details for your prize. I need a response soon please!

Thanks to everyone for participating, and stay tuned for future giveaways! :)


  Congrats Jay!  


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  1. Jay says:

    Congratulations other person who is not me. I didn’t enter this one because I pre-ordered the game.

  2. vampyrelucia says:

    Congratulations Jay!

  3. Rudy says:

    Even though I didn’t win, congratulations to you from my side Jay!

    Hope you like the game :)

  4. SimsVIP says:

    The winner has replied to my email! :)

  5. Jay says:


  6. fleshjenn says:

    congrats jay! I gave in and preordered. :P

  7. TigMagick says:

    Congrats so happy for Jay finding put & the suspense ended. :) Hubby said I should wait an see tomorrow we might be able to squee it, but no promise’s. Ah well I normaly don’t put in Ep’s the first few weeks due to patch breakage but if I get this one I think I’ll brake my rule.

    I can’t wait to see Jay’s and everyones else’s photos, story’s and new or re-made sims.
    I love the idea of this ep and all the teasers released so far!

    4 mins here till release!

  8. coolmatt1019 says:

    i really cant wait for it tomorrow morning I really cant i Really Changing the Roomie household(sunset Valley) Into supernaturals if i Could in Create a sim also can you play as a zombie

  9. CristalX says:

    Congratulations Jay!!Have fun with your game :)

  10. KS71 says:

    Congrats Jay, enjoy the game :)

  11. Shane says:

    Congrats Jay! Enjoy!

  12. Angela says:


  13. itguyinsc says:

    Congratulations! You’re gonna love it!

  14. nicole says:

    Congrats Jay!!!

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