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Want a chance to have your Sim appear in the upcoming SimCity game? Then get your special Sim making skills going, and submit your Sims to the SimCity Facebook Page! Contest Ends September 26, 2012.

Thanks Brenna! :)


:!: Please read the official rules. No Custom Content is Allowed
:!: Contest open to residents of Australia, Canada (excluding Quebec), New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom and the United States, including District of Columbia (excluding Arizona, Colorado, Maryland, North Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont) who are at least as old as the minimum age of majority in the jurisdiction from which they enter the Contest.

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  1. ShaneyBoy says:

    Ohh awesome! :D

  2. adventfear says:

    I feel compelled to submit Tom and Annabelle, if they will make green Sims for the game lol

  3. catloverplayer says:

    I didn’t think there would be any sims in simcity just a city you build.

    1. venus says:

      Me too , need more info. :D

      1. Hier Fensky says:

        Well, who do you think lives in cities?

  4. SimsVIP says:

    Well this was listed on homepage, but they since removed it. My guess is that we’ll hear something by tomorrow. I’ll update this post when they do. :)

    1. venus says:

      Ok, thank you , :D

  5. Bunbunnyny says:

    Well, don’t forget, in this new SimCity game, you can see the individual lives of your citizens! They could also be referring to one of the city advisors/planners, maybe?

    1. aero87 says:

      You mean we can see inside their houses and stuff or just see them disappear into rabbithole like buildings?

  6. Pamela** says:

    Didn’t they have something similar with sim city 4/the sims 2? I remember playing sim city 4 and it had this sim option (to like place a sim or something like that?) and years ago I tried importing my sim from sims 2 but it didn’t exactly work :/.

    It’s been years since I played it, my memory could be off, but I’m pretty sure there was something similar.

    1. Ricky says:

      You are right! There was a feature to import your sims into your city. But you import the sims from The Sims(1). Can’t find that old complete collection of it. Sure would be great to use that feature for once!

      1. Pamela** says:

        Thanks! Yeah that must’ve been why it never worked with my sims 2 sims! Yeah that would be cool, even if it’s just a icon showing them. It’d be interesting to import some of my sims into the town.

  7. liz says:

    Im going to submit my simself hehe =]How do we submit a sim? just send them a message? or post a picture? with the link to the sim? this sounds like fun.

  8. thrasos says:

    I dont get why they have a country restriction…you upload your sim and send him/her through the internet…and its not like the prize is something they have to send you…. :-(

    1. SimsVIP says:

      Different laws in different countries. This contest is basically asking you to waive your rights to upload a photo. They have to comply with the law and that is why some countries are restricted. Not every country finds it legal to waive your rights for a contest. :)

      1. Cath says:

        Imagine that! Reminds me of an SNL skit where “the devil” asks if you’ve ever accepted one of those software agreements without carefully reading it all the way through. If so, he says, you signed away your soul and he’ll be seeing you soon.

  9. POpo says:

    Do we upload a simpack of our sims?
    Or a picture?

    1. SimsVIP says:

      Just a photo :)

  10. Sarh says:

    I was wondering, do our sims have to be base game? Or can they include expantion packs?

    1. SimsVIP says:

      My guess is any official Sims 3 content :)

      1. sarh says:

        thank you xx

  11. Kabuto says:

    Without CC , my sims looks ugly

  12. Mitsu says:

    Darn, but I dont look anything like my Sim without custom content…they dont look Asian… :(

  13. Jen says:

    The picture they want you to send is of a headshot/shoulder shot of the sim in CAS facing to the right. The PDF on the Submission page has pictures showing the poses they want and the poses they don’t want. So though it would be fun to send in a picture showing your entire sim they just want to see the face basically.

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