SimCity: 3 Create a Sim Winners Announced
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In today’s live broadcast, The SimCity team announced three of its create a sim contest winners. The full list of winners will be announced sometime in November.


cas winners 3
cas winners 2 cas winners


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  1. Hier Fensky says:

    Reed Conner looks pretty basic to me.

  2. Kabuto says:

    EA premade sims :P

  3. McRabid says:

    TECHNICALLY, you’re correct, anyone -could- make those sims, as per the rules no custom content was used and since everyone has access to all content from the games (assuming they have the expansion packs) they could theoretically create the same sims and could technically tweak facial features to be exactly the same. So, yes, in a sense, ‘anyone’ could make those sims.

    However, “anyone” didn’t, the winners did, why not just be happy for the people that won instead of being rude because you don’t like the way the winning sims look?

  4. Nivaya says:

    Steven Giradeau is a friend of mine, he was most disappointed that they mispronounced his name on the broadcast :D

    Bearing mind with these, no CC was allowed, which rules out not only the obvious stuff like skins, hairs, eyes, etc, but also extra sliders, or even anything that extends the range of existing sliders, so already what could be done there is pretty limited. Coupled with the fact that EA were always gonna pick sims that look like what /they/ think sims should look like (i.e., premade EA sims) and that this wasn’t actually meant to be a beauty contest, I think the end results could have been a lot worse :)

  5. Lisa says:

    I really like that orange hair color, looks very shiny but natural.

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