New Seasons Screenshot: “Quit Hotdoggin’ Around”


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  1. Sock Puppet says:

    I like the bookshelf and Loch Ness monster.

    1. Andrwressx says:

      the loch monster come with Supernatural patch i think so…

  2. Leni says:

    The Cow Plant costume is precious :-)

  3. Eddie says:

    The Roman costume looks awesome and the cowplant is just funny lol :)

  4. sims4life says:

    New kids stuff!!! :D

    1. Guest says:

      Lol, That is where my brain went to. Finally kids stuff that didn’t have to be bought from the store. And it looks cute.

  5. Danidriggs says:

    Captioning pic “don’t call me a wiener you super freak” lol

  6. Discordia says:

    Cute, love it when we get new kids stuff! Hopefully there will be more toddler stuff included too.

    1. Guest says:

      This is why Generations bothers me, I figured things like this would be in it, Kids and Toddler Stuff I mean. Heck they could make a stuff pack from that and people would buy it…Sorry, ranting…Shuting up now.

  7. Ets Gat says:

    Are the halloween costumes in a seperate clothing categoty?

    1. Anon says:

      I would like to know too. In the chat when graham changed the kids outfit to the bee one, it was under everydaywear. Maybe they’re still working on adding the halloween costume category, I hope.

  8. Bo Nan Na says:

    They said there’d ONLY be 4 NEW kids costumes…I counted, Alien, Superhero, Cowplant, Gnome, Gladiator, Hotdog, + Bee and Shark. HOPEFULLY theres awhole lot more! Cuz we need more feminine girl costumes. Like a Princess.

    1. jamie says:

      theres a princess one from generations

      1. Bo Na Na says:

        I know! But I’m wondering if they’ll add them in as Spooky Day costumes…?

    2. Jay says:

      The Bee and Shark costumes are pre-order bonuses only so they might not count those.

      1. Bo Na Na says:

        I know. That’s why I put (+)

        1. Alistu says:

          There’s also the fact that the shark outfit is an ADULT outfit, not a kids one.

          1. Windmill says:

   You are NOT right!

    3. Ricky says:

      (Hey, I’m sure you remember me from Origin Listing. I just want to thank you for that post from the Origin Listing, and make a truce. I know this is weird, but I’m glad someone ‘broke me out of my shell’. If you can overlook that, good; if not, fine. Just a truce.)
      You are right,they should include more especially for girls. I’m still wondering if they will have a specific time during fall for a Trick or Treat night for the whole neighborhood rather than be just an aesthetic way to announce Seasons.

    4. Tona says:

      Do you think the mermaid costume would be available for girls? Because that would be one that was more girly.

    5. Andrew says:

      You forgot the alien costume from the trailer!!!

  9. Hollena says:

    aww cowplant! My fave

  10. Michael says:

    the cowplant costume tho lol

  11. Jay says:

    Looking at the picture it appears that perhaps the superhero costumed child broke the dollhouse and is being confronted by the hotdog costumed child while the Roman Soldier and Cowplant costumed children appear to be commenting on the situation.

    1. sims4life says:

      Yeah I realized this too. Was breaking dollhouse’s already in the game? Or did this feature come back in this EP? :D

      1. Jay says:

        I know it’s been around for a while. I think it may be linked to certain traits so it may not be seen frequently. I could be wrong though.

      2. Guest says:

        A child wearing a dinosaur costume (from the costume chest) has the option to ‘destroy’ the dollhouse.

        1. Guest says:

          So I assume superheros will be able to as well.

    2. SimmerDown says:

      The “Destory” option is available for childish Sims. I don’t know if it’s exclusive for the childish sims, but I’ve only tried it with sims with that trait.

    3. PIGGEH says:


  12. Mandababy2003 says:

    The cowplant costume is just hilarious lol! I also love the bookshelf in the background (The tree one).

  13. DeAndreSim says:

    Do it looks like (from the Superhero kid) they’ll be unlocking the Burgler mask. Will it be re-colorable? Because when you unlock it in game with unlock outfits you can’t change it’s color from black.

  14. Guest says:

    I am dense….The Superhero is from the SimCity games, lol.

  15. coolmatt1019 says:

    university hint AGAIN
    book bag in the background

    1. Guest says:

      um, Matt, not to harsh your happy hint hunting, but how does a child’s backpack hint at Uni???

  16. Andrew says:

    From what I can see that stands out as new, there are two new bookshelves (the tree looking one on the right and a normal-ish one to the left) and a new teddy bear on the floor with a scarf on (possibly they will include seasonal bears like they included creature bears in Supernatural)

    1. Guest says:

      oh, the wallpaper and the coffee table behind the irate hotdog…

  17. Windmill says: Do you remember these costumes from PETS EP?

  18. Kathy09 says:

    I love the little wood bear.

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