SimCity: 4 Disaster Screens
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  1. Sock Puppet says:

    I’ve pretty much played all the SimCity games, and yet for some reason I’m not excited for this release?

    That earthquake or whatever is adorbs.

  2. niac1234 says:

    I never understand why people do disasters. You spend all that time making a city just to tear it down? I would’ve preferred to see terraforming.
    Though the fire feature did prove useful before though. I had a very poor city with tenements but there was a huge demand for high wealth workers, so I burned down all of the tenements and out of the ashes grew a huge Utopia. It was a quinessential Chicago fire moment.

    1. Harry says:

      It adds to the gameplay.
      It would get very boaring to just have the city as is, disaters give you an excuse to destroy and rebuild things in your city.
      They look cool.

    2. Kraven says:

      I’m going to have to agree here with niac1234.. I don’t like tearing down the city I spent so hard to build up. Sure there is natural disasters, But those are a “Mayor’s” worst nightmare… Let them be natural and not forced upon! Lol..

  3. CristalX says:

    I have never played SimCity but this looks amazing. :)

  4. Cindy says:

    i hope there will be floods

    1. Kraven says:

      Of all natural disasters, I look for flooding the most! I know disasters really complete the game, but for some reason the flooding was probably the funnest disaster to clean up to me Lol..

  5. SimmyGurl says:

    I never played any SimCity Games ever since, So I’m not really excited for this game even through it looks great, I’m more excited about Seasons.

  6. Kevin says:

    I don’t think this game will perform poorly at all. There are LOTS of people anxiously waiting its release, myself included. I think the only thing that makes this version of Sim City less appealing than its predecessors is the fact that you have to play through Origin.

  7. SimmerDown says:

    I am a total idiot when it comes to SimCity… I have never played any SimCity games before (because I wasn’t around that time), and this shall be my first :) Looks really cool.

  8. Samis says:

    I will not buy this.
    Reason ”constant internet connection required” and ”It is possible to save the game only on the Internet, not on the hard drive”. :(

  9. SimLuvu says:

    Forget this stuff! I want my giant lizard monster!! :D

  10. Kraven says:

    I really look forward to this game! I can once again be the mayor of my own city and watch my city rise!! Totally can’t wait for this! Wanting Seasons is a big wish, But SimCity eats all the cake! Lol

  11. Warner says:

    I miss the volcanos already.

  12. Kevin says:

    The new SimCity really reminds me of “New York City Tycoon.” Has anyone ever played that game? It’s really fun. I played it all the way until the end.

  13. Jordon says:

    Cant Wait to play this game.

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