Serenity Retreat Venue Now Available


Serenity Retreat (1,700 SP) –¬†Rejuvenate your body and soul with a relaxing sojourn to Serenity Retreat! Submerge in the tranquil waters, be enchanted by the lush gardens, or lay back, relax and enjoy a full array of massage options. Paradise never felt so good!



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  1. Sdw4 says:

    Says not available :(

  2. ShortyBoo says:

    I hope this won’t be it. I already have this (I have the Gold version of Sunlit Tides) so I was hoping there’d be another new set as well.

  3. Alex says:

    1700 points?! And that’s on sale. As with the other venues, too expensive imo.

  4. Kabuto says:

    WTF ?

    The outdoor shower become a Premium Content and Voodoo Doll become the newest Premium Content.

    1. Kabuto says:

      Second strange thing.

      I can download this venue because I’ve got Sunlit Tides but I can’t download only the outdoor shower.

  5. Warner says:

    I am starting to think I am going to put ten dollars in simpoints a month until I have enough to buy the gold version of sunlit shores. That world looks amazing. I am starting to warm up, also, to lucky palms, because I want the gambling skill in my game. The only store worlds I have are lunar lakes and riverview. the only one I dont see myself getting is barnicle bay, which doesnt appeal to me.

  6. RenanCN says:

    The price of the outdoor shower is 500 simpoints!? Definetly, it isn’t worth the trouble… There are Premium content that DO something special AND are cheaper… I didn’t get how they give price to the itwms…

  7. Rob says:

    wow EA think we are made of money if they think they can charge this for virtually no new content and a lot

    have they not heard that people are having to tighten their belts not just throw money down the drain

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