Seasons: Future Worlds & Festival Lots


Seasons will bring special EA pre made festival lots – 12 to be exact – and with each festival lot being themed to each of the 12 worlds we have thus far, this leaves us wondering about future expansion and store worlds.

SimGuruGraham has explained that future worlds will not have specially themed festival lots, but we will have the option of building one ourselves, or placing one of the existing 12 pre made lots in the world.


Thanks Jaline!



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  1. Fescoviks says:

    Dear, I know that is asking too much. But as I do not speak English and use the site with google translator, it does not translate text in photos, I think many do not understand the text of photos. I would like, if possible, that the texts of the photos were also translated.

    1. Pamela** says:

      The link sends you to that page the pic orginated from, you should be able to translate it from there. What language are you trying to translate from?

      1. Fescoviks says:

        Portuguese. Thanks for the help loved

  2. Damienf519 says:


    Too bad, but at least we’ll be getting a festival lot for all the official worlds that they have already released.

  3. catloverplayer says:

    I don’t really mind placing the festival lot in future worlds aka Monte Vista I just hope their not so big that their hard to place. Atleast make the largest of them 40×40 so their easy to place as opposed to 64×64.

  4. MItch says:

    I’m calling lazy. They can place the ambitions lots automagically just fine but not the seasons festival lots? Someone just doesn’t want to build 4 lots per world.

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