The Sims 3 Confirmed Compatible With Windows 8


SimGuruGraham has confirmed that The Sims 3 is compatible with Windows 8 when you have the latest Sims 3 Update (1.39). With Windows 8 already released, those of you who will upgrade should make sure to backup your Sims 3 Files prior to the upgrade. Better safe than sorry!


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  1. Simslover79 says:

    I have an HP all in one with Windows 8. I recently unpacked all of my old SIMS games and decided to install them on the new computer. I did the compatibility check and it said that it was compatible. They installed and opened without error. I was able to create my SIMS but when it went into the town all of the water and streets were black. You can see the houses but not the streets or water. When I play all interaction is fine except it will not let me have any services or make a baby. Like when I click the cell phone and go to Butler, maid, or adoption services it will see they will be right out but then they never come. Please help I love love love the SIMS.

  2. Isabelle says:

    I have a Asus Notebook PC with windows 8 just got for Christmas. I also go The Sims 3 Starter Pack with The Sims 3 , The Sims Late Night Expansion Pack And The Sims 3 High-End Loft Stuff . But when I install it all of them and try to launch the game through Origin it says that it is installing an update and will not successful launch the game. Any Help here ??

  3. Thedarkqueen241 says:

    I have a HP laptop windows 8 that I got for Christmas. I also got the base game with generations and pets. the graphics are bad and when I try to get better settings my screen freezes and I can’t do anything plz help because I really want to start making videos

  4. Christalia says:

    Recently we bought a gaming computer with windows 8 and I was able to go in and load up all my sims3 games and update them all, I have tried to install my dragon valley, the downloads from my account and even play the game and it won’t install or even go to a play screen from the initial starting screen. Any ideas???
    Here is the computer that we bought:

    CybertronPC – Hellion Desktop – 16GB Memory – 1TB Hard Drive

    Processor Brand

    AMD FX-Series 6 core

    Processor Speed
    3.5GHz (with Turbo CORE up to 4.1GHz)

    Cache Memory
    8MB on die Level 3

    System Memory (RAM)

    Type of Memory (RAM)

    NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 Video Memory
    2GB (dedicated)

  5. Tanika says:

    I have a Dell Inspiron 14z Ultrabook. Will Sims 3 run properly?

  6. Streylan says:

    I recently got an HP Windows 8 laptop & I updated it to windows 8.1 & I was going to purchase & download the SIMS 3 plus seasons with my debit card so I don’t have to go out and buy the actual disk, I’m afraid if I purchase it that it wont work on my computer.. would this be an issue if its the downloadable version that you buy? I really don’t want to waste my money, I’ve grew up playing SIMS games and they’re really my favorite game. Some one pleaseeee help? You can email me in regard’s to my post if you can help me out.


  7. shantelle says:

    my pase game works but when I try to get play late night or something like that it does not let me in please help this is my FAVOIRIT game

    1. shantelle says:

      im latterly crying because of this

  8. Summer says:

    I have the Sims 3, Generations, World Adventures, and Medieval. I have all of them installed successfully, but non of them will run? I just got an Asus laptop with Windows 8 in early March for my birthday, and I’ve wanted a new computer for ages partly because my old laptop with Vista couldn’t handle the games without crashing. Now I can’t open any of them at all, and it’s frustrating. Help? Maybe there’s an update I don’t have? I was able to get it open briefly before installing the expansion packs, but the graphics were terrible and when I tried to change the settings, it never saved, and now I can’t get it open at all. Medieval won’t even run beyond the welcome box.

  9. Cari 86 says:

    I bought the downloaded version yesterday from Amazon on my Windows 8.1 HP laptop. I downloaded and installed the starter Sims 3. I can’t launch it from my icons but I can go into origin and press play on my newest expansion pack (late night) and sims 3 loads just fine!

    1. i i think its weird how people cant play i have an Hp windows 8.1 computer got it for my birthday on the first of june it only has 2.78 GB and all 6 of my sims 3 games runs just fine even with my shit load of cc

  10. Emily44 says:

    I Have a dell laptop with windows 8 and I have the sims 3, and expansion packs, university life, ambitions, seasons, generations, world adventures, pets, and showtime. My old computer was also a dell. I just got this for my birthday and I wanted to know if my computer would be ok with all of the games on there.?? Please answer I will go nuts. I haven’t been able to play for ages!!!!

  11. katia says:

    i have a Microsoft rt and I really want to download the sims 3 and origin but it say I cant can anyone help me?

  12. kylie says:

    i don’t want to buy Sims but i have secured on my computer my mom put secured on my computer so i cant get Sims for free so i don’t know how to get secured off my computer so i need HELP but i don’t want to buy Sims i look on YouTube but it says its a Verizon.

  13. Rae says:

    I want to buy Sims 3 for a gift for my daughter but I am not sure if it will work on my new Dell laptop with Windows 8. Does anyone know if this game will work on my computer? I was thinking about purchasing the disc. What do you think?

  14. Carly says:

    I have a Windows 8 samsung laptop, and I would love to play Sims Medieval on it. However, when I put the disc in, nothing happens. Usually the start up or download screen appears, but the screen is blank and it says there is no disc inside.

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