Origin Update – March 26th, 2015


There’s a new update available in Origin’s Download Client: Version – 363764


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Origin Update – March 25th, 2015


There’s a new update available in Origin’s Download Client: Version – 363598



Origin On the House: Syndicate (1993)


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Origin Update – February 26th, 2015


There’s a new update available in Origin’s Download Client: Version – 358982



Origin Update – January 26th, 2015


There’s a new update available in Origin’s Download Client: Version – 353317



Origin On the House: Theme Hospital


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The Sims 4: How To Properly Uninstall Game Content

Since Game Packs are installed directly from the Origin Client, uninstalling add-on content is only possible by uninstalling The Sims 4. Once you re-install the game, you can pick and choose add-ons to install again.
To uninstall The Sims 4, right click the game in the Origin Client and select “Uninstall”. This also removes any additional add-ons and game packs you may have purchased for your game. Uninstalling the game this way should not delete any of your game files, however, Crinrict suggests backing up your Sims 4 Folder.

NOTE: DO NOT use non-official methods which suggest deleting folders in the File System. It has not been tested, is known to generate warnings, and can cause issues with your game. Completely uninstalling The Sims 4 is the only official and safe way to uninstall content at this time.

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The Sims 4: Finding New Downloadable Content On Origin

With the release of The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat, many players were left scratching their heads when the game pack they purchased did not show up in Origin as an individual game. We don’t yet know how EA will handle Expansion and Stuff Packs, but here’s a quick guide to finding your purchased content.
When you purchase new content via Origin web or client, the game will be placed in the “More Details” section of the game. When viewing the details of the game, scroll down the page to install any additional Add-ons.

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Caution: Users Reporting Fraudulent Charges on Origin

Venture Beat reports that a significant amount of Reddit Users have had their accounts compromised and fraudulent charges are being made to their accounts. If you have an Origin account, now is the time to change passwords, remove payment methods, and take steps to prevent unauthorized use of your account.
EA has not yet publicly acknowledged that any sensitive information has been compromised by hackers, but it would be in your best interest to takes some steps to ensure you are not the victim of a hacking spree. If you are a victim of a compromised account and fraudulent charges, refer to this article on Origin for help.

1) Change your Origin Password, and any passwords related to gaming accounts connected to the Origin client. To change your password go to Origin.com > My Account > Security > Edit Account Security. From here you can also change your security questions.

2) If you’d also like to change your email address go to Origin.com > My Account > About Me > Edit Basic Information. From here you can also view any connected accounts.

3) Remove/Change Payment Methods. Origin.com > My Account > Payment & Shipping > Edit Account Security > Delete any saved payment methods. The next time you log in to purchase a game, you can add a new payment method. Also, consider using EA Cash Cards on Origin as it is safer than saving credit/debit information.

4) Enable Login Verification. Origin.com > My Account > Security > Turn on Login Verification. This will require an additional security measure when logging into your account.



Origin Update – December 17th, 2014


There’s a new update available in Origin’s Download Client: Version – 350385



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