SimGuruCopeland Teases More OFB
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Now the Gurus are just teasing us! Check out this new photo shared by SimGuruCopeland:



Sims 3 Store: Another OFB Content Hint
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Two days, two different clues from the Gurus! Today, SimGuruCopeland shared this “lunchtime” photo and caption. I’m pretty sure this means we’re getting some OFB content soon! :)


Origin’s Sims 3 Summer Sale! (NA Only)


Origin is kicking off their Sims 3 Summer Sale! From July 11th, to July 16th, Origin (NA) is providing the following promotions on Sims 3 titles:


  • Get The Sims 3 Base Game for just $5, during the Sims Sale!
  • Save up to 60% off on The Sims 3 expansion packs and stuff packs!
  • Save $10 on the brand new The Sims 3 Island Paradise EP! 


Go get some games!



Sims 3 Store: Possible OFB Content Coming Soon?
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SimGuruSmitty shared, what I believe to be, a hint of “Open for Business” type Premium Content. Smitty stated that she is working on something, and provided the following photo and caption:

Does anyone else see the register to the right?!


Sims 3 Island Paradise Review

Disclaimer: SimsVIP is in no way responsible for any cases of insanity, disfigurement, dismemberment, death, demonic possession, Holy Inquisition, Exterminatus, summonings of Cthulhu, Mordenkainen’s Disjunction, mummy rot, being eaten by a shark, spontaneous human combustion, spontaneous human implosion, lycanthropy, or halitosis that may result from reading this article. Side-effects mild and similar to sugar pill. Thank you for reading.

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SimsVIP’s Anniversary & Milestone Party


Take out your calendars and mark the date for SimsVIP’s Anniversary (Part 2) & Milestone Party! The fun begins Friday, July 19th, through Sunday, July 21st.

This giveaway is an extension of our April Anniversary Party, and also a celebration of our huge Million View Milestone. It is going to be a great weekend party, so make sure you’re here!


Aussie Game Geek Reviews Island Paradise


Given that Island Paradise is the tenth expansion in the Sims game, I’m going to assume that by now most people at least know what it’s about.  If not, basically the Sims is a person/people simulator. You create your Sim and their family, drop them into the world and go for it. You can get jobs, pay bills, and watch as your Sim grows. So tenth time around, what new bag of tricks does the Island Paradise bring?




Firstly, you have a whole new map to play around in; one that actually feels a lot larger than previous expansions.  As the title implies, the new map – Isla Paradiso – is a tropical paradise that comes complete with uncharted islands, beaches and diving spots.




Digital Spy Reviews The Sims 3 Island Paradise


Electronic Arts has gotten plenty of mileage out of its third-generation Sims games, so those virtual beings are more than deserving of a good vacation, and now players can finally pack them off on one. The Sims 3: Island Paradise takes the number of expansions that EA has released for the game into double figures, and switches the action to a luxurious private island.



While it’s becoming increasingly challenging for the studio to create dynamic new content for a four-year-old game, the ocean-themed activities introduced in Island Paradise do just enough to sate the fanbase’s hunger for new features.




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Sims Network Reviews Sims 3 Dragon Valley


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IncGamers Review The Sims 3 Island Paradise


Meet Kari Noble. She’s an athletic, friendly, punky type who loves water so much she would probably marry it if there were any chance that at least one religion wouldn’t deem it a mortal sin.




She moved to Isla Paradiso on the basis that a tropical archipelago was probably going to be more fun and more interesting than either a standard sleepy town, a city infested with vampires, or France. She packed up her things, bought a houseboat, and decided to make a new life for herself here.