The Sims 3 Store: Mother Russia Video Overview
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Official Mother Russia Lot by SimGuruCopeland
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If the lot is not showing up in your neighborhood’s residential bin, remove the package file from your “DCBackup” folder and place it in to the “Library” Folder.
File Number: 0xbfb604cd9cce5fb94fe9d11fbe35fef9


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Sims 3 Store: This Week’s Freebies & Discounts

Head in game or in store to snatch up these two freebies while you can! In addition to these freebies, The “Waning Moon” set is on sale for 1,246 simpoints.

harvest 2 Harvest


Origin Black Friday: Vote for a $1 Game

Black Friday is right around the corner, and Origin has already given us a sneak peek of what’s coming to their store. Today, they have launched a poll for players to choose which game they want to purchase for $1 on Friday, November 29th. Included is The Sims 3 Pets. Go vote!


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Sims 3 Store: New Content Hint by SimGuruCopeland
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On November 24th – (yes this Sunday!)SimsGuruCopeland will be giving us hints on the upcoming premium content coming to The Sims 3 Store. It is not clear if this content is related to the next store world, but for now, SimGuruCopeland has left us with this:


Sims 3 Store: More Mother Russia Concept Art


Via SimGuruSarah

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Sims 3 Store: Upcoming World “Hint”
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SimGuruSparkle, has shared some limerick on Twitter for the next Sims 3 Store World:


Ultimate Careers Mod Now Available

Hey guys! Remember the Q&A session I had with Zerbu regarding his Ultimate Careers Mod? Well, he has now released it for download! That’s right, you can now have this mod in your game and directly control and influence your Sims while they are at work. Yay!

The end of career rabbitholes is here! With Ultimate Careers, instead of going into a rabbithole to work, Sims will spend the work day at a community lot, doing work-related interactions – or slacking off. A “Perform Job” menu has been added to certain objects, with options for “Work Normal” and “Work Hard”. Using these interactions will increase a Sim’s performance faster than normal, though it will drain their Fun need.

Zerbu was kind enough to allow me to test out an earlier version of the mod and I can tell you that I was blown away by it! I created a random Sim, made a Bistro, plopped down a Food Synthesizer and Bistro Rabbithole Rug and BOOM! I’m controlling my Sim while he was working! I also like how easy it was to set the whole thing up.  I deleted the Bistro Rabbithole from Sunset Valley, made my own version of it, plopped in the Rabbithole Rug and activated the Bistro Ultimate Career from the City Hall. This is what I made and where my Sim went to work.

Now, the mod has only just been released so there will  still be things which need altered – bugs to squish, alterations to how it works etc, so I do strongly recommend that you read through the information on Zerbu’s blog as he has provided a lot of information on how the mod works, what it can and can’t do and things he is considering for the future of the mod.

Click here to download the Ultimate Careers Mod


I would also like to congratulate Zerbu on his success in getting this whole mod working.


Sims 3 Into the Future: Now $29.99 at Origin


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itf 29


World Adventures: Champs Les Sims Concept Art