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Designer Alan Copeland has really outdone himself with Midnight Hollow! In this in-depth review of The Golden Ticket Toy Shop Venue, available exclusively in The Sims 3 Midnight Hollow Gold Edition, you’ll find out exactly what makes this a one-of-a-kind venue!
One of my favorite things about Midnight Hollow is its uniqueness. I love all of the wildly diverse stories you can tell around this town and The Golden Ticket Toy Shop venue, available exclusively with the Gold version of Midnight Hollow, adds a whole new dimension to that storytelling experience.

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Seller’s Collection PC: No Food or Collectibles

SimGuruCopeland has shared some information regarding the Savvy Seller’s Collection Premium Content included with The Sims 3 Midnight Hollow.

Although we are able to create virtually any type of business with this content, we will not be able to create a business based around Foods, Craftables or Collectibles.


Midnight Hollow: Twitter Q&A & Extended Demos

During today’s Live Broadcast, the Sims team announced a Q&A Session on Twitter scheduled for the 20th of September. For those of you who have Twitter, be sure to follow @SimGuruCopeland, @SimGuruSmitty, and ask them questions you have using the hashtag #HeyGurus.

Additionally, two extended demos of The Sims 3 Midnight Hollow will be releasing September 18th and 19th. We will be sure to share those videos here on SimsVIP, soon as they are available!


The Sims 3 YouTube Channel has uploaded “video demos” of the exact same gameplay we saw during the Live Broadcast. I’m unsure if there will be any new videos uploaded (as mentioned), but I’ll be sure to keep you updated.



The Sims 4: Animations Preview 9/18/13
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The next batch of information on The Sims 4 is dropping in tomorrow at 9am Pacific! Fansites and Simmers from around the world will be sharing their previews of The Sims 4 Animations.

All new articles from tomorrow’s info drop will be added to the Sims Camp Attendee Preview List for your convenience.


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The Sims Live Broadcast Replay (9/17/13)


Video Link


Movie Stuff Review

I admit it: I had more fun with this stuff pack than I should. That’s part of why this article is so late; I was busy having fun with the stuff pack!
One of the first things I did was to redecorate a bit. I decided to do a poor man’s superhero setup, with just a hint that some of their costumes and props came from an old movie set buried in the basement. So, I left a few hints around the house about the old movies.

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Sims Official Magazine Issue 4 Now Available


Issue 4 of The Sims Official Magazine is making its way to the internetz! This issue also includes a preview of The Sims 4, so be sure to check it out.


issue 4


The Sims 4: “Woohoo” Skill Confirmed
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In the latest issue of The Sims Official Mag, The Sims 4 team reveals that a “Woohoo Skill” will be one of the many skills appearing in The Sims 4. Woohoo away folks! :P




The Sims 4: Updates from SimGuruGraham
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SimGuruGraham has tweeted some new information regarding the “list of facts” from the Official Sims 3 Spain Magazine. For starters, random deaths are not going to be eliminated completely, instead, the game will notify you so you can take action.
From the tweets below it is confirmed that the “Random Deaths” was a misunderstanding, and my guess is that the “Dynamic Hair & Growth” is part of the undecided.
So with this said, I am falling into the “I will not believe anything until I hear it straight from the horse’s mouth” group. I would never imagine an Official Sims 3 Magazine reporting false information, let alone blaming it on translation errors. This is why I’m cautious of 3rd party articles!
Regardless of the game changing from day to day, how can “undecided information” end up on an Official Magazine? Is there anyone that proof reads the magazines before publishing to ensure nothing false is released by official sources? If we cannot trust that the information from official sources is reliable, how will we ever find out about this game?! :lol:



Meet Lucien Hyde of Midnight Hollow


Via SimGuruTaterTot (yum!)

Lucien is a tortured artist whose only torturer is himself. He enjoys being sad and the better he is, the sadder he gets. It’s his thing.


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