Sim Reacts to The Sims 4!

Have you ever found yourself just aimlessly flicking through the television or YouTube and came across something that made you question your life? Yeah, I felt that way about Wrecking Ball too!

But think how this poor Sim feels! She felt superior to The Sims 2, came across Miley Cyrus and THEN The Sims 4! Bad day indeed!


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Roaring Heights & Boardwalk Venue Now Available!


The Sims 3 Roaring Heights ($20 & $35) – Welcome to a city where bold shapes, rich colors, and lavish looks rule the skyline! The residents of Roaring Heights are living in the fast lane in this booming place filled with striking skyscrapers and bustling beaches. Whether you’re content to hang out on the piers, work your way to the top, or host glamorous parties at home, there’s a place for every lifestyle. With endless opportunities at your front door, which new life will you choose in Roaring Heights?



Classically Cool Fixer-upper Car (Not available for individual purchase) – She may not look like much right now, but a little elbow grease will go a long way. With some engine and body work, this classic car could have some potential.



The Boardwalk (1900 SimPoints) – Take your Sims out for a perfect day at The Boardwalk and its Sky High Roller Coaster. They’ll marvel at the roller coaster towering above them in this charming venue. Enjoy a variety of games to play or take your little one for a jaunt on the spring rider. After a day at The Boardwalk, you can create a custom roller coaster for your Sims to ride! Endless possibilities are at your fingertips to build the roller coaster of your dreams!



Sky High Roller Coaster Cart (Not available for individual purchase) – Mix and match the track pieces for the Sky High Roller Coaster to create the ride of a lifetime!


Origin Sale: 50% Off The Sims 3 Games


Origin has just launched their “Sims Weekend Sale”, slashing 50% off all digital and physical games! This is a great chance to complete your collection. Sale ends December 16th!



Charity Auction: Handmade Freezer Bunny Sims Quilt
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SimGuruAmy has hand made some awesome Sims 3 quilts featuring the The Freezer Bunny, and they are even autographed by developers of The Sims 3 & The Sims 4 teams!
All four quits are being auctioned on Ebay until December 21st, and 100% of the proceeds go to the non-profit “Paws with a Cause”. You can find all four Ebay Auctions here, here, here, and here. Bid away!


Hi, I’m Amy! A Development Director (and former Gameplay Engineer) for The Sims. I’m also an avid quilter! Ever since I started quilting I have had a passion for making quilts to help people.
When I heard my friend Steven was raising money for a new service dog through the Paws with a Cause nonprofit (, I knew I had to make a quilt to help him.
Over my 7+ years of working on The Sims Franchise I have met so many amazingly talented people, and awesome fans of The Sims! That is where my inspiration for this quilt came from.
The front of the quilt highlights the iconic Sims Pumbob and logo along with the cute Freezer Bunny character who is a favorite of mine (and yours! :)
The back of the quilt is filled with signatures from the amazingly talented people at The Sims Studio. Like me, they pour their heart and soul into their work in hopes that the people who play our game will love what we have created.
I hope you will love this quilt as much as I have loved making it.
Quilt Details:

  • Front of quilt shows classic Freezer Bunny character from The Sims Games next to The Sims Plumbob and Logo.
  • Back of quilt is signed by Developers that work on The Sims Franchise including The Sims 3 and Sims 4.
  • Signatures include but are not limited to the following Sim Gurus: SimGuruGraham, SimGuruRachel, SimGuruSarah, SimGuruJill, SimGuruRiley, SimGuruLyndsay, SimGuruHouts, SimGuruRusskii, SimGuruSmitty, and SimGuruAmy
  • Back of quilt has unique drawing done by Sims 4 Lead Concept Artist Albert Truong
  • Front of quilt is all done with Machine applique.
  • Quilt has 3 loops sewn into the Binding for hanging
  • Quilt is about 26.5 x 26.5 inches Inches in size.
  • Not Manufactured, All Work was done by myself, SimGuruAmy.
  • Limited edition – only 4 made!
  • Free Shipping World Wide, Will Ship in Early January
  • I have gotten legal permission from my employer, Electronic Arts, to sell this item.
    $_57$_57 (1)


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World Adventures: Al Simhara Concept Art

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Sims 3 Roaring Heights: Bathing Suits

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Simify Yourself on Facebook!


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Sim-ify yourself in our latest community challenge!
Recreate yourself as a Sim and post a picture of it in the comments, (with bonus points given to those that are in their holiday finest!) The best sim will be rewarded when the challenge ends on Friday, so don’t wait to submit.