Community Spotlight: Iron Seagull (YouTuber)

Here to kick off yet another Community Spotlight, is YouTuber Iron Seagull! In a brief introduction below, Julian gives readers a chance to learn a bit more about him and his work within the Simming Community. If you don’t already know who he is, you will now! Take it away Iron Seagull!

Untitl12124124edHi everyone! Julian here, also known as Iron Seagull! I’ve been doing let’s plays, reviews, and random highlights of my gameplay both on and off-camera since earlier this year. I was introduced to The Sims through a family friend just before Hot Date came out. Sims were actually going to be able to leave the house, what a crazy time to get into it all! Since then the series has become a fantastic creative outlet, which has continued to stand out in my ever-growing game collection.
About myself, I’m a 23-year old university graduate who is passionate about gaming, making videos, and laughing at the antics of gulls.
…What? Seagulls are funny birds! Mine! Mine! Mine!
One day I came across HeadbuttArcade’s (now known as AndrewArcade) Ambitions let’s play and thought, “Wow, I’d love to do my own take on this someday!” Plus I thought it would be a great way to give back to the community I’ve been a part of for so long. I tried doing a couple of indie games, but I knew deep down being a videographer I should wait until I was able to produce quality videos before making it a serious thing. No way was I going to settle for recording my sims on an old laptop with terrible graphics!
A couple of years later I got an iMac and a much better microphone so I decided the time was right. I have no problems poking fun at my own mistakes and am naturally a goofy person (hence the slow-mo replays, ha ha!), so nervousness wasn’t much of a concern. It was more whether people would actually watch my videos and enjoy them. There’s been a huge amount of growth in the number of simmers on YouTube over the past few years, some with tens and thousands of subscribers. Would anybody even give me a chance? In the end I decided I would just do my own thing and use it as a way to continue building my editing skills. A few months later, here I am with over 200 subscribers. Whoaaaa!
But I didn’t stop there. After discovering more Sims let’s players, I realized custom worlds were getting next to no attention on YouTube. I decided this needed to change. Soon, the series Sims 3 World Showcase was born! Each episode I do a spotlight on a world created by one of the many talented world builders in the Sims community. The first episode showing off the Scandinavian-inspired world Enekjaer is already out, and I’m hard at work on episode two featuring Anne Arbor. There’s going to be a wide range of worlds from city, to country, to fantasy. I can’t wait to see this series mature!
It’s been a great ride so far. I have a small audience but a very supportive one! I’ve made some great friends and done a few fun collaborations here and there. It really makes my day knowing I’m making more and more people happy through my videos. If you’re interested, feel free to check out my channel, as well as my Twitter and Tumblr!





Gamer.no: The Sims 4 Gamescom Preview
Posted by The Sims 4

COLOGNE (Gamer.no): It’s been thirteen years since the launch of the very first The Sims game. The first installation in lifestyle series quickly went to the top of the charts around the world and since then has really been mostly bliss and peace for EA and Maxis.


Sequels, side games and expansion packs have sold off as Hakka muck, and now is the fourth adventure in simulation land on the stairs. Behind closed doors at EA at Gamescom we got to see The Sims 4 in action and play us some of the game’s toy and upgraded features.



Mondo Sims: Into the Future Preview

Thursday, October 3, 2013 was held in the studios of EA Italy in Milan on Virtual Community Day for the next exciting expansion: The Sims 3 Into The Future! To participate in this event were the Italian SimMaster: Cristina and Joseph Sims, Luke and KatLukeProduction, Daniela and I DanielaSims (Simone) of Mondosims and the official forum of The Sims 3


Below is the report of the preview divided into chapters for easier reading and move the main focus on the various issues introduced by the expansion. We will not reveal everything, some aspects are beautiful just because you have to find out when you play in first person, so we will not cover everything, but only the main topics! 😉



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Sims 3 Store: Sales Page Update


Click Below! – Thanks Goodywood!



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The Sims 4: Improved Camera Movements
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In a post over at ModTheSims, SimGuruGraham replied to a player’s frustration on camera movements, confirming that The Sims 4’s in game camera will be less bouncy and more stable.
On a side note, even though they were not even near completion with camera functions, The Sims 4 camera movements we witnessed at Gamescom were much smoother than those we currently have in The Sims 3.


This constantly bugged me in Sims 3… it was one of the first things I asked them to overhaul when we were building the demo we showed at Gamescom. As things currently stand, the further your camera is zoomed out, the less the camera bounces when moving across different floor levels. Personally I think it feels a lot better in-game now; I hope you’ll agree when you get your hands on it.



SF Magazine: Issue 22 & The Sims 4 Previews


Magazine Link – Includes The Sims 4 Dev Interviews (Pages 82-86 & Pages 160-163)


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21 Ways “The Sims” Lied About Your Future Home
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1. It’s not this easy to scrape up a down payment.



2. (This won’t work either.)





Finding The Right Tone For Into The Future

The Sims 3’s latest expansion pack, Into the Future, seems like a simple concept: Take the long-running Sims franchise and set it in a futuristic world. But according to developer EA Maxis, the studio had to carefully construct that world because of all the existing history of the series.

chrome 2013-07-23 20-04-37-02

“We had to appeal to everybody without alienating anybody,” said Justin Thomas (above right), art director on The Sims 3: Into the Future, during a panel at New York Comic Con yesterday evening. According to Thomas, designing the art of Into the Future was a complex process with significant constraints and other considerations.




The Sims 3: Into The Future Twitter Session

Today, SimGuruLauren took over the Sims 3 twitter account to hold a question and answer session. The following are the questions and answers, taken from the session. Be warned this is a bit long.

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