Supernatural Origin Decor Pack Giveaway Winner!
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The time has come to reveal the winner of our Supernatural Origin Decor Pack giveaway! This giveaway was possible thanks to our reader Leanne, so be sure to thank them! And the winner is….



Starwind, please check your email as I have sent you details on the prize. Congrats to the winner, and thanks for participating! :)

:!: Once again, big thanks to Leanne for hosting this giveaway!


Store World & Premium Content Guide (Update)


The Store Worlds and Premium Content Guides have been updated to reflect all the information for Dragon Valley, and the four new Premium Content items. The Premium Content Guide is completely up to date, while I still have to work on the earlier store worlds for its guide.
If you want to check out everything there is to know about Dragon Valley, check out our Dragon Valley Info Post. Enjoy! :)



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Sims 3 Island Paradise Preview List


Island Paradise Preview List


This post contains links to all Island Paradise Preview Articles. Throughout the day, this post will be updated with new articles, so be on the lookout! All foreign articles have been translated to English via Google Translate for your convenience.

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SimFans: Tim The Sim in Dragon Valley


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Luke Production: Island Paradise Mermaid Video


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Supernatural Origin Decor Code Giveaway!
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The entry period for this giveaway has ended. Check back soon for the winner!


This giveaway is brought to you by our reader Leanne, so say Thanks!



Island Paradise: Death by Running out of Air


As we all know, one of the three new death types in Island Paradise is “Running our of Air” while Scuba Diving. Pulversoppa over on officials has shared plenty of photos of this new death, and the ghost color it results in! Yeay for new ghosts! :mrgreen:

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Sims 3 Dragon Valley Giveaway Winners!
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The time has come to reveal the winners of our Sims 3 Dragon Valley giveaway! This giveaway was possible thanks to The Sims 3 UK, so be sure to thank them!
I also received an email by an amazing person who shared an extra code for Dragon Valley. This allows me to giveaway a code to two winners! They have chosen to stay anonymous, but be sure to thank them as well! And the winners are….



Stelpa and v203, please check your email as I have sent you details on the prize. Congrats to the winners, and thanks for participating! :)

:!: Once again, thanks to The Sims 3 UK and “Anonymous” for this giveaway!


Sims 3 Store: In Game Freebies


Get in game and snatch up these freebies while you can! Kudos to A_mom on officials for the find!


Thanks Steph!

free free2


Dragon Valley Currency/Price Display Issue (UK/EU)


For those who are seeing different pricing in the Store when trying to purchase Dragon Valley, please note that EA is aware of the issue, and has suggested using the Simpoint Bundle Page to purchase the world.


We recognize there is a bug with the incorrect currency displaying on the Dragon Valley world page for those in the UK. We will be releasing a fix later today.  In the meantime, you can still purchase the Dragon Valley bundles from our Buy SimPoint page and you will see the correct currency and pricing.

Thank you!