Time to Celebrate a Huge SimsVIP Milestone


When I first created SimsVIP, I never imagined that two years down the road my spur of the moment idea would have so many dedicated and supportive readers. I am truly blessed to be part of such an amazing community, and having met so many people around the world who share the same love for this game.
I work day in and day out to make SimsVIP a great place for all, and I am very thankful so many simmers have made SimsVIP their “go to” spot for their hobby needs. When anyone, for any reason, finds SimsVIP helpful in any way, it reminds me that all hard work pays off in the end.
Running this site is so much fun, and it is 100x more fun with all of you. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. ♥
…and with that said…
Today, SimsVIP hit a HUGE milestone in the history of the site. Thank you everyone for over 1 MILLION views for the month of June! =) ♥



To celebrate this amazing milestone we are going to host a HUGE! giveaway from July 12th through July 14th. This 3-day giveaway will be a continuing celebration of our Two Year Anniversary Party and a celebration of today’s awesome milestone.
I have over 10 games to give away, as well as 40 Barnacle Bay Codes (and counting!) from generous simmers who donated their unwanted codes to the site. This will be a fun weekend for all, so mark your calendars! I will post a reminder a few days prior to the event.
Thank you once again for your continued support! :)

Let’s Play The Sims 3 Island Paradise Extravaganza!


Need new ways to play your game? Want to sit back and check out the wonders of Island Paradise through the eyes of others?! Then it’s time to get your Island Paradise fix with the “Let’s Play The Sims 3 Island Paradise Extravaganza”!

Some of the top YouTube stars (nic0lekAgames, XUrbanSimsX, LifeSimmer, TheQuxxn, TheSimSupply & iPodZeke1) are already knee deep into the game, and have released several parts to their “Let’s Play Island Paradise” series. To celebrate their dedication and wildly awesome success, SimsVIP is dedicating this post to them! Click the photos below to be directed to their YouTube channels, and enjoy the show!


:!: Before commenting, it is recommended you read this post.

IslandParadise 1040321_596383493715046_1989557645_o simsvip logo 002 IP-Thumb feature


Caption This!


This week’s caption contest has ended, and a winner will be announced in the next 24 hours! Thanks for participating everyone! :D 


Every Friday we post a brand new Sims 3 game play image for you to caption. Once the post goes up, you will have until Sunday at 12:00pm Central to come up with a “caption” for the image shown in the post. On to the rules

♦ Be original and creative. Creativity goes a long way!

♦ Do not post any offensive, vulgar, discriminatory, or NON “PG” comments. There are readers of all ages on the site, so please keep it clean.

♦ Do not steal someone else’s caption as your own. 

♦ You can post as many captions as you’d like. (Preferably in one comment)

♦ Everyone around the world can participate. 

♦ Comments close at 12:00pm on Sunday. 

Please post your Sims3.com Wishlist when commenting.


Once comments close on Sunday, we (SimsVIP) will go through all the captions and select a winner. The (one) person with the most creativity in their caption will win, and the winner will be announced sometime on Sunday evening, or Monday morning. The winner will receive 200 simpoints worth of random wishlist items. Make sure to post your wishlist when commenting!


Photo by Nina



The Fantastical Floating Machine by Ruthless_kk


Leave it to the talented builders to come up with the most amazing builds on water! Ruthless_kk has created a Fantastical Floating Machine for our games!




Poll Results & New Poll (6/28/13)
Posted by Polls


The last poll asked whether or not you will move on to The Sims 4 immediately upon release. With 4,403 votes, players revealed they will play both The Sims 3 and The Sims 4. There are also 2000+ who voted that they are undecided at this time. Which did you vote for, and why?
The newest poll asks whether or not you prefer to have more new gameplay possibilities or new content (objects, clothing etc) with each game. The inspiration for this poll comes in light of Island Paradise. While there isn’t an even balance between the two, the new gameplay options really outshine any lacking content. This is a “one or the other” poll. Both or Neither do not apply.



GamesRadar: The Sims 3 Island Paradise Review


They’ve pillaged pyramids, graduated from college, and even faced off against brain-hungry zombies. And now, your tired old Sims can finally take it easy on their own private island. As expected, Island Paradise comes with a catalog of new toys to play with, but what sets it apart from all nine previous expansions is its focus on ocean-based activities that let you expand on your creativity and even manage your own business. They may not all be perfect, but the features it brings to the table are definitely some of the best the series has seen.




Ocean life is the theme of this expansion and your Sims can now live in a huge new world called Isla Paradiso. This neighborhood not only comes with new homes, families, and community lots to visit, but because it is made up of lots of different islands, it also serves to highlight the game’s new aquatic features. Boats, for example, not only serve as an alternative commuting tool for your Sims, but they also open up recreational activities like sailing and speed-boating, which are great diversions to your daily grind.




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The Game Scouts: Sims 3 Island Paradise Review


Shrieking sirens rip through the airways, jolting you from cool inertia into wide-eyed bewilderment. What the hell was that? Curls of smoke lick the horizon as the cacophony intensifies and it becomes woefully clear that the blaze is not only real, it’s nearby.  In fact, you’ve barely cleared the perimeter of your houseboat, which you now realize is most definitely totally and completely on fire.



Your eyes focus in on the silhouette flailing through the smog covering the top deck and all suspicions are confirmed. Two realizations dawn on you: that new roommate is moments away from leaving you homeless and short 70,000 simoleons, and scuba diving today at Rocky Reef is kind of out of the question.  Thankfully, logic in The Sims Universe skews for the strange in both directions: while burning a plate of waffles can be life changing, even the worst inferno can be calmed by a single fire extinguisher.




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GameMatics Reviews The Sims 3 Island Paradise


Electronic Arts’ Maxis has just released their newest expansion for the Sims 3, Island Paradise. With the Sims 4 on the horizon in 2014 this promises to be one of the last expansions for the Sims 3 franchise. It offers many new activities, and amenities to get the most out of the Sims 3 game. Besides the Isla Paradiso map, this expansion gives players the chance to run their own island resort, go snorkeling and scuba diving, own houseboats, meet mermaids, discover islands, and own all sorts of waterborne craft. There are new outfits, new traits, lifetime rewards and even a new career with this latest installment.




A free patch about a week before this expansion was released gives players the ability to expand their home lot over water, move to a different town, and even own multiple lots in their hometown. This patch nicely set the stage for what looks to be the largest expansion yet for the Sims 3.



Send In Your Unwanted Barnacle Bay Codes!
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If you were one of many who Pre-Ordered The Sims 3 Island Paradise via Origin, chances are, you also received a Barnacle Bay Code. If you do not have use for the code and are not sure what to do with it, feel free to send it my way!
In the coming weeks I will be setting up a giveaway that gives simmers a chance to win Barnacle Bay. I have received more than 10 codes already from generous simmers, so the more codes I receive, the more winners there will be! All donations will be credited in the giveaway, or you can choose to donate anonymously.
If you have a Barnacle Bay Code you have no use for, and would like to donate to this giveaway, send them to me at SimsVIPContact@gmail.com, or use our contact form. Thanks in advance! :)

Sims Official Magazine Issue 3 Now Available!


Issue 3 of The Sims Official Magazine is out now! If you’re a die hard fan of The Sims, make sure to check out their “SimsCamp Contest”, where you could win an all expenses paid trip to Gamescom in Germany (US Residents Only)! Also included in this issue is an interview with YouTube star iPodZeke, and tons of other fun articles for you to read.