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Broken Mods for June ’18 Patch/Seasons EP

Θ No longer being updated, thank you for all of your reports! Θ Note - If anything becomes re-broken with patch 1.44.83 (June 26th update), a note...

Broken Mods for February ’18 Patch/ Jungle Adventure GP

Note - This post is no longer being updated! I stop updating these posts once a new patch gets released or a month has passed...

Broken Mods for February ’19 Patch/StrangerVille GP

New Game Update 1.50.67 is out! Please backup saves and files before updating and using any untested mod. Table of Contents How to Report a Mod ...

Broken Mods for November ’18 Patch/Get Famous EP

♦NOTE♦ Since status changes slowed down a lot (and there's been new updates), I am no longer updating this! However, I am still linking...
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