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Deleting/Uninstalling Expansion Packs?

Discussion in 'Technical Discussion' started by Duck, Dec 11, 2016.

  1. Duck


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    Okay, so, I'm new here. Sorry if I make a mistake or anything.

    I haven't played the Sims 4 in a while, but this is really annoying.

    My expansion/stuff packs I own are: Outdoor Retreat, Get Together, Kitchen Stuff, Spooky Stuff and Get To Work.

    So, as you may imagine, its laggy. Really laggy.

    I looked up how to delete or uninstall (preferably uninstall) the one's I didn't care about too much, or the laggier ones. I found out that the safest way is to reinstall the whole game, and you can then pick the packs you want to keep.

    I didn't mind, so I did what it said. I chose the packs I wanted, and I waited.

    (NOTE: Before reading on, the only packs I chose to keep were Get To Work and Kitchen Stuff.)
    When it was all done, I opened the game and I got a message saying:

    "There are packs downloading, you will get a notification when they are done. You will have to restart the game to play them."

    I was really confused, I only clicked two that I wanted to actually use.

    I played for an hour or so, and, as it predicted, I got notifications saying: Outdoor Retreat is completed! Restart the game to play! Get Together is completed! etc. etc.

    I restarted the game to see if it was just a bug or something, but they were installed. My game lagged out to the point where I couldn't play it anymore.

    Can someone please help? I am getting a new laptop soon, but if I log into my Origin account, it will obviously know what games and packs I have.

    Please help!


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