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disabling Mods/ re-enable to find sims naked?

Discussion in 'Custom Content and Modding Hub' started by fairysims, Mar 26, 2017.

  1. fairysims


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    Hey guys, sorry, not sure where else to post. I'll delete this if/when I get answers if mods don't do it :)

    But basically, when I build I like to build CC free- so I disable my mods and reboot the game and yadayada. So I build, re-enable mods, restart it and get back to my sims (who are always extremely full of cc) to find them naked, without the custom content they're supposed to have? I know I can go in to CAS.fulledit and change them back, but it's such a pain every time- they all have eyes and hair and skin tones, skin details, full outfits usually, that are CC.

    So i'm wondering if there are any mods that either fix this or any that simply make me able to hide all cc when in build mode- I've minimalised most CC build items as it is, its mainly the clutter deco that gets overwhelming. It doesn't matter if i do the filter for base game only or EP's with it, because a lot of CC Is built off those items and therefor counts as them too.

    Maybe I'm looking for an impossible answer, but any help would be appreciated.

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