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Forum Update: New Layout

Discussion in 'Important Notices and Forum Rules' started by SimsVIP, Jul 27, 2015.

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  1. SimsVIP

    SimsVIP Staff Member

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    Hey VIP's!

    I've been working on many projects since January of this year, and one of them was rolling out a new layout for the forums. I also have plenty of other things in store for the forums and I am knee deep in preparations. One thing at a time. ;)

    Aside from the cosmetic changes, you now have the ability to collapse a forum section by using the arrows on the header, and we have also added a footer with useful links and info!


    As with any new layout, there may be some bugs and issues hidden that we did not catch. Should you run into any issues whatsoever, use the Feedback section to report it! I hope you enjoy the new design! :)
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