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GT Confirmed Content

Discussion in 'The Sims 4 Get Together' started by Kit, Aug 6, 2015.

  1. Kit

    Kit Mommy Mode

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    The Sims 4 Get Together (Available December 8th)

    New information highlighted with green text!

    New World: Windenburg
    • "A complete new world"
    • Size of a full world such as the base game worlds.
    • "Neighborhoods include a charming traditional countryside, a town square, ultra-modern business district, and an exclusive private island"
    • Will be able to live in Windenburg
    • Developers are "still building" the world
    • "There's just something about Sims from Windenburg that makes you want to meet them all."
    • Hidden garden chateau with hedge maze to get lost in.
    • "Stunning pools along the bluffs"
    • "Mysterious ancient ruins."
    • The ruins are a mix of lots and public spaces. (Neighborhood)
    • Invite sims to a party at the ruins via the phone.
    • New lot size 64x64
    • The size of Windenburg is as big as the base game worlds.
    • Premade houses
    • "There’s a lookout spot on the Pier in the Business District where you can see indications of every distinct neighborhood, from the Countryside with rolling pine-covered hills and electric windmills in the distance, the Old Town with quaint Tudor buildings and repurposed fishing canneries, and the high-end residential Island that sits in the middle of the Windenburg Lake."
    • Mansion overlooking sea
    • Sea Monster
    • "There are special lots but they're not hidden."
    • Create your own. Name and create description.
    • Player can choose club symbol.
    • Children and Teens can have their own clubs
    • Customize interests, personalities, behavior, and styles.
    • Club members will have new transparent hexagon plumbob that are white with the club's symbol. Plumbobs change color depending on Sim's activity. Green = performing a Club approved activity. Red = banned club activity, White = In a gathering but not performing activity yet.
    • Club leader gets a crown around the plumbob.
    • The leader can set rules for the club.
    • Clubs will conflict with each other.
    • Sims in a club walk together, do the same things as active sim / leader of club.
    • Makeover Sims of the club with the new walk-in closet. (Sims not in household.)
    • New club interaction menu.
    • Up to 8 sims in a club.
    • A Sim can join 3 clubs but only active in one at a time.
    • You can create an infinite number of clubs.
    • Clubs UI is similar to Retail UI and is available in Live Mode.
    • Can have rivalry including fights and dance offs.
    • "Huge club system if you mix different groups."
    • Able to customize the location of the club, the clothes, what they like or dislike.
    • "Playing with different clubs unlocks unique rewards for Sims to enjoy."
    • "You can control who is in, or out, of a club and what a club likes to do."
    • "For the first time, players will be able to create and play with groups of Sims
    • "It is in live mode and if you remember from GTW we had UI that helped you figure out what you're going to do with your retail business. The clubs UI is located in a similar spot so you'll have this UI that will pop up for every sim and you can take control of what their clubs can do within that UI. So it is in Live Mode. "
    • Player cannot restrict genders as a rule but can choose not to invite.
    • Player controls all club members indirectly with active Sim by using Club specific interactions.
    • Player influences the autonomous actions of Club members with their active Sim.
    • Clubs will behave according to their rules, theme, and behavior even while inactive.
    • Players can have a total of 10 rules. 5 Encouraged and 5 Discouraged.
    • Create your Club's signature hangout spot (i.e. private room at cafe, specific lot)
    • "Supernatural creatures can be in groups, and you can have groups that are restricted to a particular type (i.e. ghosts)"
    • Club Requirements can be chosen by Age, Career, Marital Status, Financial Status, Trait, and Skill Level 2+ (as seen in the trailer).
    • Club Icon will be on bottom right of UI similar to Retail icon.
    • Hanging out with your club will earn points to spend on Club Perks such as Skill Bonuses, Social Bonuses, Club Handshakes, and Club Vibes (Emotion Aura).
    • If a club leader dies, a new leader is appointed. You are always able to disband the club if preferred.
    • Texts will ask your Sim if they wish to join a club gathering.
    DJ Booth

    • DJ Skill
    • The better your DJ Skill, the more exciting the party is.
    • "Pump up the crowd by creating the perfect mix in the DJ booth."
    • "Set up the DJ Booth to get the party started."

    • Same interactions as campfire
    • Interactions include: Play, Fire Dance, Extinguish, Add Fuel, Change Fire Color...
    • Club Specific Interactions include: Dance Together, Hang Out Together
    Walk-In Closet
    • New WooHoo spot
    • Kids can play in the closet.
    • "Try a variety of different outfits with other Sims to get their reactions"
    • "Select outfits for all of your Sims and get ready for a big night out."
    • There are 1x2 and 2x2 options.
    Barista Bar
    • New drinks with mood effects.
    • Object with multiple pieces.
    • Can be used with GTW for a shop.
    • Barista can be hired similar to barkeepers.
    Natural Pools
    • New feature you can create your own.
    • New borders and "stuff like that"
    • Decorate natural pools.
    • New Venue: Pools
    • New object: Diving Rock
    • New floor decorations that make bubble fx
    • New surface greenery decor.
    New Bush WooHoo
    • New object
    • "Sneak away for a quick romp in the bushes..."
    Dance Skill

    • Create your own group routine
    • New trait confirmed: Dance Machine
    • Dance floor allows at least 5 simultaneous Sim Dancers.
    Cafe Lot
    • "Build your own cafe and run it if you have GTW installed."
    • New Barista can be hired to your home.
    Other tidbits:
    New Traits
    New Aspiration
    New European Inspired Recipes
    Carry-out food
    Foosball Table
    "Dare other Sims to get into some hilarious situations"
    New Romance Interactions.
    "They're working on new smartphone cases, but can't promise anything."
    Many new items that can be dragged and dopped to use on venues and public space.
    New WooHoo bush
    New Object: Dartboard (Functional)
    New board game "Don't Wake the Llama!"

    New object: Arcade Machine that at least up to 4 Sims can use at once.


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    Last edited: Nov 10, 2015
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  2. MiffoShort1997


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    Just WOW :D!!!
    I am so excited for this new expansion pack :) Get Together sounds even more amazing now! Thanks for the information @KitOnlyHuman :)

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  3. Mitchi32


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  4. 2HubbiesNLove


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    Even more excited for this going-to-be-awesome expansion pack. So ready to open up a bistro inside a bookstore venue, an underground rave club, and those ancient ruins are stunning. I think I'm more excited about the new world and the club atmosphere above all things... finally a world that doesn't look like different areas of Willow Creek. Thanks for posting this newsworthy update, KitOnlyHuman.
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  5. Harry


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    You see if they marketed it like this instead of a party ep there would be much less complaining :)
    Thanks for this. This ep is sounding better by the minute.
    Also finally new traits we haven't had any since outdoor retreat!
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2015
  6. Kit

    Kit Mommy Mode

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  7. MiffoShort1997


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    Thanks for the update @Kit I think the Sims 4 Get Together is starting to look really good :) I especially like how children now have their own clubs as well :p
    The expansion is sounding good :) I can't wait to see what is released next...

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  8. Sweet Pea

    Sweet Pea

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    Oh! :D I am looking forward to this! :D

    The only thing i've got to say is..

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  9. Kit

    Kit Mommy Mode

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    @MiffoShort1997 @Sweet Pea
    I'll keep updating as more and more information becomes available. I'm a nerd like that. =) I'm just glad to help people make informed decisions on the content instead of just trusting that they heard there's nothing in it or that it's bad (or good).

    I personally want to make an artists club that are all bright neon hair and hipsters. XD
  10. GalPals?


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    I'm getting more and more excited as the days pass. Can't wait to make a children's book club inside a treehouse!
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