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GTW Love Letter, A Sincere Rant.

Discussion in 'The Sims 4 Get To Work' started by Cody, Apr 1, 2015.

  1. Cody


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    As I often do I am about to go into a tangent and no I am not speaking mathematics. Unrelated to GTW life has been a complete utter turkey bird.......and I am about to reach the end of my table (get it end table? Ahahaha ahem...). I am about to put that mother hen in the oven and roast it! Here I am Sims deprived as of late because of it. I finally get the chance to download GTW, I leave the house to run a staggering amount of errands and when I get home I think to myself YES FINALLY. As an April fools joke mother nature thought to herself HA! He is not going to play Sims let alone explore the new shininess of GTW. Nope nope nope, a massive storm cell rolls in and I have not even been on the computer for an hour. The weather radio is blasting "Get away from any windows and seek shelter!" I think yeah right you are not the boss of me! My mom being the reasonable individual she is tries to coax me away from the computer. Apparently I need to brush up on my debating skills because my very sound logic of "No mom, let a tornado blow me away I will die happy! It would be the most romantic death ever, me and Sims together holding hands-you could put it on my tombstone!" failed to dissuade her *sigh*. After that lengthy novel of a tangent I am going to get to my point. GTW is simply amazing! I know that is a rather premature assumption when I have played the game for only a breath of time but for what I did poke at was solid gold. One of the most important things to me in any game is the minor detail. If that is absent no matter how great a feature is, it in my opinion collapses to a level where I am unable to enjoy it. An example of this is the retail system I love how much thought they put into the shelves, all the posters, just EVERYTHING. It makes it more immersing and it gets my synapses firing. It goes from whatever....to angels singing. When I took my sim to a retail store I wanted to buy stuff. Even though I could get it cheaper in buy mode there was just something so magical and divine about having my sim buy furniture. It seemed to completely transform the items. For most of my time I have played Sims furniture was just a means to an end. When I had a sim living in a house it failed to feel personal, especially because all the furniture just poof was there. This adds a new exciting element of starting off with little and going shopping occasionally to get new stuff. It feels really rewarding. Also the new neighborhood is really beautiful and it pleases me that it feels unique while still maintaining the theme of Willow Creek. Next thing I want to talk about before I end this short novel is CAS. I am not much of a CAS person and have never gave it much thought but with GTW they really did CAS justice and not just for the women. I love how the clothes are practical and match not just with what was added in GTW but many of the things go great with the base game clothing. There is also the male hairs that make me swoon. The problem I had with many of the male hairs in the base game is I like them but not on to many sims. Many of them were very stylized and not of a basic nature. This added a slew of nice looking hairs that are basic but great looking.

    Other than some minor gripes like the world selector or lack of places to build I think it is a solid EP...at least from my less than hour of play ha!

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