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Hard Drive

Discussion in 'Technical Discussion' started by 44blindmice, Dec 30, 2015.

  1. 44blindmice


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    So I got a laptop and wanted to play Sims 4 on there. I have Get to Work, Get Together, Perfect Patio, Spa Day, Outdoor Retreat which I downloaded first. Everything was fine and dandy and when I actually got to downloading the base game at 90% it said that I didn't have enough hard drive space. I found that 27/28 of my gigs were gone. I downloaded programs to try to make up more space and nothing worked. When I googled it prior to getting the laptop it said the Sims 4 was 9 gigs and with all my DLC I assumed that would only take up another 2 gigs or so. Now I've given up on Sims 4 and just want it off the laptop so I can have hard drive space. Except when I looked through apps and features on the settings it was all so confusing. It didn't downright says Sims 4 and I don't know what is and not important. Technically, I never downloaded the Sims 4 only the DLC and I don't care about having it on my laptop I just want all my hard drive space.
  2. Kit

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    With all of the DLC, stuff packs, game packs, expansion packs, and base game my install sits at 15GB. Both expansion packs are 1.6 GB, Game Packs run around .5 GB and Stuff Packs are minimal at most.

    The Documents folder with some considerable play is about 6GB (includes save files, tray, minimal amount of mods, ect.)

    I hope this helps.

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