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How To Get A Promotion In New Careers OR Increase Grade In School

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Meka3514, Dec 18, 2014.

  1. Meka3514


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    Hey Everyone,

    I was just curious if anyone has run into how difficult it is to get a Promotion in the new careers or increase their grade in school for children. My Sim is in the Athletic Career. She has the Connections reward trait so automatically started at Level 4. She's been to work for 5 days, and still no promotion. Does the bar have to be fully to the green? The same for the children. My child has completed the task, skill requirement. He's gone to school for 5 days and still has a C.
    Is anyone else having this issue?
  2. JohnBigOz


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    There might be a slight graphical glitch for pre-patch sims where the progress isn't recording correctly (ti is progressing but it doesn't seem to be moving, I namely noticed this with skill requirements where my sims had the adequete skill but it showed they didn't have it, including when I actually FULFILLED it, but eventually my sim got their grades up/promotion

    However. You DO need to get your progress bar to max (it checks when you filled it) and there's a number of factors that help it

    Entrepeniunal increases (i assume) the rate of how much it will increase by.

    Going into a specific mood (as determined by each career) also boosts your progress (for as long as you are in that mood I think)

    Completeing the daily tasks also boosts up (and that I think will work for the individual day)

    But I also know that bad chance cards and I think bad moods, potentially hurt.

    HOwever, I did have few cases where my sims did not seem to have improved their progress

    But i've had few promotions and things, so I know it works for me

    If you have any Custom Content there's a chance that something is breaking the system so it could be that as well.

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