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If we were to get a romance themed pack what would you want in it?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ghjdi, Jun 1, 2016.

  1. Ghjdi


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    I would love it if we were to get a romance themed pack (game pack)! It could bring back a lot of the romantic things from previous sims games as well as incorporate some new things.
    My ideas for it:
    - The return of online dating!
    - The return of The Sims 2 chemistry system!
    - A reputation system based on how you treated other sims.
    - Maybe speed dating events?
    - Bachelor/bachelorette parties!
    - Return of the picnic blanket
    - Honeymoons
    - New Vendue: Bed & Breakfast
    - New wedding decor/Build Buy objects
    - Heart shaped bed
    - New wedding dresses/new CAS items
    - New interactions:
    - The ability to schedule events...
    - Table proposal!
    - Give chocolates/ give bouquet of flowers to...
    - Slow dance with...
    - Ware cologne/perfume.
    - Write love letter to...
    - Send/ receive (romantic) gift to/from sim.
    - Declair crush...
    - Talk about crush...
    - Ask about crush...
    - Ask for sim's parents blessing/ permission for marriage
    - The return of the "scope the room" interaction.
    - The return of the kiss up the arm and "goose" interaction.
    - New foods and drinks
    - More wedding cakes
    - Heart shaped cake
    - Nectar/champagne (for those who don't own Dine Out)
    - New woohoo spot:
    - Woohoo/try for baby in shower with...

    That's all I could think of right now. Share your thoughts and ideas. I do hope they go with that Find Love idea from the second expansion pack survey they did. Seems like they've been releasing/released stuff listed on the first expansion survey they did now. In all honesty I really just want a chemistry system à la Sims 2 style for the Sims 4. I think the game is perfect for it. Miss the crushes and stuff sims could have. :)
    I would have put stuff like anniversaries and zodiac signs on the list, but I feel like those would fit better in a Seasons expansion pack.
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2016
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  2. apolloallyn


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    I would love a romance pack! I want a fondue set for my Sims, romantic themed furniture (bed with rose petals, Romanesque side tables, chairs, etc.), I would also love for my newlywed Sims to take a honeymoon to a romantic themed resort.
  3. benji_br

    benji_br Staff Member

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    I love these ideas!

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