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I'm done with The Sims

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by GeekyAngelGirl, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. GeekyAngelGirl


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    This isn't meant to be anything more than a rant, sorry if you came here for a serious discussions or anything. There will be a tl;dr at the end.

    For people like me, you've been playing sims since the early 2000's, so unfortunately newer players of The Sims likely won't understand the disappointment I feel with The Sims 4 at all, I'll explain why I'm disappointed in this thread. So let's get started from the beginning.

    The Sims-The original series, the original game. I first started playing The Sims when I was at a family friend's house and saw them playing The Sims Online, I fell instantly in love with the game and begged my mother to buy it for me, with her supervision, despite never getting into the game herself, she encouraged me to play it. I mostly explored and never did much with the skills or jobs, I didn't understand much about the game yet, or it's mechanics, but I loved it. It was the first game of its kind, a life simulator more or less, sure it was missing a few key life ingredients which they included with the next series.

    The Sims 2-I didn't immediately jump into The Sims 2 when it first came out...because I didn't know it had come out! But when I found it, and started playing it, I loved it almost as much as The Sims. It had some aggravating parts, like carrying over The Sims no time difference when going on and off a lot, but I learned to get along and cope. I loved the aliens, I loved the werewolves. I loved so many parts of the game. I never had making magic as a kid because my mom refused to buy me anymore The Sims because some family friend or another tried to tell me it was bad for me...so when I saw the witches I LOVED it. Witches are my MOST favorite occult, Harry Potter Fan state withstanding, I thought it was the best game ever, until The Sims 3 came out.

    The Sims 3-I actually DID get this game at launch, but only a few months later because parents. It was new, it was exciting. A whole open world to explore, so much to do and see, it was like living life itself. I ended up getting every expansion, evey stuffpack, even every world they put out, because I loved it! Everything new they introduced actually had some benefit to the game. Sure EA dropped the ball on a few things. No apartments, the game can be buggy and glitchy, doesn't run well on some computers...but it ends up being the only one I play the most, it, to me, has the most replayability. It, to me, was the best series to come out from EA, and it gave me so much hope and excitement looking forward to what was coming out. I wish I had known better than to hope so high.

    The Sims 4-It came out around the time I was turning 19. I was living in an RV park because my step dad had just gotten out of the military. It launched without so many things, swimming pools, ghosts, no open world, even going next door to your neighbors house required a loading screen, and lets not forget the big thing. Toddlers, sure they gave us pools, ghosts, semi-open world became understandable after a while even if it was disappointing, but they're still running around on the toddler issue, which makes me think they never had a plan for them in the first place. I thought it'd get better with the next few expansion packs, which it did! With Get To Work and Get Together! But now with City Living? Now with hearing seeing the things the Guru's are saying about us, the original, legacy players and fanbase...I can't help but be disappointed as a whole. We're getting apartments back! But as a shell, unbuildable, can't make your own, preset p-o-s...telling us that things like vampires were never meant to be 'tradition'. Even though they kept witches in the game for THREE whole series...I can't help but feel done and finished with The Sims 4. They've absolutely ruined it for me, and likely for many like me too. If you count the years since I started playing, to now...that's 13 years of being a fan, and now I'm calling it quits. The way the guru's are treating us, and the new fanbase, they didn't introduce toddlers, because they're treating US like toddlers. They wouldn't even give us 'Ask a Guru' back because of a few leaked slides of City Living, like that's our fault. Aside from a few games. Seasons, Pets, and University, unless they drop Uni because 'LOL TRADITION' apparently, I'm afraid to say I'm not getting anymore The Sims 4 titles, I don't want to keep being disappointed day after day, year after year by the game, by the guru's, by Maxis and EA. I highly doubt there will even be The Sims 5, they ruined the series so much, and I don't even doubt if they did make it...children would pop from the womb ready to go to school already as full fledged children because LOL who needs babies either? If they did make The Sims 5, I hope, I really hope, that it can redeem The Sims series fallen grace, that it's better than The Sims 3, that it can actually live up to expectations and hype, because until then...this is Geekyangelgirl, signing off.

    Tl;dr: The Sims 4 is a huge disappointment, I quit.
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2016
  2. Darizuka


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    Sims 4 became more in tune with the SJW/PC culture thats becoming more cancerous than progressive...
    It is a hotbed of controversy

    whereas Sims 1 and Sims 2 had humor
    Sims 3 became more of something in tune to 2008+ Culture
    I mean im likely considered a "hater" and a "troll" because I believe gamergate and post gamergate, all games got crappier
    especially localization of asian games by self-proclaimed gaming journalists...

    and things are so sensitive and PC-friendly
    that everything is censored
    heck sims 4 killing sims isnt as easy and fun
    sims 4 became more and more about DLC PURCHASES than actual gameplay...
    i mean they cant justify how an open world format change back into a load every place you go format
    and if they rant on performance
    try holding a wedding event at the huge mansion community place and invite as many people as you can

    Im sorry you are disappointed and throwing the game
    I do that for a while
    and occasionally play now
    since things are more of a chore than actual fun nowadays
    no sexual innuedos, no clever wits
    just feels like all their jokes are written by Tyler Perry.
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  3. AtomicSimmer


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    I am sorry to hear that your leaving. I can see why you and a lot of people are dissappointed. The Sims 4 in my opinion all though it did not have a lot of the things the others did from the very start will get better. I am a long time sims fan. I have played all generations of the series.
  4. kateoverend


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    Die hard simmers always have a love/hate relationship with this franchise (^▽^) Lol
    I have been a simmer for many, many years, my Son (aged 21) and Daughter (aged 15) both play also. I am not a fan of The Sims 4 as the closed world and loading screens are a huge negative aspect for me, however I still 'sim' as I love the Sims 2 (psp version for when I am out and about) and the Sims 3 (pc version) when I am home. My Son like me, plays Sims 3, as he likes to create lots and loves the build/buy store content available for TS3. My Daughter loves The Sims 4 as she loves the modern graphics and the challenge of Legacy goals. I buy Stuff and Expansion Packs for her as birthday and Christmas gifts. I firmly believe that the Sims games still offer something for everyone whether your preference is 1, 2, 3, or 4 (^‿^) *ѕmɪle*
  5. Naruto291979


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    I have only recently found this site and only really played sims off and on as a bridge gap between other games and a time killer. And will say that it's always a sad day to see some one leave a game that they love so much. I completely understand your frustration with the lack luster in sims 4. One thing I have learned over the years with games is that the studio/developer has to make the hard choice of what to keep and what new to bring to the game. Its never an easy call for them.

    But if you love the game then I say keep playing. But also continuously post on the studio/developer's forums about issues or whats missing. They don't always listen but with enough chatter it can make a difference. Prime example is Destiny by Bungie. Granted they truly listen to their community.

    The fact really comes down to this. In today's age of gaming patches are common and always come out the day of or day after launch. Not always because the game was broke before shipped but because problems are always found. People will still by and play the game for the series name and they know this. So, some don't listen to hard to its customers/fans. But with enough people the voice can always be heard. You just have to be that squeaky wheel.

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