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is there a solution for the lag?

Discussion in 'Technical Discussion' started by Pedro, Dec 4, 2016.

  1. Pedro


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    Hello, does anyone know any solution for the lag? My pc meets all the minimum specs, intel i5, 8gb ram, and its still laggy. My sims moves so slowly cause they take two steps and then they freeze, but the game doesnt. In fact, it happens to all their actions.
    And the worst of all, in every 2-3 minutes the game completely freezes for like 10 seconds and then it comes back.

    Its nearly umplayable. Changing the graphic settings from maximum to minimun doesnt change anything.

    I have nraas overwatch, it fixes my game for a while but then it gets back to normal.

    Ive already cleaned my game files as well.

    i have almost no cc, just story progression mod and overwatch, some store worlds, and 8 expansion packs installed.

    Is there a solution?

  2. SimsVIP

    SimsVIP Staff Member

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