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John Alves - My Sim Story! (Oasis Springs) Latest Update: 9-6-15 - 8:24 PM (CT)

Discussion in 'Stories and Legacies' started by SimsPOV, Sep 4, 2014.

Up to this point - what grade would you give on my Sim Story? (Please vote honestly)

  1. (A) - I really have NO complaints (Love the screenshots, love the storyline, it all flows nicely!)

    0 vote(s)
  2. (B) - I have enjoyed a majority of it... It is good! (However, some parts were a bit meh...)

  3. (C) - It is average (I really think it is a bit much...)

  4. (D) - Just... Unbearable... I mean, I like the effort but its just not my cup of tea...

  5. (F) - Just stop updating your Sim Story... Please?

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  1. SimsPOV


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    Personal Note (9-3-15): Well, everyone... After almost 2 weeks, I am finally back and playing my Sims 4 game! I have made numerous numerous screenshots and will be writing off of them here shortly! I will probably have an update to my Sim story later on tonight! (I have taken 40+ screenshots!)

    Thank you for your prayers! :)

    Personal Note (4-23-15): Just to inform everyone, I will be on vacation starting today after work and will be back on Monday to update my storyline... Thank you all so much! (I know its been a little bit since I've updated but I want to at least get the line of communication opened up with all of you!) Unfortunately, I won't be able to bring my heavy duty desktop with me, as my laptop really sucks and doesn't have The Sims 4 installed on it so basically I would have to start ALL OVER... However, maybe I can install it anyway on my laptop and start the story of Robina Hood... Will let you know! ;-)

    Personal Note (4-22-15): THANK... THANK... THANK YOU!!! For all of your views! It has officially surpassed the 10,000 view(s) mark today! Thank you for that... It gives me inspiration of writing more and keeping y'all entertained with my storyline! Much appreciated! :)

    Personal Note: (9-14-14) A special Thank You to all you people that are either a) watching this thread for new updates or b) reading my Sim Story for the first time! Besides playing The Sims 4 with a new approach and having fun with it, it is because of you people that keep viewing each and every day that keeps me writing! I try to write without sounding one-dimensional/bland/boring and have been commented that my story is reading out to be a "love story" but eh... I always have had a passion of writing dialogue and started doing it ever since I was a teenager... And I think the screenshots help tell my story as well!

    With that being said, here is my latest blog update, which you can find below:


    (Personal Note: 4-13-15: I am sorry for the delay in my writing(s). I got kinda busy with real life and with work picking up, I haven't had the time or energy to write more, but with me calling in from work, sick, I had MY Sim take my place and HE went to work for the first time! LOL... xD)

    (Personal Note 12-29-14: By the way all, I now have a poll up on this Sim Story... if you all could vote with your grade, on how well or not you like what I've written so far, that would be great! Thank you so much!)

    (Personal Note: 9-21-14 -- Thank you all for being patient with me... I am still battling some nasal congestion but my cough and throat thing seem to have greatly reduced!)

    (Personal Note: 9-22-14 -- Well, apparently I still have a cold because I have some throat thing... but the nasal congestion is gone... I have a total of 30+ screenshots for my story I hope to do later on tonight, at least get half of them shown! Thank you for your patience and your following of this thread... As always, it is much appreciated!!)

    My personal favorite day writing about so far? Day 5! (I had a LOT of fun with the screenshots!) :)

    SUL SUL! :)


    Day One: Hello all you Sim people! I finally made it into my house! It is a 1 bedroom, 1 bath place, not too bad for a starter home… My first big investment? A guitar… I began to feel inspired and wanted to play an instrument, so I did, and well, just learning to play, to get used to the guitar chords again, as my real-life counterpart has that pat down, by far! Being simulated is like starting all over again but hey, no complaints! There is promise and enhancement ahead!

    As I was looking around the world, my eyes were fixated on this woman with a red dress… Could IT BE? Nawww… But when I looked closer, it was! It was Bella Goth! :-O

    She has been the first Sim I have talked to so far, and this is a screen shot of my conversation with her:


    I am SO HYPED… SO EXCITED ON WHERE THIS WILL TAKE ME! I hope you will come along on my journey in Oasis Springs to meet interesting people, like Bella Goth and others along the way!

    Sul Sul! :)

    John Alves 9-2-14


    More adventures!! Yes, I then made it to my next destination… The Oasis Springs Gym! It was given another name but I’ll just call it that… When I got in there, I saw ladies were at the punching bags, perhaps to become the next SMA fighter (perhaps it was similar to a particular fighting league they had in the real world? it was something MA… Forget the other letter. Anyways, I did some treadmill to upgrade my endurance and then did some weights (which I am happy to announce that I am at Level 1 for Fitness!) I did see a female that caught my eye: Nina Caliente! From what my real-life counterpart told me about The Sims series, he told me to keep an eye out on Bella Goth and the Caliente Sisters… Seeing that I met Bella already, and THEN meeting a Caliente Sister? What great luck I have already, having JUST moved into the world!

    Here is a little screen shot of Nina talking to me, while I worked out my steely arms for her:


    I know, I know… NOT the BEST picture, as I have yet to figure out how to pan down to see the Sims, like that of the previous game, but in time, I am sure I’ll be able to figure everything out…

    Til the next update, take it easy! :)

    Well, apparently I am trying to get used to this world because if you don’t watch your needs, you can spontaneously fall asleep anywhere on anything around you! I ran into Bella Goth again, and Nina dropped by my house TWICE… The first time I invited her in, as she was watching TV and I was preparing some Fish Tacos, since I got better at cooking, but they came out “Okay.” Apparently they weren’t okay enough because my stomach was really feeling it after I ate… It was like if I ate some spoiled food from the other day… GROSS!! I will definitely be holding off on making that til my cooking gets better… I ended up throwing out a family size portion, as I was cooking for me and Nina but threw out the bad food and prepped up some Salad instead, since she was in her sexy little workout ensemble! ;-) (Maybe she wanted me to workout with her? Maybe she worked out already? I didn’t bother to ask her this) Anyways, as I was about to finish the Salad, she thanked me for a wonderful time and went on her merry way. I was a bit disappointed in myself that I couldn’t cook her a good meal for lunch, but I am not worried, as I am sure there will be opportunities in the future! :)

    Oh and by the way, this was me, not keeping track of my energy and falling asleep on a bench, just outside my house:

    9-2-14 -- John Alves sleeping on bench.jpg
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  2. SimsPOV


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    John's 2nd Day in Oasis Springs/First Date with Nina Caliente!
    Blog Update: Hello everyone! Day two of my stay here in Oasis Springs!!

    Boy, where to begin, where to begin? Oh I know! So, like I talked about yesterday, I got this small little 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom place for my house… I wasn’t feeling in the mood to build my own place, as the contractors were really busy building other people’s houses from the ground up, so I just decided to settle in right away…

    Speaking of settling in, I talked about meeting up with Nina Caliente… Well, from how things are going with her so far, they are looking really good… She invited me to go to her house for the first time, and WOW!! She has a really big house! I guess, from what my real-life counterpart told me about them, when you were in The Sims games beforehand, you tend to get on the fast track to luxurious things!

    As far as Nina herself? Well, this girl, at first annoyed the heck out of me… I say this because I got my first job in Oasis Springs as a Tech Guru… Working morning hours from 9-10 a.m. working anywhere til 5-7 p.m. and when I got home, I would check my surveillance cameras for any unusual activity going on, and she would VISIT my house every 2 hours! Can we say, obsessed? *rolls eyes* Anyways, she kept on being flirty with me, and me wanting to see what other females are out there, I didn’t really want to put her in an awkward situation as I want to be friendly with the ladies, hence my Aspiration: Friend to the World… However, I couldn’t resist her tempting charm. Now, note that I haven’t initiated any kissing with her (lip-wise) and want to keep it like that until I know for sure she isn’t some promiscuous female wanting to check out every single guy, due to experiences that have happened before… As I was getting to know her, I started to innocently flirt with her a little bit and next thing I knew, this pink bar was above me, with it below the green bar, which I knew was a friendship bar, before they transported me to this Sim World… “Pink???” Why did it have to be Pink? I thought to myself… Why not red? Red is romantic too! LOL… Anyways, I asked her out on a first date, because I guess she was too shy to ask me out, even though she was putting on the moves towards me like no other. We talked about where we wanted to go, none of the movie theaters were built yet, which was a bummer because I wanted to go see Simbusters where 3 guys battle to save Simterion from the Grim Reaper, Ghosts, and other creatures of the night… Then she had an idea… She whispered to me: “Babe… How about if we go to Rattlesnake Juice?” I smiled and told her: “That sounds good to me!” So next thing we knew, we want on this rollercoaster with a green plumbob in our faces and ended up there.

    All of a sudden this guy walked up to us and said: “Welcome to Rattlesnake Juice! We hope you have a marvelous time here, on your first date with the lovely *he then winked at her* Ms. Nina Caliente!

    She then blushed and I was looking at him, jealous and all, of course… He then cleared this throat and said: “Anyways, here is your itinerary for the evening… As we both looked at it, she looked up at me, smiled and said: “We’ll see what happens… Although I wasn’t in the best of moods when you asked me out, not because of you but because what happened at home with Katrina. She felt like— I then stopped her from continuing as I put my finger over her mouth. When I did this, she began flashing flirty eyes at me, batting her eyelashes and said: “You know what? You are right… Lets make this a night to remember! ;)” As we walked in with our packet, she made her way to the bar with Bob Pancake serving her. I then followed her when all of a sudden this goldish looking paper fell out of the folder. I picked it up and it said: “If your evening with Nina goes well, you will receive a special gift at the end of the night… You will find it in your inventory… Good luck!”

    As I put that paper in my pocket, that gave me even more incentive to make this night wonderful with her, but wanted to make sure I didn’t make a fool out of myself…

    We ended up having some drinks, getting to know each other better, but really our relationship and friendship meter(s) were super high, at least mine was with her… I then noticed that she was in a flirty mood, so I decided to have some drinks with her on the couch when I “made a move” on her… stretching my arms out and putting it around her… She loved it! She then was flirting back and forth with me, but then I would notice that these elder people would look at us and chuckle. I felt a little embarrassed but then I heard a whistle. Wondering where it was coming from, I looked up and it was Bob Pancakes in the distance. He looked at me, and gave me a *thumbs up* as if he was saying, non-verbally: “You the man!” I then smiled back at him and proceeded to work on Nina…

    When our time was up, the guy that initially gave us the itinerary met back up with us and said: “I will tally your scores, on how well you did, as well as how well the date went itself… I’ll be right back… Oh also, here are some comment cards… They are like how you thought, in your own personal words, the date went… I’ll be right back with these results and come back for your papers…”

    I then proceeded to the bar, asked Bob to borrow a pen and was a bit stuck on what to write… I mean, it was a FIRST date! Jeez! It was never like this in the real world… I then began to jot down what I thought of the establishment, Nina herself, how beautiful she looked, among other stuff… When I was finished, I showed it to Bob, and he nodded with approval. The guy at that point, came back and said: “I have your results… I already got Nina’s thoughts, I’ll get yours and I’ll be back in 5 minutes…” I then ordered a drink from Bob, as I looked across the room at Nina, sitting with some other ladies, I guess watching some chick show… I assumed it was that because of how giggly they were. Then, someone told me it was “The Real Simwives of Sunset Valley…” I then rolled my eyes, and then looked at her from afar… *chuckle* and thought to myself: “This was an amazing night! I hope she feels the same how I am now…” I was able to take a snapshot on my phone without her noticing, I am SMOOOTH! Here’s the photo:

    9-3-14 -- Ladies Watching Real Simwives of Sunset Valley.jpg

    The guy then brought us together and said: “Well, well… *chuckles* looks like this night was magical for the two of you! I tallied it up your objectives and you all passed with FLYING COLORS!!” I then saw a notification above me:


    I was happy! I looked at Nina with excitement and at first she, with her left hand flashed: “L” for Loser but then she then smiled, gave me a flirty look and, as I could read her lips, she said: “Just kidding” as she gave me a wink and a look that was breathtaking! Something to remember! I then whispered to the guy: “What is my reward?” Nina looked at me kinda mysterious and said: “What did he say?” The guy then told Nina: “He said, he hopes that the second date goes as well!”

    He then left me and Nina by ourselves and it was nearing 3 a.m. in the morning, as the Rattlesnake was about to close or nearing closing… I then stood in front of Nina with her anxiously looking deep into my eyes, as I then did this (thanks to the guy that took this picture for me!):

    9-3-14 -- Goodbye kiss to Nina Caliente.jpg

    LOL… All jokes aside here but I think she was a little disappointed that it wasn’t more than that because she just left out of the blue… I thought she was using the restroom and we would walk out together but she did her own thing and left on her own. Well, it was a first date, I didn’t want to rush things off the bat with her but I have to say that it was a very great first date with her!

    Oh yea, before I end this, when I got home, I checked to see what was in my inventory that was my reward on a sizzling date with Nina and it was this:


    I ended up putting it in my kitchen, so when I look I’ll picture that I’m cooking for her… Nina Caliente! :)
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  3. SimsPOV


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    Continuation from John's 2nd Day/2nd Date with Nina Caliente!
    Well… I have been hard at work, now up to the rank of:


    Me hanging out with Nina has gone really well! About 3 Sim Days ago, WOW, they go by quick, compared to that of the real world I was used to being a part of…

    Anyways, I called Nina up one day and asked her if she would like to go to the Park for our 2nd Date… Something a little more outdoorsy, not as smoky, something different! She thought about it and agreed to meet me, but told me that she better be able to get some sugar at the end of the night? She has the sugar, not me? So I was a bit confused by what she meant by this… She’s the sugar and spice, anyway, I am rambling… Let me continue:

    So we met up at Oasis Springs Park (I know, I know, its not really called that but until I get the names down pat, that is what I’ll call it) and was checking out a library of some sort, when I saw Nina walk from the distance… Her with her sexy strut! Hehe… A guy like myself could get used to seeing that! :-D

    I had some photos that I took of me and her during this date, especially a snapshot of where I beat her in Chess, I was feeling inspired, what can I say? I remember her tossing the chess pieces in disgust but after that, we talked a little bit more and yes, again, I met all of the objectives that the guy presented us with… It was a little harder, as there were more people at the park, but with a team like me and Ms. Caliente, we made it happen!! Gold Baby! :-D

    After we stopped talking, my stomach was getting hungry so out of nowhere, the scent of burgers came across my senses and ran to find where the smell was coming from… I was HOPING that Nina was following behind, but when I looked back, she was gone… Hmmm… I guess she really wasn’t into the whole “blowing a kiss” thing part deux! Lol… Not that I would have done that, but who knows?

    When I got to the top of the mountain, which I noticed what looked like an abandoned mine that was boarded up with wood… I looked closer and it had a metal lock that said “10” on it… *shrug* who knows? Maybe that was just for decoration, since we were in the desert and all…

    As I went to get my burger, I was met up by a lady:

    9-3-14 -- Second Date with Nina Caliente (Oasis Springs Park).jpg

    Her name was Averie Beavers… We chatted a bit about being in Oasis Springs, how life-changing it could be for all of us and all of that wonderful, magical stuff… I was feeling good… I was feeling confident going out and talking with people!

    I then ran into Cristina Frey from one of the bars that I went to on my first day into the world:

    9-3-14 -- After Date -- Chatting with Cristina and Averie while having some burgers on the grill.jpg

    Cristina was telling me on her marvelous comfort furnished items she has in her house, including her aqua bed… I said to her: “Water bed?” She asked me: “What is that?” I felt a bit out of place and said: “Nothing… Go on.” She then asked me: “Do you have comfortable furniture in your house? A comfy bed?” I looked down, kinda said and she was surprised and said: “Wow… so, yeah, no offense, but that may be why you look so tired… I’m just trying to help you out from a sim to a sim…” She then asked me: “Well, do you eat healthy at least? Try to work out 3-4 times a day?” I, again, looked down, and she shook her head in disapproval and said: “I am disgusted! I am so disgusted by some of the sim men I have seen in this world…” She then continued by saying: “I didn’t come all the way up here to make others feel bad, but by helping him/her extend his/her lifestyle, make healthy changes so that they won’t just LOOK better PHYSICALLY but emotionally, mentally, etc… I know that you don’t know me and I don’t know you, but I feel like you are a great person and just need some motivation, to make CHANGES in your life, so you’ll look ALIVE! Happier!” I looked at her and nodded, saying: “You know, your right… I have been getting heavier ever since I got here in Oasis Springs… I have not touched one healthy item and it is effecting the way I sleep, and my emotions are way out of whack… I think it is time for a change… Thank you so much!” Next thing I knew, it was sunset and I was getting a bit tired so decided to head on for home…

    As I was walking towards the green plumbob rollercoaster, I saw Nina’s sister, Katrina talk with this guy in a blue-patterned shirt… But by the look on her face, she wasn’t pleased by him for some reason:

    9-3-14 -- Katrina Caliente covers nose by stink made by guy in blue stripped shirt.jpg

    I looked at him and then at Katrina and asked her: “What’s wrong?” She said: “This, (as she pointed at him face palmed) guy just farted as we were talking!! Eww, Eww, GROSS!! So, who are you that is trying to talk to—"

    "John!" She exclaimed!

    "Yea, its me!" I said.

    "How are things with you and Nina? She has been telling me that things are going well, that you have let her spend the night quite a bit at your place… You are really warming up to her huh?"

    "Ehh… I said, I am taking it one step at a time with her," I said. She then said: "That… is the way to go! No need to rush into anything, you two are young, live life! Share cute memories with each other!"

    All of a sudden, her phone rang…

    9-3-14 -- Katrina Caliente calling Nina about meeting up with me.jpg

    She ended up missing the call… She then looked down at her phone and started to text someone…

    "Who was that?" I asked.

    "Hehe… Maybe its your sweetheart, your future girlfriend!"

    "NINA?? She just called you?" I said.

    "Yup!" She said. "She asked me if I ran into you at the park, and I am telling her that I am with you right now…"

    I was looking a bit nervous but she chuckled and said: “Don’t worry, you aren’t in trouble… She is actually wanting me to let you know that she misses you and that she’ll see you tomorrow!”

    I then looked down, a bit disappointed…

    Katrina noticed and asked: “What’s wrong?”

    I, then, told her: *sigh* “There’s something I’ve been wanting to ask you… How is it that you stay in shape? I want to get in shape too, but just absolutely LOVE the food that they have in Sim World… But I have been eating just unhealthy, the way that I did in real life… I just need some help, some guidance…”

    "Hmmm…" She said. "If you wanted my help, I could easily do that but I think you should ask your future girlfriend Nina… Besides, you all could make memories together, with you all becoming workout buddies!"

    "I don’t know," I said. My confidence is a bit shaken… I don’t know what she’ll think of me. I don’t even know what she thinks of me now, being all fat and stuff… just pigging out on food…" as I shook my head in disgust.

    She then came closer to me, lifted my head to look at her and said: “Nothing has changed between the two of you, has there?”

    "No…" I said.

    "Then don’t worry about it! If I know my daughter Nina, like I know I do, she isn’t like that… She loves people for who they are, and how well they treat her… She’ll love you either way, whether if you have a 6 pack or a 12 pack.. just treat her right, and you’ll be okay."

    I smiled a bit when she said that, re-assured myself and said to her: “You know what? You are right… Nina is such a sweet girl and I am lucky that she is still around, even when I’m looking like this and all…”

    "You are one lucky man indeed," she said. "I hope that one day you and her will be in a relationship and we’ll see you around our place more often.."

    She walked off to get on the roller coaster, as I headed off towards the house, as I got into bed and went to sleep…
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  4. SimsPOV


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    Part III of John's Day 2 of Oasis Springs! :)

    So yeah, I ended up going to sleep and waking back up, and proceeded to level up in cooking (No, I didn’t buy any healthy stuff like at Sim Foods Market) where they have organic stuff… Those were the good ol’ days, when I was there, but now just a simulated version of myself…

    I woke up on my off day and proceeded to have breakfast, and then thought to myself: “Even though I have $6,000+ simoleans, only having to use a “kaching” loan (only 1 so far!) all things considered, is pretty good! I only had to use that loan to pay off a bill…

    So… Day one of my changing of my lifestyle habits, starting with eating, I decided to change things a bit: To add more protein in my diet… So I decided to make lean steak with greens… I will maybe admit it one day to Nina that her sister Katrina was my inspiration to start working out… Well, her or Bella Goth, that woman is in awesome shape! :)

    9-3-14 -- Getting inspired by Katrina Caliente.jpg
    So, I then thought: “I need to start living life not only so that I am healthier, and feel better about myself but also how others will perceive me as… because I do care. If I didn’t care, I would try to get as fat as possible, and not care what others think… I am self-conscious like that…” I then was deep in thought on how I could start doing that and at the same time upgrade some of my furnishings inside of my sim house… Then it hit me like a pillow from a pillow fight in Sims 3, that my real-life counterpart played: The holographic gaming device that I bought when I first got the place… Upwards of 2,000, any bit of money could help, even though, with my new job that I make, more or less, $500 simoleans per day, is good. I was thinking of doing something with it that I never thought I would ever do: Sell it.
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  5. SimsPOV


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    I then looked at it and thought: “This is an awesome contraption but there’s a few problems… First off, it keeps breaking down, as its being used quite frequently by visitors and secondly, it is preventing me on working out outside, meeting people, than Bella Goth and Nina Caliente mainly. So I pondered, as I kept looking at it, and decided to give it one last go:

    As I walked back in - I knew she was right - so I had to make a decision.jpg

    I was playing “Simulated Sports” on the holographic electronic device, hitting a soccer ball, and was ENJOYING IT very much so! I was a little bit into it but then decided to look up the selling value of it on SimBay. As I was doing that research, I heard a knock at the door, It was Nina! :O

    9-3-14 -- The next day -- Nina Caliente Shows up to my door as usual.jpg

    I was REALLY nervous on this encounter. I didn’t know what she was going to talk about, and whether if this talk would be positive or negative, but figured, you know what? I am going to have to bring this, these—insecurities I have to her attention and see where things go from there… I knew what Katrina told me about her sister, but didn’t know what would happen in real-time… Because I heard from a Katy Perry song, that my real-life counterpart told me in real life: “Girls are hot and then cold, they say yes and then no..”

    I decided to face the music, invited her in and stood to her face-to-face:

    9-3-14 -- I was talking to her on how I was feeling bad about being out of shape.jpg

    I told her: “Listen, Nina… we need to talk…”

    She was a bit scared when I said this and was a bit worried, so I continued: “I know that things have been going great between us, you coming over to spend the night at my place, you inviting me to yours every now and then to change things up and I thank you for spending your time with me… Believe me it has been much appreciated…”

    "Just cut to the chase… Quit beating around the bush," she said.

    *GULP* I then said: “Ever since you and I have been going on these dates, I have been getting fat… I am not very confident in how I look physically… I have been losing sleep, not eating properly, not working out, which is how I met you from our first encounter… I want to change… I want to become healthier, so I can feel confident about myself, but I am starting to feel like I am not good enough to be around you anymore…”

    She thought about what I said, try to soak it all in and replied: “Listen, babe… I have been noticing your expanding stomach and really think it is a turn-off in all honesty. However, I really enjoy the company that you bring, which is why I keep on coming back, why I always knock on your door to hang out. We can do it like the old times, us working out together, going to a salad bar, I can help you, if you want it… But as far as me going anywhere? You are very much mistaken… I would never leave you, unless you gave me a reason to leave. I am not afraid to leave anyone if I feel like there is dishonesty, lying, cheating, anything of the sort going on but as far as leaving you because you are fat? That is nonsense… Katrina told me everything when you met up with her last night and—

    "She did?" I said… What did she say?

    Nina said: “That you don’t feel good about yourself, pretty much what you told me… What she told you about me is true.. I would never leave anyone, just as long as I am treated right, and I absolutely LOVE our chemistry together… Why you haven’t kissed me on the lips yet, is beyond me, but that doesn’t stop me from kissing you on the cheek and occasionally on the lips (lip pecking).. Maybe its because whats happened to you in the past, that you can’t seem to fully trust me, that maybe once you show me how you truly feel about me that I would leave you, but the only way you’ll know if I am like that or not is to try.”

    I responded, after pausing a bit: “*smiles* I am really glad that I am able to open up to you like this, me exhibiting you in full one of my weak points and you are still here… Not running away, not judging me from a negative standpoint… I really do appreciate you being like this.”

    She smiles back at me: “Your welcome babe… I just wish that in time, you’ll be able to show more of a romantic side, to show how you really feel about me.”

    Nina then said: “Well, anyways, back to this on you wanting to regain a healthy lifestyle… What we have to do is get rid of all this junk food you have in your refrigerator… And cook cook cook healthy stuff! No more of this Chili, Taco Casserole, any of that stuff… Just builds fat, clogs arteries, messes up with your liver…”

    I nodded and said: “I know… *sigh*”

    She then was holding my hands with her, looked at me with loving eyes I’ll never forget and said: “Babe… it will not be easy… but as I am sure they had this infamous saying in rl like they do in sim world: 'You are what you eat.' I want to see you around, and just in case if all we end up is best friends, I would never want to see you die young… *tears up* it would tear me apart…”
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  6. SimsPOV


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    I saw the pain and frustration in her eyes. I then thought to myself and said:

    “Lets do it… heck, it may even put my writing skills to good use! I can make a blog out of it on Simblr. (LOL) BUT there’s one thing I would like to do before I start on that journey once again?

    "What’s that?" she said.

    "I want to take a selfie of pre-day one of us starting on the road to healthy eating and a healthier lifestyle!"

    "Sounds good to me!" she said. Here’s a photo of that below:

    9-3-14 -- I then thought about it and said to myself - lets do it.jpg

    "You mentioned about writing and I’ve been wanting to ask" she added: "Is someone writing about you, jotting down EVERYTHING that is *her eyebrow raised* going on, involving you and I?"


    I didn’t know to answer that because I felt this uneasy glow, kinda like an aura inside of me… Maybe someone was writing about me and I didn’t know it. I told her: “To be honest with you, and I don’t want to lie to you… I have no idea. I get these aura uneasiness inside of me and don’t know why I get them… I was transported down here from the real world and—”

    "Wait, the REAL WORLD?" She said.

    "Yes, the REAL WORLD," I added. It was a place that had its ups and downs but I was able to drive a car, go to my neighborhood pool and go for a swim, able to look up my family tree at home…"

    "We don’t have that here," she said in a very down tone.

    "I know," I added, "Which was why me wanting to be down here was a very difficult decision. Before meeting you, I wanted change in my life, I wanted things to be different, and ever since meeting you, *I then remembered holding her hands* they have been, in a very remarkable way!"

    She then blushed and looked at me when her phone rang… She was needed home so she gave me a kiss on the cheek and ran home.

    I remembered though before she ran off, she told me to invest in some better furniture and upgrade the appliances in my house, (whenever I could) that would be a huge step in becoming healthy, all-around!

    I then, remembered that I used the holographic electronic device when Bella Goth showed up to my door… Amazing. She always appears at the right time, when no company is around… Lol.

    "I heard that you have been wanting to make some changes, regarding your health," said Bella.

    "Yes, that’s right," I added. "I have been wanting to make some changes, not only for the ladies that I will encounter in the future, but also because I want to feel better about myself, to do better at work, to one day support a family with all the confidence in—HEY!! What are you doing??"

    What she was doing was this:


    I… didn’t know how to react to that. I mean, I knew she was happily married to Mortimer Goth, ever since day one with Sims 1, so at least 14 years now, but I guess when you feel romantic, these things tend to come out from time to time…

    I then boldly, but nervously asked: “Is… everything okay between you and Mortimer?”

    "Hehe, it is fine sweety," she added.

    "Then why the puckered lips?" I said.

    "Because I think it is really sweet on what you are doing, trying to become a better person… You remind me of Mortimer. He used to be really fat and decided to do the same thing you are doing… That is how we met… At a gym. As far as what I’ve seen? I have observed from afar whats been going on between you and Nina… you LOVE her!"

    I had to think on what to say to that… I gathered my thoughts carefully, paused and said in reply, with a heavy sigh: “The seed has been planted, I will tell you that much. In the past, I have given my heart to a girl, and she would totally be into me and appreciate my true feelings for her, but then that girl would act weird, I guess what you would call ‘cold feet’ and just end it with me from out of nowhere… I have often dreamt of being married, with kids like you and Mortimer do but I just don’t know if that will ever happen…”

    Bella then looked sad, looked around and then said to me with a smile on her face and said:

    "Look sweety, if you think I had it easy, you’d be wrong… Before I met Mortimer, things were the same for me… I felt like I could trust NO ONE, that no one would EVER get this woman’s young heart, but then when I went to the gym that one day I met him, I told myself: "Bella, you are just going to do whats best for you… Live your life the way you want and if by some chance a guy proves himself to you, and can earn your trust, dive in and don’t look back… the rest, (hehe) is history…"

    "14 years later, look at me now… If things can turn for the better for me, it can for you too!"

    "Wow," I said in reply. "You are so right… I need to start living that philosophy here."

    "Just take each day as it comes and go from there," Bella said, as she gave me a flirtatious look.

    9-3-14 -- I was blushing a little bit - and she giggled saying.jpg

    "Whats that for?" I said.

    "Well, I just hope that when Nina, or whoever captures your heart, she will feel the same way I am showing you… You are a great person John… and I wish you nothing but the best!"

    All of a sudden, Nina came back from her errand:

    9-3-14 -- Next thing I knew Nina showed up again.jpg

    I then began to talk to Nina about my wondrous eatings in the real world of Whataburger, which only can be found in Texas, and I guess Bella was disgusted because once I talked about fast food, she got up, and at first I thought she was leaving…

    "Where are you going?" I said.

    "I’m not leaving," Bella added. "I’m going to look up and show you the nutritional values of a value meal… and I truly HOPE it will disgust you so much that you’ll never speak of fatty foods again…"

    I had a surveillance camera in my room, in case someone tried to break into my house and surely enough she was doing just that:


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    Here are some preview screenshots for tomorrow if y'all want to see more!

    9-4-14 -- (1) On Day One Road Towards Healthy Eating!.jpg 9-4-14 -- (3) - So while I was sleeping Nina decided to look up who I was in real life.jpg 9-4-14 -- (5) So before heading off to work in my new.jpg 9-4-14 -- (6) She then began to return the favor and caress me.jpg 9-4-14 -- (7) I was putty in the palm of her hands - i was melting.jpg 9-4-14 -- (8) I then made blackened bass.jpg
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    Nice story ;) It's kind of weird for me to read blog written by Sim, but maybe it's just me ;)
    I think your photos would be better without UI in it - you can find option to remove it from photos in OPTIONS ;) Some photos are great but some don't show sims good - maybe try to stop the game and make few pictures in different angels then choose best pic ;)

    Keep up - it is interesting ;)
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    John's Day 3 of Oasis Springs! (Part 1!)

    So yeah first thing was first! I had Nina spend the night after not having her over in quite sometime… No, not because we were fighting or disagreeing on things but because I needed my rest, and with her always on the computer or on that holographic electronic device I still have in the middle of my house (I was planning on selling it but Nina “convinced” me to keep it for a little while longer).

    She was on the computer playing some sort of… Oh yea, she was playing Sims Forever!, a game that I modded, that has really helped me advance in my career towards a promotion! I have to tell you, being a Tech Guru has been very trying at times, with me having to have enough energy, as well as patience, to complete these objectives if I indeed wanted to move up the career ladder, earn more money and work fewer hours… When I was told that at work, “fewer hours,” that gave me enough incentive to work towards promotion after promotion!

    So while, she was playing that game on my computer, I was not having my usual “omelette” or “french toast,” which had sim carbs in it, which were oh so good but needed to make changes in my diet, so I ended up making some salad for breakfast:


    *sigh* It was kind of strange having this for breakfast, as it was more suited for lunch, but ehhh, whatever… I did what Nina has told me to do in order to start having my stomach adjust towards eating less, in order to lose the weight, and maintaining a workout of some sort…

    I then decided to make a party platter of salad just in case others came to the house and indeed, about an hour or so later, Bella Goth came over to talk to me more about the research she found in the computer:

    "Ok, so John, I was able to look up the information, but with how late it was last night, I ended up e-mailing it to myself at home, printed it out from there and have the printout right here… Take a look for yourself…"

    As I was looking at the paper, my eyes grew large and my mouth wide open! I was SHOCKED at what I saw! Then she handed me a handout of how healthy a salad can be, when paired up with some protein, like thinly sliced steak or grilled chicken… Quite a bit of difference in these numbers!

    I then was talking to Bella and was thanking her for the research that she had done… She ended up bringing over some workout partner from the gym, the lady in the blue workout outfit… (never caught her name though?) I then said to Bella: “You know, if you never did this research, I may have been a few weeks, or even days away from death, complete with tombstone and all!” I was fearing that as you can obviously see from my thoughts:


    It got later in the day and I was exhausted from not getting enough sleep from the night before, as Nina and I went out and had a blast, since I didn't have to work the next day… As I was sleeping in bed, Nina was still on my computer, from what my cameras caught on tape, and later on, as I viewed this footage, I noticed that she was doing research on… *rubs eyes*…. ME???


    I then got to my computer and with my hacking skills, tried to look back at what she was viewing on me… Basically, my hesitant nature in trusting people, when I don’t really know their TRUE intent! From what I saw in her reaction, she was in shock! I could then see her look back at me, sad with some puppy-dog look and turn back towards the computer, while writing up something… I couldn't make out what that was? From the little that I could make out however, it had something to do with… makeover??? Hmmm…

    I ended up not asking her to stay the night, as I was beginning my journey in becoming healthier and getting some good night’s rest was essential in order for that to be a success, so I remember, because of the noise that was made by her, and how it kept on waking me up, she left around 11:30 p.m..

    The next morning, I decided to change things up a bit… “No more of this ‘lunch-time food!’,” I thought to myself… What I ended up doing was still healthy, eating a fruit and yogurt parfait… I remember having those from McDonald’s (shhh, don’t let Bella Goth hear the “FF” words! :O) I remember how they had granola in them and this was very much the same… Strawberries with Yogurt and Granola all mixed together! (As an added side note: I did indeed look up the nutritional value of it and it has way way more nutrients while fewer of the bad stuff: Calories, Carbs, Sugar, etc...)


    As I was preparing to go into work, I heard a knock at the door… I smiled and thought to myself: “Heh heh… I wonder who that could be!”

    As I walked towards the door, my instincts were correct: It was… *drum roll* NINA! :p

    I was really happy to see her come before work but she always cut it close (anywhere between 15-30 minutes before work!) I wish she would come an hour before work but I do remember her saying that she always needs her beauty rest… We made silly interactions, some funny, others like that but then I felt the desire to caress her cheek:


    She was loving it! She asked me: “I take it you had a restful morning huh babe?” She then said: “I see that we are in a flirty mood this morning before work… did someone want some Nina beforehand?”

    I smiled a big one towards her and said: “Well, your presence is brighter than any sunrise I’ve seen so far in Oasis Springs!”

    "Awwww!" She said… "You are such a sweetheart, you know that?" :)

    She then proceeded to do this towards me:


    I was beginning to feel warm fuzzies inside, goosebumps all over my body even! I hadn’t felt like this in such a long time! Simulated or not, I was feeling so great! :-D

    "Oooooo! Looks like you found another weak spot of mine!" I said.

    She winked at me and looked at me with a seductive look I’ll never forget and said: “And what’s that baby?”

    "That I am a sucker for a woman’s touch," I responded back in reply.

    "Hehehe… is that so?" She said.

    I nodded with such a big smile on my face, blushing even!

    She noticed this and proceeded to push the limits… Thank GOODNESS for cameras around my house! :-D

    Here’s the photo:


    I was… OMG!!! I couldn’t even tell you what I was feeling here! Love Potion #5? Hehe… I felt like she could had done anything to me and I would have let her, but then the alarm rang from my cell phone… I looked down, all frustrated!!

    "What’s the matter… sweety?" As Nina whispered very seductively in my ear.

    "I, uh… I, uh… Have to… work…" I said, in a very sad tone.

    She then whispered again in my ear: “Miss work babe! Let me show you why we are called Caliente!” (which was the Spanish word for Hot!)

    "OHHHHH!!!! I can’t! I have to go! I want to save up simoleans so I can continue on my health regimen and look good so that one day we can spend more time together with each other," I said in reply.

    She gave me this puppy dog look but then flashed me a quick smile and said: “Your right… this new experience I want to show you can wait… You are such a responsible man and I admire that very much!”

    She then whispered in my ear: “I’ll see you when you get home baby… Have fun at work!” She then gave me a lip peck on the lips, winked at me and went on home as I went off to work.
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    John's Day 3 of Oasis Springs (Part 2!)

    Hey all you Sims fanatics!

    NOTE: Just wanted to let you know that my Sim body has been getting an out-of-body experience and Nina has been wondering what has been going on with me… So I may not be able to post anything on here til Monday… I am going to see what the problem is, so they can check out this glowing aura inside of me, that is making me feel a bit uncomfortable.

    Personal Note: (No, but seriously… Nothing is wrong with the RL me… I am just going to be going out of town Fri-Sun and will be back on Monday, as I may/may not be able to play The Sims 4 during this time).

    With that being said, onto the continuation of day 3!

    So, anyways, I got home, made about $504 in Simoleans when 30 minutes later, she came RIGHT ON CUE… NINA! :p

    I invited her into my home because I guess these Sims, although Smarter, from what I’ve read, still don’t have a clue whether they can come in or not… For all I care, she could walk right into my house and sleep on my bed if she wanted to! ;-)

    So, staying on the healthy track of eating, I prepared myself some blackened bass… I heard from Bella Goth the other day that if you have fish with other vegetables, it will help in the quest on becoming a healthier, happier person!

    So, I was finishing up cooking the bass, as Nina was standing close to me… I was about to sit down and eat my dinner, after a long, hard, exhausting day at work, when all of a sudden, I put my plate into myself! WHOA… This was a weird experience… NOTHING like this ever happened in the real world… If I ever thought of doing so, the plate would have broke, no doubt… Wondering why this happened, Nina then got closer to me and I guess she was missing her baby, because next thing I knew, this happened:


    She is such a sneaky woman! My cameras, with the latest and greatest in technology, from what I have seen, rarely get her kissing me when she’s “in the mood” of doing so. Mmmmm… I was feeling like butter… melting! She grabbed a hold of me and I wasn’t stopping her. Was craving some sugar, and that is EXACTLY what I got! ;-)

    Next thing I knew, I heard another knock at the door: It was Bella Goth… She decided to come in and asked me to print out to her my meal plans on what I would be cooking throughout the week, so I ended up doing that at my computer:


    I asked Nina to come and help me decide on what to choose from, seeing how I would want this to be a close experience, between her and me, she told me: “Babe… If its okay with you, I’m gonna go talk to Bella on the sofa about the findings she collected from today… I’ll meet up with you in awhile…”

    "Alright, that’s cool!" I responded.

    While I couldn’t exactly hear what they were talking about, I could hear them giggle and then talk from what I could hear, in a serious tone, and then giggle again… Part of me wondered if they were talking about me… On what I told Bella… On what Nina found out about me when she was looking me up on my computer… Who knows?

    I decided to activate my living room camera. Being a high enough level in the Tech Guru career, I panned the camera over towards them, while it was in stealth mode, and heard their conversation (the only downfall of this camera being in stealth was that it wasn’t able to pickup video, just audio… I guess I haven’t been promoted enough to have BOTH video and audio while it being in stealth mode):

    "So yeah," I heard that with John, he had a not-so technological cell phone back where he was from… He told me about how his phone had "apps" where he could always have easy access to many different things, such as for his car, health, information about—

    "Wait what? HEALTH?"

    "Yeah… He was talking about…"

    "Ohhhhh!" I could hear them say at the same time...

    "We have something like that, its called Simpasts!"

    "Yeah, it is much more technologically savvy than what he had!"
    "Lets do it! Hehe… it would be FUN!"


    Next thing I knew, I could hear them giving each other a high-five as the battery ran out of juice… Grrrr… “I need to advance!” I said quietly to myself, as I continued doing my healthy lifestyle research on the computer…

    It was then getting late and Nina kissed me goodbye as Bella waved and they both left as I went off to sleep…

    -- -- --

    Boy, oh boy!! The next morning, I woke up, was getting myself ready to go to work, when the usual knock at the door happened… I was smiling, eyes closed, walking with such a swag, opened the door, and said: “Come on in!”

    "Why thank you!"

    I opened my eyes and found this person that I invited in:


    I looked at this person funny and asked her: “Who… are you?”

    "Baby…" She said. "Its me!"

    My eyes and mouth opened wide and said: “Nina??? Is that you? What happened to you? What did you do with the other—”

    "Shhhh," she said. "You ask too many questions… Let me explain… You know how that one night you were sleeping, when I was doing some research on you on your computer?"

    "Uh huh," I said, "I haven’t taken that too well that you are trying to look me up when you should just get to know me, without any inside information… I haven’t done that with you…"

    "I know," she said. "But I want to know why you have been holding back with me… What I found out was shocking... You really have an appreciation for me but you just can’t seem to fully trust me yet… is that true?"

    I had my tongue in cheek look, I looked at her and said in a down tone: “I want to be honest with you, so yeah… its true…”

    I then asked: “So let me ask you… What triggered this change?” When I was then adding everything up inside my mind, it made sense why she was looking up “makeover” that one night in their Google-type of search in this Sim World… I just wanted to know what she would say.

    "Well," she said. "I want to prove myself to you… That I am genuinely real, honest and true… I know these things are not 'au natural' but I figured you would find it really sweet of me to do this… You told me that you thought I could use an upgrade in my clothes and hairstyle, as it made me look really young… I mean, I am a young adult, but I know I also will be a fully-grown woman soon, so I did these changes, not just because of you but because I want to have a more mature look…"

    "So that explains the shortened hairstyle…" I said.

    "Yeah," she said.

    "As far as my everyday clothing… I want to show you that how you’ve made me feel these past few days, (when its actually been weeks in Sim World, she doesn’t have to know that! :p) I’ve been getting butterflies in my stomach, such an oh-so wonderful feeling… I wanted to not just tell you but show you that I really do care about you and very appreciative that you are in my life baby…"

    I was blushing again, and she took notice to it. She smiled, came closer to me and kissed me on the cheek… She, then, caressed it and said: “I don’t know what I would ever do if I lost you… I know I am putting it all out there and me being open to you like this may scare you away, but I hope it doesn’t.”

    I took it all in, as it was ALOT, as I prepared our dinner meal: Blackened Chicken Caesar Salad.
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