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Launcher Problem

Discussion in 'Technical Discussion' started by MiffoShort1997, Mar 21, 2016.

  1. MiffoShort1997


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    Hello everyone :)

    I was downloading my Sims games again and now the Sims 3 Launcher has updated to this current version:

    But unfortunately because of this new update, when I download the games they do not appear in the launcher to be ticked for use. They're installed but they just won't show up in the launcher or the game :( one of the problems is that my half of my Sims 3 games are on my dads Origin account and another half are on my own (I didn't have an Origin account when I was first brought the game!).

    Do any of you have any experiences with this, if so could you please help me?

    Thanks everyone :)

  2. AtomicSimmer


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    Well Matthew, When I had sims 3 all my games were on cd but if your game is registered under your ea account or origin you can redownload your game digitaly.

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