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Luis Alonso's Legacy v.2

Discussion in 'Stories and Legacies' started by Luis Alonso, May 17, 2015.

  1. Luis Alonso

    Luis Alonso

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    Hey, ladies and gentlemen! I hope you have liked my previous story so far but unfortunately, a virus got into my computer and I lost a few files that were essential to the previous story I was writing and as a result, I feel there were some big gaps in the story for example, pictures of my newborn. I've decided to revamp the previous story, so without further ado, let's work on version 2!
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  2. Luis Alonso

    Luis Alonso

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    "Wow, I can't believe I'm finally here! After 33 long, arduous years, I finally have a place of my own!"

    It has taken Luis a lot of blood, sweat and tears to finally become financially independent and free but the long difficult and often discouraging trek was well worth it! Luis had a comfortable living and his place was none too shabby but there was something... or should we say, someone... missing. Luis was not discontent, however, for he had high hopes that she was out there looking for him as much as he was looking for her. One Friday night, Luis decided to go out by himself to one of his favorite restaurants like he often did when money allowed, now able to do so more often. Luis was never a fan of alcohol but he never minded the occasional virgin margarita and similar drinks. Luis was off in his own little world when a familiar face caught his eye.

    "Wait mam, aren't you...?"

    "Yes, yes I am... Bella Goth?"

    Screenshot 2015-05-12 19.43.41.png
    "Wow, I've only heard about you! I must say it's quite an honor and pleasure to finally come face to face with the famous Bella Goth!"

    "Thanks for the kind words, young man, and you are?"

    "Oh my, where are my manners? I'm Luis Alonso, I've only been in this neighborhood for a few months. Mind if I sit with you?"

    "No, not at all. And where were you before?"

    Screenshot 2015-05-12 19.44.37.png

    "I'm a bit embarrassed to say that I was still with my parents only about a year ago. However, I really appreciate the fact that they never kicked me out of the nest until I was truly ready to learn how to fly on my own."

    "And what do you do now, young man?"

    "I decided to stop messing around, buckle down and finally finish my BA in Creative Writing and I must say it really paid off!"

    "Glad to hear that! How so?"

    "Something tells me my first book hasn't quite made it to the shelves yet but I'm already getting handsomely paid for submitting my first book for publication!"

    "That must feel very nice! I hope that if this is really what you enjoy doing that it proves successful!"

    "Thanks, Bella!"

    "I couldn't help but notice... You all here by yourself? On the hunt, eh?"

    "Heh heh, I guess you could say that... I'd rather just let it happen... Who knows when and where it will?"

    "Again, I wish the best for you. Oh dear, I didn't know what time it was! I need to go back and fix dinner for Mortimer and the kids!"

    "Oh yeah, almost forgot about them, too! Give them all my best regards!"

    "Thanks, Luis, see you later!"

    So it may not have been a possible date but Luis didn't mind at all; it would give him plenty more time to settle into his new home and there was still plenty to think about...

    Screenshot 2015-05-12 20.20.09.png

    "Hi, mind if I sit here?"

    "Oh! Um... Hello there! No, I don't mind at all, go ahead."

    Luis began to wonder who or why this young lady decided to sit with him out of the blue.

    "Sorry if I surprised you, but I could swear I know you from somewhere..."

    "I get that a lot... Would help if I could pinpoint where I saw you last but I'm drawing a blank..."

    "Well, while you try to jog your memory, why don't we have a drink?"

    Wow, Luis thought, this has NEVER happened before!

    Screenshot 2015-05-12 20.25.58.png

    "Sorry, but I just couldn't allow myself to leave or let you leave until I confirm where I've seen you before!"

    "Heh, looks like we're in a game of guess where I'm from! I used to work at the local Sam's Club..."

    "Mmmm... No, I only started shopping there... You must have left some time ago... Where have I seen you?"

    "Well, I graduated from WCJC in 2008 and just recently I finally got my BA Degree in Creative Writing at UH."

    Screenshot 2015-05-12 20.26.43.png

    "Yeah, that's it! I saw you walking around campus in 'Cougar Town!' We may or may not have had a few classes together..."

    "Yeah, you just may be right! I haven't kept in touch with too many former classmates in the past so it's good to run into someone who knows me from one of my former educational institutions."

    "Oh gosh, I was so caught up in finding out where I saw you, I forgot to introduce myself, I'm sorry! My name's Jessica, and who is this nice looking man sitting beside me?"

    "Ha, you flatter me too much. Name's Luis."

    "Nice to meet you... again, ha ha! I'm sure or at least hope that your degree is helping you pay the bills. There's something else I want to talk to you about..."

    "What is it? Is something bothering you?"

    "No... Well, sort of... I just don't know how to bring this up..."

    "I usually try to start from the beginning. If that don't help just pause for as long as necessary and try to match your words to what's on your mind."

    "I guess I'll say it... I've always wanted to get to know you while we were on campus and I have regretted not approaching you but it looks like life decided to give me a second chance..."

    "Ummm... Yeah, it sure seems like it... It's nice to know I was missed..."

    "You have no idea..."

    Luis sensed that Jessica didn't just miss him and that she wanted to carry on the conversation but unfortunately time didn't allow it for now.

    "I sense there's more you want to talk about and I wish I could but I do have a job I need to get to tomorrow but don't fret; I don't intend to let this second chance you mentioned slip away like the previous one."

    "I was hoping you would say that... I understand, gotta pay those loathsome bills! I need to go so I can do that too!"

    As Jessica left the bar, Luis wondered what she could be wanting to discuss. Luis quickly had a rising feeling that their chance meeting was more than just coincidence.

    To be continued...
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  3. Luis Alonso

    Luis Alonso

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    Beginning of New Friendship

    "Hmm, I can't help wondering what's bugging her... It can't be THAT bad, can it? I know there's something she may be dying to tell me..."

    Luis couldn't help but have that lady in red on his mind. It's not every day or too often that some random lady just walks up to him and starts a conversation. He's usually known for being quite extroverted and being able to strike a conversation with just about anybody.

    "I can't help thinking I'm going to have some sort of impact in her life..."

    Luis was deep in thought until he noticed the time to go to work was approaching. Here's where he's at right now:

    Screenshot 2015-05-14 19.42.56.png

    Luis was sure getting really glad that he stepped up and decided to finish his degree and put his creative talents to work and make them literally pay off. He was still looking forward to publishing his first literary work and he hoped it would be only a matter of time. He was just finishing up another chapter in his first book when he heard someone at the door.

    "Hmmm, good timing; I was just finishing this chapter so they won't have to wait long for me to get the door. I wonder who it could be?"

    "Luis, hi, it's so nice to see you again!"

    Screenshot 2015-05-13 18.26.57.png

    "Oh, Jessica, hey! And what's with the surprise visit? How did you know where to find me?"

    "I asked around... You did say a lot of people remember you from your choir days."

    "Ah, so you cheated!"

    "How is that cheating?"

    "Ha, you'll quickly learn like everybody else that I don't take things too seriously very often..."

    Screenshot 2015-05-13 18.16.33.png

    "Ah, a comedian, eh? Aren't you worried about people thinking you're weird?"

    "Girl, please! Let me quote a friend I just made: Normal is weird and weird is normal!"

    "Ha, I like it! Yeah, I feel ya, they're like, act normal, stop being weird, why you acting like that... Nyah nyah nyah!"

    "I see you're learning already! But you still didn't answer why you just dropped in out of the blue..."

    "Do I need a reason to drop by?"

    Screenshot 2015-05-13 18.24.48.png

    Now there's a flirtatious look if Luis ever saw one!

    "Uhh... No, I guess not!" said a bashful Luis. "I guess you'd like to come in!"

    "Why, yes, yes I would!"

    "I hope it's to your liking; nothing too fancy..."

    Jessica eagerly went in and her jaw dropped almost immediately! The house was 3 stories with kitchens on the first and top floor, a gym, a few game/party areas and she lost count of how many bedrooms!

    "Nothing too fancy?! Luis, this place is anything but! No need to be modest here...!"

    Screenshot 2015-05-12 21.29.12.png

    "And just how DID you pull this off?" she continued.

    "Well, I hope you can guess that it was no easy task by any means! It took a few years of getting serious and eating the text books and ever working to improve my writing to finally finish my Creative Writing BA. And if you're wondering, I haven't published anything yet but it may just be a matter of time."

    "A writer, eh? And have you written anything that wasn't published?"

    "Well, I do have some poems that I wrote for the workshops and I even wrote a response to a former love interest that was similar in style."

    "Oh? Forgive me for asking but what was it?"

    "She initially wrote me a poem based on 1 Corinthians 13:4-7."


    "The beloved Love Is... that they read at weddings?"

    "Oh wow, she wrote you something like that?"

    "Yeah, and I wrote her a response."

    "And may I ask how long you were with her?"

    Luis seemed to have to force out the words, "Almost 8 years..."

    "Eight years?! My, that's a long time! Why... why did it end? What happened?"

    Luis again struggled to let the words out.

    "We were even engaged and all that, but I think after having to many breakdowns she grew afraid; as if she gave up on me. She said she still wanted to be friends but she just seems to keep pushing me farther away these days."

    "What? Why? If that's all that happened there's no reason for her to act that way! I may not be the only one to say you deserve much better and she's gonna realize all too late what she had!"
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  4. Luis Alonso

    Luis Alonso

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    Beginning of New Friendship (Part 2, I HATE this 1000 character limit! :mad:)

    "Thanks, yeah, a lot of people say that. I do appreciate the company, Jessica..."

    Jessica then bowed her head and said, "That was a beautiful thing you did and I need to say that I needed some company, too..."

    "Oh? I did sense something was bugging you. I'm guessing now you want to talk about it?"

    "Well, you do seem like a nice guy and I've noticed how a few people I saw on campus just seemed to open up to you; you must be trustworthy if you can so easily converse with so many. That being said, I'm hoping I can openly say what's on my mind."

    "Your observations do not deceive you. I know just about everybody has something they want to share with someone who will lend a listening ear and I'm more than happy to be that person. Now, what do you need to spill your heart out about? I'm listening..."

    "Well, this is going to be slightly difficult for me to say..."

    "Just take your time and think very carefully about what you want to say; ain't nobody in a rush here..."

    Jessica lowered her head and thought real hard for a moment.

    "Well, I did miss you after you graduated from UH... Terribly..."

    "I see, not too many former classmates told me that... Thanks!"

    "Welcome, anyway, I was saddened by the thought I may never see you again..."

    Suddenly it clicked and Luis answered, "You like me, don't you?"

    "Wow, you really do listen! I hope I didn't come in too strong..."

    "What? No, of course not! In fact, I was pretty flattered since no girl has ever approached me out of nowhere... Ever!"

    "Wow, really? What was keeping them away....? Oh my gosh, I didn't mean it that way, sorry, I guess they just didn't see what I did."

    "Hey, no need to spill everything. I think you need to stop right there, this could be the basis on what we start our friendship on; Letting me find out just what you see in me. I'm still doing a lot of self discovery."

    "I like the sound of that! I need to be somewhere soon but I can assure you you will see me again soon!"

    Screenshot 2015-05-12 21.55.44.png

    Jessica gave him the biggest hug he will ever remember to that day and somehow he knew he would see her again and couldn't help to notice how warm the hug was. Just what are her full intentions?

    To be continued...
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  5. Kit

    Kit Mommy Mode

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    I absolutely love the way Jessica looks. =) Loving this revamp especially because I've remade my legacies so many times now because I just. Have commitment issues. XD
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  6. Luis Alonso

    Luis Alonso

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    Hey, how did you make that avatar? I've been trying to do something like that with no luck... :p
  7. Luis Alonso

    Luis Alonso

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    Taking The First Few Steps...

    Luis couldn't get that last conversation much less that hug off his mind so he decided to go pay Jessica a visit.

    "Oh, so now you found out where I live! I guess I'm getting through!"

    Screenshot 2015-05-13 18.20.23.png

    "Well, it wasn't too hard to figure that out after how you practically became a wide open book with very large font last time we met!"

    "Or you're just too observant!"

    "Heh, another jokester, eh?"

    "You know it! Didn't I hear you tell your friends all the time that you can't take life too seriously?"

    Luis responded with a face of his own...

    "Ha, you! Guess this is gonna be a rather corny relationship!"

    "Girl, you don't know the half of it! But all jokes aside, I have something serious I want to tell you..."

    Jessica's face straightened almost immediately.

    "And what is that?"

    Luis took a deep breath, took a hold of her hands and looked her dead in the eye as he spoke,

    Screenshot 2015-05-13 18.23.44.png

    "Look at me as I tell you the following so you can see if I am lying or not... It's been quite a while since my last relationship, 12/12/11 and there's no denying that after almost 8 years I felt hurt, betrayed, angry and pretty much anything else you can think of. She still wants to be friends but that's a whole nother topic. Point is, I promised myself from that point on that I was not going to allow myself to ever date again until I found out what true love and intimacy is and am able to support myself and someone else."

    "Wait, do you mean..."

    "No, now you're jumping to conclusions, let me finish. I was about to say that after about 4 years as you can tell by my home, I am financially well off but there's just one thing left to find out..."

    "And what is that?"

    "If I am ready to be in an exclusive, intimate relationship."

    It only took but a moment for it to hit her and she practically threw herself on Luis.

    Screenshot 2015-05-13 18.26.57.png

    "Oh, you! You had me worried for a second, don't scare me like that again, okay? I would be so happy to see for myself if you are capable of a loving, intimate relationship!"

    "I bet you are, but you are not alone in this one; the years and past have taught me a lot on how to not only make a relationship last but this time make sure it endures, at least for much longer than last time!"

    "I wish I could stay but like you, gotta keep earning the right to my lifestyle! But now I know I will surely be seeing much more of you!"

    Screenshot 2015-05-13 18.19.31.png

    As Luis saw her leave with her ever sexy strut, he really did hope beyond all hope that like he told Jessica, he's really learned all the lessons his past wanted to teach him.

    To be continued...
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  8. Luis Alonso

    Luis Alonso

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    And thanks for the commentary! :):D
  9. Luis Alonso

    Luis Alonso

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    First Step of New Relationship

    "Whew... Well, here goes nothing..."

    Luis picked up the phone and summoned the courage to dial Jessica's number.

    "Hey, Jessica, it's me, Luis. Could you meet me at the museum by my house in a few hours? ........ Great! See you soon!"

    Luis promptly got ready and was at the rendezvous point a bit early as usual. He's been in a long term relationship before, so why was he so nervous? Maybe cause he really hoped he would actually do things right this time? He was still lost in thought when he was snapped back to reality when he heard a pretty voice say,

    "We're early... I like that!"

    "Well, I never like to keep my friends waiting!" Luis replied as he gently took her hands in his.

    Screenshot 2015-06-01 15.36.46.png

    "Jessica, it should be clear that at this point we have no idea where life will lead us but given my experiences in the past, this ought to be a fun and interesting ride and I sincerely hope we can finish the ride together!"

    Somehow, Jessica knew exactly what he was hoping for and quickly embraced him.

    Screenshot 2015-06-01 15.37.57.png

    "I'm happy to hear that you apparently have high hopes like I do! I'm sure you certainly know what you are doing this time around. I mean, like you told me, you're previous relationship endured for nearly eight years! I can only imagine what the years have taught you and not only that, you made well on your promise to yourself before you started dating again!"

    "Heh, you saw right through me! Anyway, it's not here at the museum that I planned our first date. Let us go to a more private place..."

    Back at Luis's place, Luis and Jessica sat down and began a conversation.

    "So I remember you told me you're an aspiring writer. Have you been working on anything?"

    "Well, I did manage to come up with something... In fact, I wrote it for you!"

    "Awe, you didn't have to! But sure, let me hear it!"

    Screenshot 2015-06-01 15.43.40.png

    "Wow, you wrote that all on your own?"

    "Well, Mamma Dearest and some friends do say that it's amazing what comes out on paper when I write from the heart..."

    "And I say they are correct! What other beautiful things are you capable of writing?"

    "Time will tell."

    Screenshot 2015-06-01 15.42.40.png

    "And what's with that sweet gesture?"

    "I thought we were dating, aren't we?"


    Jessica snuggled up to Luis but little did she know what he was up to...

    Screenshot 2015-06-01 15.41.10.png

    "Tee hee hee hee hee! Oh, you sneaky boy! I'll have to get you for that!"

    "By all means, feel free to do so! Hey, you hungry?"

    "Oh dear, you don't have to..."

    "I insist."

    Screenshot 2015-06-01 16.17.15.png

    "Not bad, Luis! Where did you learn to cook like this?"

    "It's not that hard when all you have to worry about is yourself..."

    "Ever the jokester..." :rolleyes: :roll:

    "I saw that!"

    "Hee hee hee!"

    "Come with me..."


    "I forgot to mention, music is another one of my passions, in particular singing."

    "Yeah, I did notice you and your friends jamming out tunes together. Sounded really nice!"

    "Well, here's something else for you."

    Screenshot 2015-06-01 16.37.15.png

    Jessica was nearly breathless!

    "And where did THIS come from?! Surely you did have a lot of time on your hands!"

    Screenshot 2015-06-01 16.43.52.png

    "Oh, you, why you have to do that? Now I don't wanna leave..."

    "Worry not, for I promise that we will keep seeing each other as long as fate allows."

    Screenshot 2015-06-01 16.44.15.png

    Jessica was very hesitant to leave but then she remembered his promise and left feeling content that she knew she would see him again.

    To be continued...
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  10. Luis Alonso

    Luis Alonso

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    It's Official!

    Luis decided to call Jessica one Friday afternoon.

    "Hello, Jessica? ..... Could you meet me at the night club? ...... Great, see you there!"

    Luis arrived early as usual and was patiently waiting for his companion to arrive. He was lost on his own train of thought when he was forced to unboard when he heard, "Whew, who cranked up the heat in here?!"

    "Heh heh, I thought that was you who did that!"

    Screenshot 2015-05-14 19.17.58.png

    "Well, how about we go inside and cool off?"

    "Don't mind if we do! Ladies first!"

    Screenshot 2015-05-12 20.26.43.png

    "I really do appreciate you asking me out to where we first met and as we can both see, we are wearing the exact same outfits, too!"

    "I was actually counting on that since I have planned something very special to commemorate that moment."

    "Ooh, what is it? Tell me, tell me!"

    "Whoa whoa whoa, easy there, princess! You already seem a bit too anxious; let's take care of that..."

    Screenshot 2015-05-14 19.21.02.png

    "Mmmm, I hope you know how good this feels!"

    "And why do you think I am doing this?"

    "Ahhh, that's better! So what did you want to tell me?"

    Luis looked her dead in the eye and stroked her cheek.

    Screenshot 2015-05-14 19.27.21.png

    "Look, it obviously seems that we cannot hide our feelings for each other anymore, lest it drives either of us crazy. That being said, I hope you know where this is going..."

    Jessica's mind was racing with thoughts about what this could possibly mean when it was Luis's turn to snap her back to reality.

    Screenshot 2015-05-14 19.31.02.png

    "Luis, did you just...?!"

    "Well, what do you think it means?"

    It took only a moment for her to put one and one together and all she could do was marvel at the young man standing in front of her.

    Screenshot 2015-05-14 19.31.51.png

    "I... I don't know what to say... I was only hoping for this moment!"

    "Well, it looks like your days of waiting are over for now! Now mind you, I don't want to rush things as I have learned from the past but I could sense that we were starting to hit a plateau so I figured I would nudge it to the next level!"

    "Eeeek! I'm so happy right now! I hope we never forget this moment!"

    "And we don't have to, thanks to Facebook!"

    "I know where this is going... Ready when you are!"

    Screenshot 2015-05-14 19.29.37.png

    So it seems that after much time since 12/12/11 Luis has finally had enough time to heal his wounded heart, soul and mind. There may still be a few scars but that only defines who he WAS not who he is NOW. Just like he writes his own stories for a living he wonders what will be written in his life story, seeing that he and Jessica are quite ready for a new chapter to be written!

    To be continued...
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