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Luis Alonso's Legacy

Discussion in 'Stories and Legacies' started by Luis Alonso, Sep 9, 2014.

  1. Luis Alonso

    Luis Alonso

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    Luis Alonso was never too dissatisfied with life but he knew there was more to it than his current situation. He has bounced from job to job, ever struggling to save up enough money to live on his own. His most recent job is working as a Valet Parker and he enjoys the job quite much, especially after having the golden opportunity of driving a Maserati! Though the job pays below minimum wage since it's made up for by the tip cut, through stringent and stingy discipline, Luis is finally seeing his bank account slowly but steadily growing. He knew he would eventually be able to save up to go back to school and finally finishing his BA degree but little did he know that someone much higher up had different and better plans for him.

    One day, while browsing the Net during an off day, an ad popped up on his screen and before deleting it, he quickly glanced at it and saw that it was for a contest to win a dream home, but not only that, it would be fully furnished to his liking and sweetest of all, the mortgage would already be fully paid! Whoa, he thought, who would be THAT generous?! As always, Luis was a bit skeptical so he decided to click on rules and regulations and read everything VERY carefully, looking especially for any "fine print." Much to his surprise, he didn't find any "must participate" conditions or any other signs that he would receive spam! All they wanted was to use a program to design his dream home and at least one way to contact him should he be one of the few lucky winners! Alright, he thought, I have little to nothing to lose here. He took a deep breath and clicked on the enter contest link and he was almost literally floored when he saw the create your dream house tool; that's funny, he thought, this looks just like the build mode from Sims 4 a close friend kept raving about... Well, at least it would make creating his home extra easy as he admittedly spent more time building and creating than actually playing since Sims 2. After spending what seemed like hours reviewing the pretty much endless choices, he was finally satisfied with his creation. He finally took one last deep breath and hit submit. Of course, he didn't expect to win but he at least hoped his design would inspire some ideas...

    Here is what his house looks like: 1stFloor.jpg 2ndFloor.jpg OutsideView.jpg
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  2. Luis Alonso

    Luis Alonso

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    The Biggest Dreams Still Come True (Part 1)

    Luis has been patiently awaiting the results of the contest he entered about a week ago but wasn't keeping his hopes up too much. During that time, he was contemplating which job or career he should pursue that would help him pay the bills after he hopefully finally has a place of his own. He knew what he liked and what he was good at, especially in the fine arts as he was both good at and enjoyed singing, drawing, writing and entertaining people by acting silly and telling jokes. One of these HAS to work, he thought. He was lost on his own train of thoughts when his phone snapped him out of it with a text tone... Luis looked who it was and his heart almost stopped; it was the same number from the contest he entered! He knew it was either to say he was or wasn't one of the lucky winners. He nervously checked the message but all it said was to meet at X address at a certain time, complete with a map and directions! Almost without thinking, Luis cancelled all his previous plans and hopped into the shower and dressed his casual best in preparation of the upcoming meeting. After showering and dressing up, Luis decided to calm his nerves with some comfort food at Sweet Tomatoes and lo and behold, they happened to have all his fall season favorites. This is going a bit too well, Luis thought, but he was not surprised at all, seeing that he finally got right with his own definition of who God was in his personal life.

    After enjoying his last serving of tapioca, Luis got into his car, took a deep breath, and punched in the address into his phone's GPS and went on a journey he never expected. Funny, he thought, it's taking me to that neighborhood near my current place that is still under development! Once he got to his destination, all he saw was what looked like a small mobile office and sure enough, that where he was supposed to be. He was making his way to it and about to knock on the door when all of who it could have been, the guy from Ultimate Home Makeover swings the door open and greets him! Wait, aren't you...?! Yep, it IS me, replied the man to the almost too stunned to speak Luis. I was personally selected to tell you and other people the results of the contest and lucky for you, you will be the very first! Luis was getting quite antsy now but he refused to lose hope, especially seeing that this celebrity seemed pretty anxious and excited to show him what surprise was in store.

    Luis was lead towards what seemed like a big empty lot, save for the fact that a HUGE wall was blocking something. What's with this, he asked. Ah, replied his new friend, 2nd part of the surprise! He whistled and now the Myth Buster guys came out! What is going on here, Luis thought... Hey... Luis, is it? Our job is to show you what's behind that wall, and if you have seen just one of our shows, you know what's gonna happen next! Wait, they're gonna blow up that huge wall?! This ought to be fun, Luis thought. Suddenly, the Makeover guy pulls him back and gives him a pear of strong earmuffs as the other guys prepared to do what they love. After everyone was made sure they were far back enough, one of the Myth guys gave the other the signal and there was a loud hissing sound followed by a HUGE explosion, causing the wall to come crumbling down! As this happened, hey, said Luis, as he suddenly got his eyes covered by the Makeover guy. You sure you're ready for this, he asked Luis. As I'll ever be, he replied. Feast your eyes on THIS!!! As Luis tried to focus through the still lingering dust cloud, it finally cleared up and he saw this!


    N-- NO WAY!!! Luis always knew if he kept the faith good things would happen but he only dreamed about this! Overwhelmed, Luis fell to his knees and cried out, Lord, Your ways are so much higher than mine; No, let it be done as You will, not I... I LOVE this job, cried out all the celebrities simultaneously. Well, don't just stand there, move in already, they all cried, still in unison.

    All hesitation gone, Luis ran through the front door and he could hardly believe how much better it looked in person than on HD graphics. Luis was finally on his own... Now he prayed for the strength, courage, serenity and wisdom to make it on his own...​
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  3. Luis Alonso

    Luis Alonso

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    It's been a few days since Luis has moved into his new home and things have been going pretty well. He's had plenty of time to settle in but he hasn't seen anyone else move into the new neighborhood; or hasn't heard of anyone yet. I wonder if anyone else is here, he thought, maybe I should try to meet my neighbors... Luis was just about to do that when he was slightly startled by a ring at his door bell. Luis answered the door to find this young woman standing at his front door:


    Who's this nice looking young lady, Luis thought to himself. "Hello there," she said, "I am another one of the lucky winners of the dream house contest and I wanted to come and personally congratulate you; I heard you were the first winner to be chosen!" Luis smiled a bit bashfully as he thanked her. "By the way, name's Jessica Gonzalez," she said. Upon hearing her name, his heart almost froze dead in its tracks; why did that name ring a bell? Luis's mind was racing until she answered his question for him. "You may not quite recognize me, but I have known you since your last few months of seeing you sing in the St. Laurence Life Teen Praise Group. I have always greatly admired and respected how you use your beautiful voice to draw others, especially this generation's youth, closer to Christ." She then looked sad all of a sudden and asked him, "Why did you leave?"


    "It's a long story," Luis replied. "Well, I have plenty of time now that I am on my own like you are, so if you ever need to get it off your chest, I am not hard to find." Luis was in deep thought for a moment as he listened to what Jessica just said and she really did seem eager to listen to his story, but he knew it would be wise to not get into too much detail. "Let me say this," he said, "although I had great friends around me, truth be told, I was never that good a friend to them I hate to say." "Why," Jessica asked, "what did you do?" "It's more like what I didn't do," he said, "I unfortunately didn't know how to love others cause I had no idea at the time that I didn't truly know nor love myself. I have done some despicable things, I could not forgive myself for the longest time, that is until a good friend of mine reminded me about the good news of the Gospel. Remembering the fact that there's NOTHING I can do to separate me from Him, I've made a serious point to draw closer to Him each and every day. And I have reason to believe that this contest was just one of His many rewards for me in this life, but I shall never forget that my true reward awaits me in the afterlife." "Wow," said Jessica, "I could have never guessed you had so much pain. You always looked so happy up there by the choir..." "You know what that sad saying says about those who smile most..." Luis replied, hanging his head slightly. As Luis stood there sadly remembering those awful memories, he was unaware that Jessica was looking him dead in the eyes, wanting to see what was torturing his soul in the past. The longer she looked, the more she struggled she hold back the tears. How did he endure all that, she thought to herself. Overcome with sorrow and compassion, she suddenly threw her arms around him.


    A bit surprised, Luis said, "And what's with this spontaneous hug?" With a quiver in her voice, Jessica replied, "You need not tell me your story; I saw it in your eyes... I... I'm sorry..." All she could do was hold him tighter as she began to weep bitterly as she realized his pain. Wow, Luis thought, did she really see that deep into my soul? If only everyone was that willing to understand me... Luis just stood there, letting Jessica hug him for what seemed like an eternity. "I've missed you terribly," Jessica said, still sobbing a bit, "I always thought you were a great guy; you didn't deserve all that pain... May I stay for a while? I just don't feel like leaving you by yourself right now..." Luis saw she was too stricken to tell her no so almost without hesitation he let his very first visitor into his new home. I wonder, he thought... Naw, it may be too soon for that, she hardly knows who I am now becoming but she already seems like she will make a great friend. As he let her make herself at home, Luis contemplated on how to treat his very first guest at his new place. Jessica noticed his home gym and politely asked for a place to change and try out his equipment. Hmm, he thought, she seems to live an active lifestyle and I could tell by her nice figure... She may be hungry after she pounds the gym, but what healthy meal could I prepare for her? Luis had plenty of time to think as Jessica trained hard and he was still lost on his own train of thought until he was snapped out of it by a, "Whew, that worked up an appetite! Sorry for asking, but you got anything organic to eat?" It suddenly hit him, he did remember wanting to have a good organic diet and although he had to be really stingy he also knew he would have to get a higher paying career to maintain himself. "How about a fresh garden salad?" he asked. "Sounds good to me," Jessica replied.


    As they shared a salad, Luis was delighted to find out that not only did Jessica live a healthy lifestyle too, but like Luis she was also concerned about the earth's well being so they had a deep conversation about taking care of the environment, wildlife, recycling, finding cleaner energy alternatives and other ways to take care of Mother Earth. After a long and deep conversation, Jessica switched subjects by asking Luis how he planned to maintain himself. "I do have a job," he replied, "but I will be honest; it might as well pay me in peanuts," he grumbled. "How about looking into the open careers in this neighborhood?" Jessica suggested, "I do remember reading in the online ad that they had everything set up to ensure what you call an abundant life..." "Sure, couldn't hurt to look," Luis said, "If you'll excuse me..." Luis decided to use his smartphone to look for a suitable career.


    Luis was searching carefully when he saw something that caught his eye: Like to make people laugh? Have a good sense of humor and love being onstage? Then maybe you can become the next best comedian and make crowds roar with laughter! Come to the local night club during open mic night and let us see just how funny you are!

    Luis could hardly believe the coincidence! He had just taken one of those online quizzes and one of them was the perfect career quiz and almost ironically his result did happen to say comedian! "Have you found anything yet?" Jessica asked. "Quite funny... literally!" Luis replied, rather amused, "They are looking for good comedians!" "Really?" asked Jessica, just as amused, "I always did notice you love to goof around with your friends. I really think you should give this a shot!" Full of inspiration, Luis scheduled a time and spot for the upcoming open mic night and quickly started jogging his memory for all the jokes and puns he's ever told, heard or read. "Hey," said Jessica, "how about I be your first judge?" Oh boy, Luis thought, but he knew this would be great preparation. "Hey, I know," Luis said, "I also like poetry so why don't I recite one of my favorite, funny memorized poems?" "Ah, a funny poet! Nothing better!" she said, "Come on, make me roll on the floor!" With Jessica's motivation, Luis took her back upstairs and grabbed a mic and began his funny montage:


    "As we all know, we are back in the fall semester of high school and college. And we all know what that means: HOMEWORK!" Jessica pretended to be a whole crowd and booed as loud as she could. "Yeah, I know, right?! We all hate that dreaded H word. So to share in your frustration, I would love to share a poem with you from Jack Prelutsky that I have memorized (No copyright intended). It goes something like this:

    Homework, oh homework, I hate you, you stink! I wish I could wash you away in the sink! If only a bomb would explode you to bits! Homework, oh homework, you're giving me fits! I'd rather take baths with a man-eating shark, or wrestle a lion alone in the dark, eat spinach and liver, pet ten porcupines, than tackle the homework my teacher assigns! Homework, oh homework, you're last on my list! I simply don't see why you even exist! If you just disappeared, it would tickle me pink! Homework, oh homework, I hate you, you stink!"

    As Luis bowed, Jessica reeled with laughter! "You're gonna be great!" she exclaimed. She then looked at the clock and said, "Oh, pish posh, I hate to say it, but I gotta go but I would definitely love to see more of you!" As Jessica made her way out the door, did Luis see her wink at him? Well, one thing's for sure, good things are in Luis's future!
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  4. Luis Alonso

    Luis Alonso

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    It's been going quite well for Luis and it seems he already made a nice, new friend known as Jessica Gonzalez. Luis didn't have to start work for a few days so he decided to take time writing and practicing routines and he was amazed and amused at how many jokes he was able to remember! However, he never wanted to run out of good material so he subscribed to Readers Digest, remembering that that's where he got most of his good, clean jokes should he need to keep it PG13 and/or under. He actually hoped he wouldn't have to resort to dirty jokes but he was sure he wouldn't be able to avoid it at times. Luis was busy preparing for his first day of work when there was ring at his door bell. Wow, he thought, I didn't think Jessie would want to see me again that quick! But as he opened the door, he saw another familiar face:
    "Wait, aren't you... Bella Goth?! I have only heard a lot about you! It's an honor to meet such a widely known person! Are you a winner of the contest, too? And I take this is little Alex?"
    Bella smiled at him and said, "Actually, it was because of Alex that I came here."
    "What do you mean?" replied Luis.
    "You should be thrilled to meet him as he is to meet you. He has heard of how you inspire youth to follow Christ but unfortunately, he has never had a chance to truly appreciate what you do. He really hopes you could somehow inspire that movement again at our soon-to-come local church!"
    "Wow, I'm flattered! I am no director, but maybe I could find someone willing to form and direct a choir willing to join a cause I have long supported. Hey, Alex, if you're idea goes through, you and your friends are in for a real treat!"
    Alex looked at Luis with admiration and said, "I heard you guys really know how to harmonize," he then bowed his head, "My big sis, Cassandra, has always seemed so gloomy. I do hope if she experiences the movement maybe she won't be what the bullies call her, which is an emo..."
    "Alex, just like you, I could never stand bullies! For your sister's sake I shall strive to re-form Life Teen in this neighborhood!"
    "Hey, if yall are so inspirational, why haven't you made any recordings?"
    "It's not that easy, Alex; you need time and money to record in the studio, but the biggest hassle is getting the copyrights, or as you might say, permission from the original songwriters to re-record their music; it's illegal; what your teacher would call plagiarism."
    Alex looked disappointed but he could tell in Luis's voice that he wished he could do so, too. Luis didn't want to leave Alex feeling down so he piped up with, "Hey, I reckon you have a smart phone?"
    "Yeah, why?"
    "How about you get a selfie with hopefully the founder of a new Life Teen in this neighborhood?"
    "Awesome! Maybe you can give me credit for the idea if it goes through?"
    "You got it!"
    Alex gleefully whipped out his smart phone and took the picture:


    "It must feel good to meet someone who loves what you apparently love doing," Bella said as she looked happily upon her son's joy.
    "Yes, and it happens more than I thought it would. I still run into former congregation members who just thank me profusely for how my and/or fellow singers' voices sometimes literally change their lives for the better! Simply knowing that is a reward in itself, but we will see if God answers Alex's prayer."
    "You do seem like a good person. Oh dear, how rude of us, we never formally been introduced to you!"
    "Heh heh, guess Alex was so caught up in the moment. My name is Luis, or if Alex grew up knowing him, my nickname and also name in Italian is Luigi!"
    "Luigi, like from Mario Bros?!" said Alex excitedly.
    "Do I look THAT old?" joked Luis, "Everyone from the 80's on should know about Mario and Luigi! I've just about played them all! If you ever need any tips..."
    "Oh cool, you still play? Do you know the 'beat Mario Bros. in 10 minutes trick?'"
    "Long before there were cheats and hints on the Internet!"
    "Wow, you must be quite the gamer! Hey, you play X-box?"
    "Ha, even have a Live Gold account!"
    "Cool, maybe I could add you as a friend and you could help me become a better gamer?"
    "Sure, why not, I could use more people to game with, and I need someone to help me with FPS's; I'm terrible!"
    Alex let out an amused chuckle.
    "I'm sure Luis enjoys the company of fans, but you have school tomorrow and I'm sure he has a job. What do you do by the way, Luis?" asked Bella.
    "Well, like Alex said, it would be nice to finally make a recording but it's gonna be hard to find enough musicians willing to do the project, so for now I am going to use another of my talents and I have already planned to go to Open Mic Night and try my hand at comedy!"
    "Wow," exclaimed Alex, "I bet you can tell great jokes!"
    "We shall see," replied Luis, "but like your mom said, you need to go home and prepare for school. I don't think there are any good, dumb comedians..." Luis said while making a silly face.
    "Ha, you're funny already!" said Alex, "but I will see if you succeed!"
    With that, Bella and Alex went on their way, leaving Luis with plenty to think about. Should he just focus on his career at first or could he be able to do both at the same time? Looks like he needs to converse more with his BFF up above!
  5. Luis Alonso

    Luis Alonso

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    Rising up next morning, Luis had had a deep conversation with his Higher Power about what to do. He decided to go to an open mic night and sure enough, he made the crowd and judges ROAR with laughter! It wasn't too long after that that Luis was getting paid to do what he was always good at, and that was make people laugh at his jokes and being a goofball. About a few weeks into his career, this happened:

    Luis was feeling pretty good about his current new life and although he loves his new career, he's been busting his hump so he decided to enjoy his next few days off. Luis decided to go upstairs and help Alexander Goth's hopes and dreams come true by trying to pick up the guitar skill to complement his singing.


    Luis was always musically inclined so he was glad that he was able to learn all the basic chords and thus teach himself one of his all time favorite Life Teen songs of all time. Luis was happily strumming away when there was a ring at the door. Luis went downstairs and found these two waiting for him:


    A bit surprised, Luis asked what was their reason for visiting him in their workout clothes.
    "Sorry if we surprised you," said Bella, "but if she recalls correctly, Jessica says you have a home gym and she enjoyed using it and like you, she likes to live a healthy lifestyle so she wanted me as moral support as she asked you to be her workout buddy! What do you have to say, now that you have two nice-looking women egging you on?" Jessica and Bella giggled simultaneously as Luis tried hard not to blush! After Luis was able to regain a bit of composure, he said, "Oh... Ummm... Yeah, that would be an honor!"
    Almost as soon as Luis gave his answer, Jessica grabbed his arm and started dragging him upstairs!
    "Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait! At least let me dress for the occasion!"
    "Sorry," Bella said, "but it looks she was more eager to find out that I thought!" ;-)
    "Just think of me as your motivation," Jessica said, also winking at him.
    Sheesh, he thought, I'm not gonna complain, God, but was it really gonna be THIS easy when You told me to stop looking and just let them find me?! Luis was still lost on his train of thought when Jessica finally dragged him to his home gym and plopped him down on the machine.
    "Heh heh, do I hypnotize you that much already?"
    "Huh, oh, yeah, sorry, I guess so!"
    "You just gonna enjoy the view or are you gonna work to look just as good as me?" she said in a playfully flirty voice.
    Sheesh, none of my former girls were THIS aggressive! Maybe I SHOULD give her a shot...
    Now totally motivated, Luis pumped the iron as hard as he could as Jessica motivated him by looking good on the punching bag.


    "You better get used to this," she said, "I plan on seeing you at least 3 times a week to do this!"
    "You need not ask me twice... Besides, who can complain with that view! ;-)"
    Jessica simply giggled a bit shyly as she started to realize that Luis liked her too. After what seemed like a few hours well spent at Luis's home gym, Jessica finally said, "Whew, you look great there, but I would not forgive you or myself if you tore something! We did more than enough for today! If you don't feel it now, you definitely will later! Hey, how about I be the host this time and show you my place; it's actually next door to yours!" Luis barely had time to answer as she quickly ran to the nearby shower and was dressed and ready before Luis could make a peep! Luis was still in a daze when he finally said, "Sure, but let me do like you just did and freshen up before you show my your abode!" Luis quickly got changed and soon enough, he saw the place where his new gal friend for now lived.
    "Not bad at all," he said. Jessica then lead him into a room where she sat at a desk and started playing as she asked him, "Hey, you a gamer? It gets boring really quick playing single player all the time..."
    "Ha, Bella's son Alex just asked me the same question a few days ago! It would be kinda funny to see who's better among the three of us!"


    Soon, Luis has easily made two new friends on his X-box Live account. He even told Jessica about the perk of being a Gold member, where she would be able to download at least one free game each month and keep it! Jessica laughed and said, "Maybe I can finally find a worthy Street Fighter opponent!"
    "Not likely," said Luis, slightly annoyed, "Ever since the TERRIBLE D-pad on that console, I easily get whooped in fighting games... Hopefully the rumors about fixing that on the new One are true. But I was still hesitant when a friend of mine told me it took his cousin EIGHT HOURS to install that racing game, Forza, and it wouldn't let him do anything else and he didn't even dare to turn it off so he just left it on and went to bed as the stupid game finally installed!"
    "Ouch," replied Jessica, "yeah, I also NEVER buy consoles on release day! What, do we need to work for MS and fix it ourselves?! =P"
    "Heck, I thought about that, too! And I ALWAYS find the same glaring mistakes in all the WWE games since 2012! Maybe we should!"
    "Let's talk about something else, we seem to be getting annoyed... How about practicing your routines on me again? I heard you just got promoted to Open Mic Seeker! I knew you'd succeed!"
    "Sure, how about a congratulatory handshake?"


    "HA! I can't believe I fell for that one!" said an amused Jessica, "You sure are full of 'em! I hope you become as successful, or more, as I foresee! Hey, how about we take our first official selfie!"
    "No need to ask me twice!"


    As they shared one last laugh, Jessica decided to play a flirty gag of her own.
    "Two of us can play your game! Now just stand there and close your eyes..."
    Luis could never prepare for what he was about to see! He heard some quiet rustling and when Jessica finally gave him the cue, NOTHING has ever stunned him as much as this!


    "WHOA, WHAT IN THE...?!"
    "Awwww," said Jessica with a playful, sad puppy face, "You no like?" :-(
    "Looks like I finally pulled a good one on you, hee hee hee! Looks like I left you in awe and 'Wonder!'"
    "Ha, another good one!" said Luis, noticing her Wonder Woman briefs. Jessica giggled again and Luis could have sworn she gave him a tempting look as she finally turned in for the night. As she drifted off to sleep with a big smile on her face, Luis quietly let himself out and gently shut the door. He shook his head in spite of himself and leaned against the door as he looked towards the ceiling.
    "Okay, Man, I think I know what you are doing here but please, let me learn the lessons taught in the past to avoid repeating it..."
    Luis then felt compelled to quietly open Jessica's door and quietly whisper good night and closed the door after blowing her a kiss...
  6. Luis Alonso

    Luis Alonso

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    Well, needless to say, it has been quite an eventful life since Luis finally got a place of his own. He's steadily climbing the career ladder in comedy and it seems he has more than caught an attractive, young lady's attention! Although things have been going really well, Luis was a bit paranoid because it has been the long story of his life that when life brings him way up high, it then cruelly brings him back down. However, ever since he has decided to get right with God and himself in that order, life tended to drag him down way less, and if it did, it usually didn't last but a few hours at most! On another of his off days, Luis decided to repay a visit to the Goth household and he managed to catch Mortimer at home.
    "Oh, are you the nice, young man that my son keeps raving about? Let me be the first to say that I am thrilled that not only did someone have such a positive influence on my son but that he actually lives in the neighborhood!"


    "Yes," replied Luis, "Alex also told me that he hopes my influence will change Cassandra's gloominess into joy; I'm sure you have the same hopes..."
    "Luis, is it? If you change just my children's lives, you have already done a wondrous thing!"
    "That's the only thing I need to know; that in itself is plenty rewarding."
    "I already sense a lot of good in you, Luis. I am sure you are destined for great things. Alex tells me you're also an aspiring comedian? How about you practice a bit on me?"
    "Sure, here goes: So I was driving around around rush hour and I came up to a busy intersection. As I approached it, the light turned yellow and rather than speed through, I did the right thing and came to a stop. Well, the woman behind me honked her horn, flipped me off, and cussed a blue streak at me! Mid rant, a very serious looking officer tapped on her window, and demanded she get out of the car! He cuffed her and took her to the police station. I later found out that she got finger printed, IDed and the whole nine yards before being thrown in the slammer! Two hours later, she is let out and taken to the booking desk where the arresting officer was. He apologized for the honest mistake but he said when he saw her honking her horn, shouting at and flipping me off, the officer noticed the rosary hanging on her rear view mirror, the Christian fish emblem, a WWJD bumper sticker, a Pro-Life license plate cover, and a follow me to Sunday School bumper sticker, and he couldn't help thinking that she stole the car!"
    "Ha ha ha ha ha, I always do love good, clean humor! You should use that at your next routine!"
    "I will, actually," said Luis, just as amused.
    "Bella seems to like you a lot, too, as her new friend as well. She always gushes to Bella about you!"
    "Really?" asked Luis, with a raised eyebrow, "And who might her friend be?" he continued with a bit of mock wonder.
    "I think her name is Jessica?" answered Mortimer, "Bella says she won't hush about you!"
    Luis chuckled in spite of himself.
    "I did suspect it was her. Let me just say she made it very loud and clear that she was interested! :p"
    "Well, what are you doing just standing there?! I say go pay her a visit!"
    "I think I will!"
    Now having this motivating information, Luis hurried home and changed into his workout clothes just in case she dragged him into another workout. Luis took a deep breath and rang her doorbell and almost immediately the door opened!
    "I was starting to lose hope!" Jessica said flirtatiously.
    "Well, after the stunt you pulled last night, I figured you wanted me around more! But I must ask, of all the guys you might have picked, why me?"
    "Have you forgotten the first day I met you? Remember why I hugged you so tight?"
    "Other than the fact that you pretty much gazed at my still healing soul, no..."
    "What if I said I wanted to be 'your spiritual bandaid?'"


    For the first time, in a long time, Luis was really unsure of what to do. All of a sudden, he had flashbacks of when a girl actually proposed to him and that is when he was mentally able to hit pause. Jessica was still giving him that look when he suddenly recalled all the lessons he vowed to learn after he told that girl long ago what he thought she wanted to hear as opposed to what was really on his mind. His mind finally crystal clear, he still thought hard for a moment before responding.
    "And what did you see?" he said.
    "I saw a lot of hurt and pain from something that almost was. She actually proposed before you did? I'm sorry it fell apart. Why do I have the feeling that is when it started going downhill?" she said suddenly getting a sad countenance.
    "You really must have done some hard gazing. Pretty much told her what I thought she wanted to hear as opposed to what was really on my mind and heart," Luis replied, also getting a sad expression.
    "Well, what if I were asking you the same question right now?" she replied, giving him that sexy look again.
    "Well, if I could actually do it again or could rewind, I would have said: Look, we are obviously very attracted to each other but I want to take things nice and slow. We are obviously looking into what we hope the future is but truth be told, I am not sure if I am ready to financially support you, much less myself. So tell you what: if you really want us to be husband and wife someday, I really need you to be patient and I promise you I will strive to one day be able to support the both of us and I guarantee your patience will pay off."
    "Wow, great if not perfect answer! I'm sorry that you were probably too afraid of losing her and gave what you knew was the wrong answer! Is that truly your answer to me?"
    "If you are being serious, why not?"


    "How's this?" she replied, offering Luis a single red rose.
    "You know what this means?" said Luis, grinning from ear to ear.
    "No, what?"
    "Believe it or not, women think it's more romantic to be offered a single rose rather than a dozen; it symbolizes singularity and monogamy!"
    "Wow, and that is what I was shooting for! So, when are you finally gonna ask me out on our official first date?"
    "You read my mind! I'm actually off tomorrow and then don't have to be at work until 5:00pm the next day!"
    "You got it! I look forward to it!"
    With that, Luis was well on his way on healing wounds from the past as he headed home probably feeling the happiest he's ever been. What other good things are in his future?
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    Wow, things have been going almost too well for Luis ever since he won that contest and finally has a place of his own! Not only that, Luis seems to be skyrocketing to the top of his comedy career! He was here: C-Lister.jpg

    Then here:


    and here: Jokesmith.jpg

    And now here: StoryTeller.jpg

    Just how far will Luis get in this funny (pun intended) career? Before his first big date with Jessica later that evening, Luis decided to share the good news with his friends over at the Goth house. Luis happily rang the doorbell, eager to share the good news. Alexander answered the door and was glad to see Luis at the door.
    "Hey, Luis, how is that comedic career coming along?"
    "Well, it hasn't quite been easy but I came here to tell you myself that I just got promoted to Solid Storyteller!"
    "Wow, that's great! I knew you were a funny guy; why don't you tell me one of your stories?"
    "Sure, let me jog my memory... Aha! Here goes: So this survivalist is hanging for dear life off of a tree limb when he spots a big, hungry-looking bear looking up at him. 'Oh no, a bear!' he says, 'What do I do?' All of a sudden,
    'Hi!' says an angel that pops out of nowhere.
    'I'm Atheist! And don't think that my attitude will change just cause an angel came to save me!'
    The angel grinned mischievously and replied, 'I didn't come for you; the bear's a Christian and he asked God for food...' as he began to saw off the limb!"
    "Awe, that's mean! But that was pretty funny!"


    "Hey, try that one on my big sis and see if it works!"
    "Sure, what could go wrong? She doesn't get amused?"
    With Alex's persuasion and support, Luis hunted down Cassandra in the house and greeted her and said he had a story to tell her...


    It may have not had the same effect, but at least she smirked and let out a good chuckle. Looks like Luis has his work cut out for him in regards too Cassandra.
    "Ooh, I got to go! I have a big first date coming up!"
    That seemed to perk her up as she suddenly got excited and said, "Whoo! And who might the lucky girl be?"
    "You may know her. She talks your mom to death about me..."
    "Yeah, I do remember her now," she said with an exasperated tone, "She just won't shut up about you!"
    "Which is why I can't be late!" said Luis, rather amused at her comment.
    "Oh, I'm sure if she's THAT obsessed, it will be a piece of cake!" Cassandra said, still annoyed.
    You just can't win them all, Luis thought in spite of himself with a smirk. And with that, Luis eagerly hurried home and showered, brushed his teeth, and dressed in his best. He knew Jessica liked him a heck of a lot so why was his heart ready to pound out of his chest? I know, he thought to himself after briefly pausing, the last girl I dated was just about as obsessed with me than Jessica, which brings back both good memories but also bittersweet ones of what almost was. Okay, Tiger, hit pause just one more time and review the hard-learned lessons before you even THINK of going on this date; you're running ahead of schedule anyway! After a brief pause and reflection, Luis once again had not just a clear mind but was finally remembering all the priceless lessons he's learned. Okay, she wasn't all that bad, Luis thought, she did teach me some rather invaluable lessons... Now ready as he'll ever be, Luis checked his watch and got ready to hopefully start a new relationship with little to no mistakes; at least not stupid ones.
    "There's the place she asked to meet, but I don't quite see her..."
    He was contemplating that he may be way too early when he was slightly startled by a cat call and heard, "Now who is that funny, attractive young man?!" Luis knew who it was almost immediately but once again, he wasn't prepared to see this!

    "YEOW!!!" he said, "Who cranked up the heater?!"
    "I did, silly..." she replied giving him the same flirty look, "Well, you gonna just stand there stunned or what?"
    With little to no hesitation, Luis kindly escorted Jessica inside the night club and shared the good news about his career status.


    Jessica smiled big and said, "Guess I was right all along about you, but you have now far exceeded my expectations! If what I saw in you is any indication, this is just the beginning of something beautiful! I sense your concern of repeating the past but bear in mind, I am a totally different person than anyone you've dated!"
    "I actually had to hit pause and remind myself of that before I could even THINK of coming here," Luis replied, "It's like you practically read my mind!"
    "You cute, funny silly boy... Do you actually like 'forgetting' that I saw through the windows of your soul?"
    Luis simply made a playful funny face at her as if to say, "Whaddaya think, hot stuff?!"
    Filled with a confidence he swears he never had, Luis decided to make the next move by doing the following after Jessica got back from getting a drink:


    Jessica was not quite sure how to react but she sure was glad that she clearly had his attention and taking advantage of the situation, she boldly asked, "Luis, I'm not gonna ask so soon where you see us in the future, but what do you think of us right now?"
    Glad he took time to think about how to avoid repeating mistakes, Luis paused again before responding.
    "Look, you already pretty much dispersed all fears of revisiting the past and if I have learned one of my lessons, it's to never be afraid to show affection for I wish I would've listened when I was told that I will always be told when I go too far."
    "Looks like you accidentally sold yourself short," Jessica replied with a compassionate look.
    "Hey, their loss... Besides, I've got you know..."
    Jessica was a bit lost in the moment when now she was stunned by this!


    "Ooh, what was that all about?" Jessica asked gleefully.
    "Well, I've decided to never hold back anymore. And from the looks of it, I'd say you were hoping I'd do that!"
    "Now you've read my mind!" she replied, still full of glee, "So what is your next surprise?"
    Luis thought real hard on his next move. He didn't want Jessica to lose her expression so he decided to listen to his heart, if just once.
    "Jessica, look, I hardly know you and I don't know what you've seen nor heard since you saw me in my last days in the Life Teen Praise Group but I only wonder why you never approached me... Or did you already see that I was taken?"
    Jessica frowned a bit and said, "Yes... And I didn't want to come in between you two when you looked so full of joy. I had almost given up..."
    "Now, now, I didn't come here to depress you and now you have no reason to feel that way, I'm right here with you! But from what I have heard, I have reason to believe that it's not too soon at all for my next surprise!"
    "I do like surprises, and you seem to be full of them... So what do you have in mind now?"
    Luis breathed in slowly and then exhaled sharply...
    "Look, you've made it a bit too obvious that you really dig me and if I am wise, I sometimes think at least for me that it is wise for me to let my partner decide when to go further. So, if I am reading you like a book..."
    Luis took hold of Jessica's hands and looked her deeply in the eyes, as if trying to look at her soul as well...
    "Jessica, if I can clearly see what you are hoping for... Would you do me the honor of having an exclusive relationship?"
    Jessica looked practically speechless!
    "Do you mean...?"
    "Yes, I am asking you to be my girlfriend."
    "Well done, you read me like a large print open book!"


    "I figured as much... Now there's only one thing left to do..."
    "And what is that?"
    "I usually don't take selfies, but I'm sure our first night as boyfriend and girlfriend needs to be remembered!"
    "No need to ask twice! Snap away!"


    "I hope you know what you're in for, Jessie..."
    "Does this look like a worried woman?!"
    "Ha ha, had to ask..."
    "Tee hee, silly boy..."
    Jessica then yawned.
    "Oh, shoot, we were having such a good time, we practically lost track of time! I do hope you are off tomorrow, I'm sorry I kept you out so late!"


    "Okay," said Luis, "I have NEVER done this, not even with my last one but... Would you like to retreat to my place and sleep there?"
    "Wow!" exclaimed Jessica, "Now THAT was unexpected! You really have changed, haven't you?"
    "I guess I made that clear now, but you surely know what I don't want to happen..."
    "Oh, heavens, no! I may be nuts for you but I also know you are an honorable man! If only in my mind for now! In fact, I may be just like you when I say I want the first time to be special!"
    "Worry not. If you are anything like I hope you are, it may just be a matter of time..."
    "Don't get me too excited, Lord knows what time it is..."
    "Lucky for you, I was able to think ahead and had several bedrooms built in. Take your pick, but sorry, not quite ready to share a bed, even if I know nothing will happen."
    "Sure, I understand..." she said in between yawns. She was so sleepy she didn't care what Luis saw so she did what she did previously and slightly disrobed in front of him yet again. Luis smiled in spite of himself as he thought, "Geez, talk about trust!"
    As Jessica gave one final yawn and saying a barely audible, "Good night, love you," before drifting to Dream Land as soon as her head hit the pillow, Luis shrugged and decided to change for bed right there. He then looked down lovingly at her as she slept peacefully and he was sorely tempted to crawl in and snuggle with her but he remembered what he said so at least he had something to look forward to...

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    WOW... Your photos are getting good but that 3rd to last photo was taken really well! *thumbs up* Great job! Great story line! Head on over to mine to see my latest photos of my wedding day with Nina!
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    Sheesh, thought Luis, not that I'm complaining, but could things get ANY better? Luis was finally on his own, financially independent, with a great career where he's easily reaching the top, and to top it off, a steady girlfriend who has shown strong indications that she hopes to be much more than that! As Luis was still on his train of thought, Luis was snapped back to reality when he looked at his watch and realized it was just about time to go work again. He was just about to leave when there was a knock on his door...


    "Awe, come on, nothing you've seen before... I just wanted to see my sexy man off to work and give him a small preview of what's in store if he reaches the top of the career ladder," she said, giving him a flirtatious look and wave goodbye.
    "Ummm," Luis replied nervously...
    "Oh, calm down, I know you're not ready to cuddle with me while I look like this but while we both wait I figured it couldn't hurt to tease you a bit... Tee hee!"
    "Come on, Man," Luis jokingly thought to God, "isn't this supposed to be hard, not that I'm complaining! What am I, an ingrate?!"
    Jessica stood there looking at him with an ever flirtatious look for what seemed minutes until Luis realized that as much as he loved the view, he couldn't let even this stay on his mind for too long, at least not at work; unless it helped him come up with some raunchy jokes, should the audience be 18+...

    And lo and behold, her little stunt seemed to help cause Luis got home and was ready to share this bit of good news!


    "Geez," thought Luis in spite of himslef, "at this rate, lemme just say I'll be seeing a lot more of her in a jiffy!" he thought, blushing furiously. Trying to prevent spoiling any surprises in his sleep, Luis took a loooooong cold shower, dousing any steamy thoughts.

    Luis rose bright and early the following morning and he happened to be off.
    "I better eat a good, healthy energizing breakfast; Jessica will surely be here to work my but off like she promised..."
    Luis prepared himself some scrambled eggs along with a protein fruit smoothie in preparation for the grind. Soon enough, there was another knock on his door and he didn't even have to guess who it was.
    "Looks like you slept well; I hope I didn't..."
    "Nah, took a very long, cold shower before hitting the sack. Didn't want to ruin any surprises..." Luis said quickly, as if reading her mind. She only smirked, knowing full well that she drives him nuts in a good way. Jessica then wasted no time in taking Luis to his home gym and began working on their cardio by pounding the punching bags.


    "You're looking good, sweetie," Jessica said, egging him on.
    "Not half bad yourself," he replied.
    After about 30 minutes of boxing, Jessica said, "Wow, I'm impressed how hard you beat up that thing and not lost your wind! Don't tell me you're upset..."
    "Well, not necessarily, but thanks to this sturdy bag, let me just say I'm personifying any current or past frustrations on this thing that can surely take it and not fight back! I'ma go Little Mac on this thing!"
    "Ha, Little Mac! I would not be surprised if kids these days have no idea Punch Out!! exists! Makes me wonder, if he had a female boxing companion, who would she be?"
    "I don't know... Little Mary or something like that?"
    "There's an idea... A female adaptation of Punch Out!!"
    "Now that would be interesting!"
    "Okay, we've rested long enough... Now show me how much time you have put on those weights; now's your chance to prove just how sexy you really are! ;-)"
    "Don't tempt me..." Luis said, sticking his tongue out playfully at her, "Okay, then watch THIS!!!"


    Jessica's jaw dropped!
    "You can lift THAT much?! If you trust me more than you could probably throw me...!"
    "Yep, sure do, I mean you do like to stand in barely anything in front of me and you always know I wouldn't pounce... And why would I want to toss you that far? That's just mean!"
    "Silly boy..." she said, sticking her tongue out at him.
    "You okay? You're grimacing a bit..."
    "Just a bit sore..."
    "Well, why didn't you say so? Come here..."


    "Mmmmm... Strong man, yet gentle hands..." Jessica said in a rather sensuous voice.
    "There you go again, making me all hot and bothered. How much cold water are you gonna make me run?"
    "Countless gallons," she said, in that same voice.
    "Alright, you, that does it...!"


    "Tee hee, I figured I could make you break a bit..."
    "But how long can I keep my composure if you keep that up? ;-)"
    "Oh, if I know you that well, I know just how far I can fudge the line! ;-) Oh, I've been meaning to ask, how is your career going?"
    "I was hoping you'd ask; I just reached the rank of rising comedian!"
    "Oh my gosh, that's great! You just might reach the top before you know it!" Jessica said, her eyes twinkling.
    Luis simply smiled and looked deeply into her eyes and he swore he saw all her hopes and dreams for them two... Wait... Is that their future first child?! Luis simply blinked and was dazed for about a minute.
    "You okay, you look out of it..."
    "Naw, just swore I saw something amazing... Oh, by the way, I composed something just for you..."
    Luis took out a piece of paper and started reciting... (I actually wrote this for someone!)

    "Love is patient… Love is patiently waiting for four years to have him admit he likes you.

    Love is kind… Love is always finding a way to compliment him sincerely.

    It is not jealous… Love is not resenting him for not being “his first.”

    It is not pompous, it is not inflated… Love is not rubbing the fact that you are a lot smarter than him in his face.

    It is not rude… Love is not ever truly insulting him; it’s just being playfully sarcastic.

    It does not seek its own interests… Love is always asking him what he wants to do despite the fact you may really want to do something else.

    It is not quick-tempered… Love is always trying to be patient with him when he commits the same mistakes over and over.

    It does not brood over injury… Love is refusing to begrudge him and being able to forgive him for your biggest wound.

    It does not rejoice over wrongdoing but rejoices with the truth… Love is forgiving him all his transgressions and rejoicing along with him when he finally starts walking on the narrow path of truth and righteousness.

    It bears all things… Love is being with him not only during the best but also the worst of times, when he really needs you.

    Believes all things and hopes all things… Love is always believing and hoping he will become the man God wants him to be.

    Endures all things… Love is refusing to turn your back on him and always being his biggest ally.

    Love never fails… Love is always being there for him.

    Love is something real we share. Love is something I always want to give you. I love you.


    "Wow, you wrote that all by yourself?"
    "Sure did, put a lot of thought into it."
    *Sigh* "What more could I ask for?"
    "I really am not sure, you tell me!"
    "Hee hee, I'm sure time will tell..." she said with a wink, "I would love to stay, as you probably know, but I have things to tend to. I hope I can see you again soon..."
    "In fact, you almost left a bit too soon; I wanted to see if you are available for a date tomorrow, as I have a surprise for you..."
    "Sure, you know I love your surprises!"
    "Then it's another date!"

    With that, Jessica was happily on her way, eager to see what surprise is in store. All Luis knows is that it's going to blow Jessica away...

    To be continued...
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    2nd Date With Jessica

    "Well, here goes nothing," Luis thought to himself. He knew the last one went really well but there was always the slight chance of things going wrong; Luis REALLY HATES Murphy's Law. Saying a quick prayer, Luis headed towards his rendezvous point with Jessica.


    "Ah, there you are! But worry not, you sure are worth waiting for!"
    "Heh, sure can't go wrong with the old LBD when it comes to you!"
    "I guess you're gonna wait until the end to reveal the surprise?"
    "Wow, you are really starting to know me well!"
    "Like I said before, I'm sure it will be well worth the wait!"


    So with that, Luis and Jessica were ready to go on their second date. Luis lead Jessica to a nearby park bench and sat down with her. Jessica was looking at him adoringly when his eyes began to close and Jessica said, "Oh dear, don't tell me you're bored already..."
    "No, it's not that... It's just so soothing to be with you. I finally feel like I am dating someone I can actually be myself with."
    "Really," she replied a bit sadly, "You seem like a great guy; I'm still surprised I saw so much pain in you..."
    "But that was in the past; what do you see now?"
    "Well, if you could actually keep your eyes open..."
    "Sorry... Go ahead..."
    Jessica smiled sweetly as she once again looked deeply into what she considered to be the most beautiful brown eyes she's ever seen. As she looked intently into the windows of his soul, she at first started to become sad and nearly started crying again out of compassion but as she gazed a bit longer she saw something that utterly shocked her and she couldn't contain herself.
    "Oh dear, Jessica, don't tell me you saw the same thing..."
    "No... It's not that... It was actually more overwhelming... In a wonderful way!"
    "Oh? Please enlighten me..."
    "Oh, gosh, where do I begin? Guess I will start with my least favorite; I saw a young and wounded little boy version of you, wondering where everyone went and if anyone would ever love him. I could hardly bear to look any further but I persisted and that's when I saw something wonderful... I saw that kid get up and start running with great determination, as if he knew he had to go there, and when he finally reached his destination, I just couldn't contain myself; it was just so beautifully awe inspiring!"
    "And what did you see that made you so emotional?" Luis said with a smile, as if he knew what she would say.
    "I..." Jessica struggled to speak as she became overwhelmed again, "I saw... You... You ran to Him... And nearly all your scars disappeared..."
    Luis smiled quite possibly as big as he's ever had up to this point as he gently turned her head to look at him, wiped away a tear and said, "You know, I was only praying to find someone that could see that in me. You have no idea how much healing you just brought me."
    Jessica was speechless; she could never have imagined meeting a guy like Luis. Luis somehow could see this in her so he decided to "snap her to attention" by doing the following...

    Gotcha.jpg KissUnderTheStars.jpg

    "Whoo, now you turned up the heater! Heh heh heh..."
    "You know, I don't miss her but I can't help feeling sorry for her. She has no idea what's she's missing; then again I never let her know."
    "Hey, like you said; her loss... BIG loss," she said, giving him a teasing come hither look. Fully knowing he really had no reason to fill inhibited, like he always wanted to, Luis did this perfectly on cue:


    "Yes... she truly has no idea! And you must think I'm ABSOLUTELY MINDLESS if you even think I'd even think of letting you go!"
    "Then you must know what I'm thinking right now..."
    "Me too; where have you been all my life?"
    "Waiting for you to find me. If you're wondering why I never looked, it's because I was tired of inadvertently chasing them away. Besides, if she was looking for me that earnestly, how could I say no?"
    "Then it must be safe to say you feel the same way about holding on..."
    "Heh, always in my head. And this time, I can't say, why are you in there, it's dark and scary!"
    "Ha, silly boy, you can't honestly think I can't do dark humor either..."
    "Ohhh boy... Well, you DID choose a comedian... Shoot, speaking of which, I always HATE this part, but this date needs to end; I'm getting so close to the top I can't quit now!"
    "Father Time sure doesn't like us," Jessica said, pouting, "but yes, if you think you would never forgive yourself for quitting now, you should be FRIGHTENED at the though of how I'd feel..."
    "Ewwww, don't remind me..." Luis replied, shivering.
    "Oh yes, I do HATE this part, too, but I am sure we will see each other again very soon."
    "You KNOW you will. I will say this: this job is cushy beyond belief, and I will leave it at that..." Luis said, winking. Jessica lit up, indicating she got the hint. With that, Luis gave her a proper good bye (sorry for repeating a pic, I forgot to take a snapshot of the end of the date).


    Ah, such bittersweet sorrow... What good things will happen next?

    To be continued...

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