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Moving one Sim out of a household

Discussion in 'WCIF - Where Can I find?' started by Mitchi32, Sep 2, 2014.

  1. Mitchi32


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    I can't seem to figure it out... I've tried the phone and computer, but one of my kids has aged up to a YA and I want her to move out on her own to Oasis Springs... I don't know how to just have her move out! I have too many kids!! hahaha
    Thank you in advance... especially if it's super easy and I just missed it because I was up all night playing last night... :oops:
  2. Aiko Shirabe

    Aiko Shirabe

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    Alrighty, I saw your question and I had to see if I could find the answer. One way is to go to manage worlds, select your household and hit the button with two arrows "Transfer Sims Between Households" then you hit the button with a sim shape and a + sign "Create New Household". It works like splitting housholds in TS3, where you select the sim you want to move out and hit the lit up arrow to move them over to the new household. You can then select the new household and move them in!
    I'm pretty sure that you want to have them move out while in live mode, I'm in game right now, so I can test for this right away, but for now you have at least something =)

    First Edit: Just found out that this method can be used as an exploit to increase your funds. My two sims started with $22k, and after splitting them one one had 22k and the other had 20k. When I merged them back together they now have 42k. I wonder how far it goes?

    Second Edit: So far this method is the only one I can find... I hope there is another way that is much simpler than this, otherwise a lot of people are going to feel lost.
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2014

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