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My Sim Story - John Alves - (Oasis Springs) - UPDATE!

Discussion in 'Stories and Legacies' started by SimsPOV, Sep 27, 2016.

Will you miss me writing on a regular basis for the time being?

Poll closed Sep 27, 2017.
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  1. SimsPOV


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    Hey everyone on SimsVIP -

    John Alves here. I wanted to log in to say hi and give an update of me doing further writing(s) on SimsVIP...

    It is a bittersweet moment for me writing this. For the longest of time(s) it has seemed like, for an eternity that I have been part of The Sims, since the very first one...

    I will no longer be posting Sims stuff on here, unless it is for me and someone else (more on that in a bit...) but for sure, no longer be posting stuff of me and with Nina Caliente or any female "love-interest" characters that are already in-game. That will be retired... However, y'all are free to always read back on my adventures that I had, the creative stories that were written up to last year...

    Speaking of a year, it was back in August of 2015 that I had met someone. She lived in South Texas and me living here in Southwest Houston. I don't want to go into extra detail but long story short, she moved about 30 minutes from me and her and I are going to be MARRIED in 2017! :D I've known this girl for about a year, as we recently celebrated our one year anniversary of me courting her. (As she states it).

    I haven't played The Sims 4 for almost a year and do I miss it? Eh... What kept me into playing was the creative storyline of me courting other women but with me having a woman of my own, who I am marrying next year, she takes up a lot of that Sims playing and I have NO complaints! :)

    I will miss writing on a regular basis and seeing the tens of thousands of views whenever I logged in (By the way, THANK YOU to everyone! More than 26,000+ views!)

    Maybe when her and I get our first house, I will bring my desktop with my Sims 4 on it and continue updating but with my wife as my love interest in-game. She may find that a little weird but it is what it is.

    Till the next time SimsVIP community. God Bless!

    John Alves

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