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Need Help, Possibly Simple Hair Edit.

Discussion in 'Guides and Tutorials' started by Tyler659, Feb 8, 2016.

  1. Tyler659


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    Hello everyone names Tyler.
    I want to start out and finally try to mod/editing pre-existing items in the game.
    Especially hair. I'm more fixed on male sims though so hopefully nothing to complicated.
    I use to sorta mod/be a creator for a online virtual game(imvu) that was basically re-texturing to edit short cut hair to shave some sides off and to texture tight to skin looking clothing that looked like it was painted onto the body. Never dealt with meshes.

    This is the hair I love from Tipalouf ever since Sims came out :
    I figured out when I couldn't find the hair on cc holder sites for free downloads and that he also doesn't talk in his posts, he only does clothing from what I saw from the beginning of his page when it got started. So I believe he made the hair or either requested it.

    I just want to mimic this haircut and be able to wear it in the game, looks simple.
    So I wish to learn how do you edit close to head type hair styles/cuts. Also want to determine
    how high the hair gets cut up too. I appreciate any help, thank you. :)

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