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Next Game Update Wish

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 2HubbiesNLove, Aug 11, 2015.

  1. 2HubbiesNLove


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    Before I start, I tend to ramble on and on in posts, so forgive me as I tend to say a lot. I am spoiled by my husband, but also spoiled by the content Maxis/EA keeps putting out for the series. I keep wondering about will be next with expansions, stuff and game packs, even free game updates. My husband and I avoid using mods and custom content, so we try to be as creative with the stories we create through our sims. At the moment I'm creating a household but their just roommates and not related to one another. And it is annoying to a certain degree that when trying to build an apartment-like lot I can't have no more than the 6 on the lot.

    I would love to see a game update that included an apartment renting system. With the update they gave us an additional 2 to 3 above ground floors to build on top of the 4 we already have. A system that would allow us to set renting rates per apartment unit with assigned beds. And a maxium of six to eight households living on one lot. Maybe even a way to allow us to create apartments over our retail/bakery spaces that way our worlds seem a lot more alive having 36 to 42 sims living on one lot which would equal to about 144 to 210 sims living in each neighborhood which comes out to about 576/840 sims per world. A bit much? If not that many at least a cap limit of 40 to 60 sims per neighborhood.

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