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Pride tank... 2nd thing ever made.

Discussion in 'Creation and Photo Sharing Hub' started by thatsimsgirl, Sep 17, 2014.

  1. thatsimsgirl

    thatsimsgirl Site Supporter

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    So, I finally decided to turn my hand to CC making... just recolours right now, but I've only been at this for 3 hours...! This is the 2nd thing I made. The first was just a test, this was a real run-through without referring to the instructions. It's... pretty basic, but I don't think it's TOO shabby for a 2nd attempt! :p


    P.S. I'm using GIMP and Sims 4 Studio... if anyone has any advanced tutorials that they know of, feel free to throw them in my direction! I would've liked a thick black border around the text, to make it cartoon-y, but I couldn't work out how... yeah. GIMP is totally new to me; been a PSP user forever... but I couldn't get the .dds plugin to work for it, so GIMP to the rescue!
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