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Products by SimsVIP (Info, Help, and Links)

Discussion in 'SimsVIP Game Guides' started by SimsVIP, Jun 21, 2015.

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    Hey VIP's!

    As avid Simmers, we here at SimsVIP completely understand the importance of easy access, so we’re excited to announce that our The Sims 4 PDF Game Guides are now available for purchase! Don’t waste precious game time searching for answers online, when you can easily refer to a quality guide at your convenience, and support the site at the same time! :)

    With each Expansion, Game, and Stuff Pack released, SimsVIP will release a beautifully crafted PDF for you to download and use offline at home or on the go. Apple and Android users can also add the PDF’s to iBooks and Google Play Books for easy access on multiple devices!

    How To Purchase

    To purchase our PDF Game Guides, click the "Products" option in the forum navigation on top of the site. From there you can add guides to your cart, and easily complete your purchase using Paypal Checkout. At the time of purchase you will receive an invoice for your order via email.

    Once you have purchased one of our PDF Guides, you can download it directly via the "Active Licences" section, or by accessing the orders tab. These sections will keep your purchases in tact so you can come back at any time to re-download any of your purchases.

    Additional Product Details

    SimsVIP's PDF Game Guides include two PDF versions: Single-Page and Double-Page. The default version is single page, but you can also add the double page version to your cart at no additional charge. Once you select the "Add to Cart" option, you will be greeted with an "Optional Extras" pop-up. From there you can choose any of the available options allowed for your purchase. Optional extras will sometimes include Limited Time Offers such as a free or discounted PDF's for other games, but will always include free instructions for using the guides with iBooks and Google Play Books.


    Contact Us

    Should you have any questions, concerns, or issues with your purchase, please contact us at SimsVIPContact@Gmail.com, or leave a message in this forum.

    Licence Agreement

    SimsVIP grants You non-exclusive and nontransferable license to download, install and use the Software ("Licence") for your personal, non-commercial use. Please be sure to read and understand the ENTIRE licence agreement.

    Side Note: We want to thank each and every one of you who has purchased a SimsVIP PDF Guide to support the site! The support and dedication of our fans is awesomely overwhelming, and we are determined to continue and provide our readers with the quality content they deserve.
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