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Rachel Thompson - My Story (Part I)

Discussion in 'Stories and Legacies' started by SimsPOV, Sep 1, 2014.

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    Rachel Thompson: My Story!


    Her Ultimate Goal: Hopeful Romantic
    Her Unlocked Trait: Alluring
    Her Main Trait(s): Materialistic, Non-committal, Creative

    Introduction! (Part I)

    Her Story: Hello, Sim Universe… My name is Rachel. Now before I get started, you may be wondering how is it that I seek love but at the same time, am a non-committing woman. *sigh* I know some of you all may have that same feeling inside like I do… Where you have butterflies in your stomach, thinking that out of all your years of searching, watching endless Princess movies, where the man sweeps you off your feet, that kinda thing? Well, been there, done that… I experienced that and MUCH MORE with a man… *daydreaming* But do you know what? I am getting ahead of myself a bit… Let me rewind back to where it TRULY began:

    It started ALL THE WAY BACK to when I started kindergarten. There were many other little boys that were curious of the world around them as well as wondering about me. As far as myself? I was a genius Sim… I wanted to learn anything and everything the world had to offer, whether if that was the latest fashion or the latest in sim dolls, *sigh* but the latter was a bore to me, so I did the next best thing: READING! I asked my Sim mom and dad, how I could advance in becoming a great woman in literature, cooking, (even if I had to start with something that wasn’t really real because mom didn’t really like the idea of me trying to burn down the house! Gotta start somewhere, right? :p) Anyways, fast forward, graduating from grade school, going into middle school at the age of 11 years old! There was this boy that caught my eye: His name? Jacob Tithery. I remember when he first caught my eye from afar… He was sitting right across from me in Mrs. Clopat’s History Class… History was a WEAKNESS I had… ARGHHH! A weakness, a flaw! I didn’t want others to know that deep down inside, this young lady had one! Jacob somehow picked up on that, (I guess I didn’t hide my emotions and frustrations well at that point) and asked me: “Would you like to study after school? You know we have that big test on Monday?” I flashed him a smile and he smiled back, and I replied with: “Sure, that would be cool.” Next thing I knew, my mom dropped me off and I went to study with Jacob. That next week, after studying with him, I got a B+ in the test! I was a bit disappointed that it wasn’t an “A”, but you know, all things considered to where I was, not too shabby… Him and I studied more and more in history, as him and I also had another class together… Introduction to Cooking! (Yeah, I never knew this existed in Middle School either! Gotta start somewhere right?) Him and I, after becoming study buddies in these classes, began to form a close friendship… Then… it was nearing the end of the school year for us 7th graders, and everyone was talking about prom… Girls left and right were asking me: “Who are you going to prom with? Are you gonna ask out that star quarterback or the #1 player on the basketball team?” I had no idea… I wasn’t too involved in social activities at school, but figured that I needed to balance work and play. However, I didn’t answer them and was kind of confused… Thoughts then began to rush through my head: “Should I be doing this? I don’t even know where to begin? What should I wear? Who should I ask out? Am I too late in asking a guy out? Should he ask me first? IS a guy even going to ask me??? What to do… What to do…” Then all of a sudden, my cell phone rang… It was Jacob. Trying to land my mind back to earth, he asked me: “You know the middle school prom is coming up, right?” I then said: “Uh huh..” He said: “I know we have been study buddies but I was seeing if you wanted to chill out there, maybe dance to a song or two, see where the night goes…” When he said this, my worried state of mind was reducing and I cracked a smile… After thinking about it for awhile, I then said in reply, while daydreaming looking at something in the distance, I said: “Su….re… I’ll go with you.”


    NOTE: I typed all of this from my mind, as I put my fingers to the keyboard and did this in 10 minutes, just now! :) I used to be an English major when I started college but dreaded in writing SO MANY PAPERS! >__< But when I am inspired to write, my creativity starts flowing!
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    I love the story !! MORE :p

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