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Rules: Personal Profiles and Status Updates

Discussion in 'Important Notices and Forum Rules' started by SimsVIP, Aug 28, 2014.

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  1. SimsVIP

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    Personal Profiles and Status Updates

    PLEASE NOTE: Piracy, Illegal Torrents, and any discussion/comments/links referring to illegal game downloads, are absolutely forbidden on these forums. Any person posting such comments on this site will be immediately banned and blocked from these forums permanently!

    These forums also include a personal profile page for each account. You have the option to use it to the fullest, or not bother with it at all. Please visit your profile page to handle all your account options and preferences.

    Dwm 2014-08-28 02-51-33-06.png

    • All forum rules apply to personal profiles. While you are allowed to be Off-Topic with status updates (meaning non-Sims related), you are not allowed to post any nude, offensive, vulgar, discriminatory, or NON “PG” content. Profiles are monitored on a regular basis.

    • Other users can follow you, message you, post on you profile page, and keep track of your online status. Do disable/enable any of these features, please visit your account preference.

    • This forum uses an "Alerts" system, which notifies you of pretty much anything. Please be sure to visit your Alert Preferences to disable/enable specific alerts.

    • DO NOT post or ask for any personally identifiable information.

    Trophy System

    While you may see a "Trophy" alert in your preferences, this system is currently disabled. We do not know when and if we will enable this feature. Check back regularly for updates.

Thread Status:
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