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Seasons Or A Play On Seasons?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 2HubbiesNLove, Aug 10, 2015.

  1. 2HubbiesNLove


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    I loved Seasons just like a majority of all Simmers enjoyed Seasons. It gave us so much content, gameplay and numerous fun interactions we could play around with. But I love the direction TS4 is taking. Some are still getting adjusted to it and others detest it. It does seem that TS4 is taking a balancing approach. They are trying so hard to keep everyone happy or satisfied with some aspects of the game. And I do enjoy that we're not getting knock-offs of previous expansion titles. But here's my question to all of you:

    Would you all be satisfied with the game if they introduced seasons in several expansions and game packs or just give us an entire seasons-inspired expansion?

    Say they give us a vacation-themed expansion pack that gave us 2 vacation worlds. A paradise/island world and an Alpine/Alaskan-themed snow world. With these worlds they gave us tons of objects and gameplay to balance both worlds that we could incorporate into our Sims everyday life. In the island world it was always hot and sunny and in the snow world it was cold with snow and ice. But in worlds like Willow Creek & Newcrest in winter months it would snow and turn cold, and in the summer time it stayed humid and sunny, with maybe random rain showers. They could also introduce weather in Generations for spring and autumn.

    Gamepacks could play off the expansions that give us new types of weather for the seasons. The game packs could introduce new weather/season elements as well as new objects our Sims could use during season months.

    So would you enjoy several expansions and game packs that gave us seasons and new gameplay activities and objects that played off certain seasons? Or would you rather have a Seasons expansion pack that gave us all 4 seasons and all the content and game play for seasons in one?

    Bryan & Barry

    Update- I just noticed the Seasons Poll thread one of the members created, so we apologize for overlooking it.

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