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Sims 4 Ep's/Gp's/Sp's

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Machew, Feb 7, 2016.

  1. Machew


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    What are your ideas for an upcoming expansion, game, or stuff pack.

    Ep: Sims 4 Getaway
    Brings back:
    -Better Weddings
    -Online Dating
    -Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties
    -Homeymoon Island Getaway
    -New Romance System
    -Improved Dating System
    -Return Of A Reputation System
    -Return Of Restraunts
    -Swim In Ocean

    New Objects:
    -Fire Walking
    -Pool Bar
    -Wedding Rings
    -Vibrating Heart Bed
    -Love Detector
    -Jewelary Making

    New Venue:

    -New Romance Station
    -New Chocalate Foods
    -Slow Dancing
  2. Machew


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    Gp: Sims 4 Carnival Fun
    -Brings Carnival World
    -Adds RollerCoasters
    -Adds Carnival Rides
    -Brings Back Cotton Candy and Pretzels
    -Carnival Prizes
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  3. 2HubbiesNLove


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    @Machew- I'll try and keep my post similar to yours... I tend to ramble on-and-on when it comes to ideas for the game, and at least here we can all discuss rather than have trolls bash our posts like over on the main forum.

    EP: Find Love (as mentioned in survey)
    (I'll list the features that you've already mentioned first)
    - Romance/Chemistry System
    - Improved Dating System (featuring a single's dating app)
    - Honeymoon World (Rural Countryside or Island)
    - Better Weddings (as well as Wedding Receptions)
    - Bachelor/Bachlorette Parties
    - Honeymoon Getaway (Bed & Breakfast)
    (Adding features I'd like to see)
    - New Cuisine (for weddings) & Wedding Cakes
    - New Active Career- Wedding Planner
    - New NPC: Cake Dancer
    - New Instrument- Harp
    - Anniversary Party
    - Vibrating Heart Bed
    - More Romantic Interactions- Example- slow dancing
    - New Service (Hire Wedding Singer/Band and Photographer)
    - New Skills- Romance Skill and Harp Skill

    GP: Divine Dining
    - New Venue: Restaurant
    - New Active Career: Culinary (Server/Chef)
    - Build/Buy Mode Items- ability to build casual dining restaurants and 50's diners
    - New Services- Chinese Delivery
    - New Teen Jobs- Delivery Driver
    - New Cuisine- Pizza, Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Onion Rings, French Fries, Fried Chicken
    - New Drinks- Milkshakes & Smoothies (each flavor gave a sim a new emotion)
    - New Traits- Vegetarian & Meatlover

    SP: Birthday Blowout
    - New Birthday Party Decor (streamers, balloons, banners)
    - New NPC- Clown Entertainer (juggles, squirt sims with flower, handed out balloon animals)
    - Wish Maker (similar to the wishing well with Romantic Garden but with cake)
    - New Game Interactions- Pin-The-Tail-On-The-Llama, Bust Pinata, Cake Fight
    - Gift Giving
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  4. Mitchi32


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    Yup and yup and yup!! :D
  5. benji_br

    benji_br Staff Member

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    GP: Adrenaline Seeking

    New Objects:
    - Skydiving simulator (from TS1)
    - Rock climbing wall (from TS3)
    - Terrariums - small and big. The small ones hold one snake, lizard, frog or spider and sims can hold and pet them. The big one is for multiple animals of the same species and sims can enter it and hang out.
    - Trampoline

    New Skill: Sim Fu (martial arts)

    New trait: Daredevil

    New social interactions:
    - More pranks and dares
    - Enthuse about adrenaline

    - New book type: Adventure
    - New radio station: Rock
    - New recipes: Fried bugs and other challenging things to eat
    - New decor: Tribal and ethnic stuff
    - New tattoos!
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  6. 2HubbiesNLove


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    I wanted to add to this post some other ideas, that I may add onto the official forum at some point... just in case a guru did stumble up on it.

    EP: Family Ties (Generations)
    - Family Tree System
    - Improved Memories
    - New Traits- Caring & Rebel
    - New Reward Traits- Immortal & Inheritance
    - New Party Events- Family Reunion & Baby Shower
    - New Venues- Laundromat & Arcade
    - Active Career- Daycare Supervisor
    - Active Career Lot- Daycare Center
    - NPC- Nanny & Police Officer
    - Imaginary Friend
    - Tree Houses (teen sims can makeout in tree house)
    - Bunk Beds & Murphy Beds
    - New Playground Equipment- Slide, Jungle Gym, Swings, See-Saw
    - New Life Stages: Toddlers & Pre-Teens
    - Curfews
    - Strollers (sims can show their toddlers off to neighbors in neighborhood)
    - Bicycles (sims can ride around neighborhood)
    - Video Cameras- Making Home Movies
    - Family Picnics
    - New Residential Lot- Apartments
    - New Job- Landlord
    - More Family Interactions- "Do Chores", "Ground Children", "Play Boardgame", "Play Dress-Up". "Have Tea Party", "Play Ball", "Tell Story"... just some examples.

    GP: Grave Encounters
    - CAS Life State: Ghost
    - New Active Careers- Reaper & Ghost Hunter
    - New Emotion- Scared/Terrified
    - New Trait- Ghost Whisperer
    - New Skill- Haunting (for ghost sims)
    - New Reward Trait- Psychic
    - New Aspiration- Third Eye (centered around ghostly realm)
    - New Party Event- Memorial/Funeral
    - New Venue- Cemetery & Crypt
    - New Interactions- "Explore Crypt", "Woohoo in Crypt", "Dare Friend to Call Reaper"
    - New Death- "Scared To Death" (achieved by playing as ghost)
    - Customizable Tombstones
    - Weeping Angel & Grim Reaper Statues
    - Hidden Lot- Nether Realm

    SP: Up All Night
    - New Party Event- Slumber Party/Sleepover
    - New Interactions- "Pillow Fight", "Tell Ghost Story", "Play Bloody Mary", "Play Truth or Dare"
    - New Dare Outcome- from playing Truth or Dare
    - New Interactive Objects- "Bloody Mary Mirror", "Blanket Forts"
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  7. Mitchi32


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    @2HubbiesNLove Wedding Planner would be an interesting career
    Would you do it like the Interior Designer career from TS3? Here's a budget now decorate this area?
    Much rather have a magician than a clown... unless there's a chance your kid hates the clown and gets a negative moodlet? haha

    These are all such great ideas!

    I really want a carnival boardwalk vacation world! That would be so much fun!

    We also need hobbies
    -fix up a car
    -sewing machine or knitting/crochet clothing and curtains etc
    -tinkering metal bench thing (sorry... it's monday morning but you guys know what I'm referring to right?)
    -New life state: Simbots
    -baseball/ little league
    -celebrate with the team party
    -comic book store and collections
    -pool table

    Ok... my brain is shutting down...
  8. AtomicSimmer


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    I really would like to see a Pets Expansion Pack. It would bring back horses like they had in sims 3 create a pet and also bring back a whole bunch of new animals never seen in a sims game.
  9. Mitchi32


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    Honestly IMO, pets, Generations and Seasons are guaranteed EPs. It's just a matter for timing. A lot of work is going to be going into them, so I don't expect them to come out one after another... I expect one each year. *crossing fingers*
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  10. benji_br

    benji_br Staff Member

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    EP: The Sims 4 Sports (or Get to the Stadium? =P )

    This whole EP is based on three aspects of Sports: Team bonding, fitness and competition. The sports would be soccer, basketball and dodgeball for teams, then table tennis (ping pong), racing/cross country, swimming and chess for individual sports.

    New venue: Gymnasium/Sports Arena (place where competitions are held)

    New skills:
    - Sports (yes, really generic, but sims unlock new moves and abilities in different modalities as they level up) - 10 levels
    - Cheerleading - 5 levels

    New aspiration: Amateur Athlete

    New traits:
    - Good sport (wants to befriend other athletes and play)
    - Competitive

    New gameplay: Teams
    - Just like clubs in Get Together, your sim can join a team or form their own for competitions.
    - Also, you can enter as an individual athlete for ping pong, cross country, swimming and chess competitions.
    - Prizes vary from objects, to money, to new traits.
    - Overall sports skill level counts as a factor for winning, but also fitness and logic (for chess) gives a bonus advantage.
    - Team mates have a boost at their relationship level, but are more prone to fighting (except for sims with the good sport trait)
    - Sims can get tense before a competition and really sad or angry if they lose.
    - Sims who win at a competition have bonus points at their work/school performance the following day.
    - You can pair up teams with Get Together and make a club with "practice sports" as a rule, so you can train for a competition while also gaining bonus points.
    - Sims with the sports skill will get a boost at the athlete career.

    New objects
    - Multi-Sports Game Court (comes with everything included for all team sports)
    - Basketball hoops
    - Soccer Goals
    - Different balls they can casually play with, solo and with another sim
    - Ping pong table
    - More gym equipment
    - Public showers (like in TS2 University)(and sims will actually interact with one another while showering)
    - Cheerleading equipment
    - "sports fan" themed decoration and CAS
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