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Suggestions and Future Improvements

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MrDaveyy, Sep 7, 2014.

  1. MrDaveyy

    MrDaveyy Mr McCutie

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    What would you love to see in this new incarnation of the franchise in the future? (Inspired by a feedback thread on the official forums).

    What has worked in the Sims 4 so far?
    What hasn't?

    What's worked for me:
    -World looks fantastic, so lush and filled with detail.
    -Lots of Sims passing really adds some life into the neighbourhoods.
    -The game runs amazingly on my laptop, so smooth.
    -I love that emotions affect skills and open new options.
    -Great new aspiration system with different stages to replace lifetime wish from past games.
    -Loading screens are short.
    -Cooking and the addition of gourmet cooking.
    -Power and water cuts off when the bills aren't paid makes the game a lot more realistic and is a nice change from the repo-man.

    What hasn't worked for me:
    -Memory icons from the Sims 2 aren't in the game which I was hoping for.
    -Babies feel quite limited as they're more bound to their bassinet than in previous games.
    -When Sims go to work their information panels become inaccessible.
    -No maternity or paternity leave, would be nice to have the option.
    -Phone calls from Sims are too repetitive in this game.
    -Didn't like that there's not as much option for asking unplayed Sims information about themselves like in the Sims 3 about alma mater and career.

    Suggestions from me:
    -Weather, saw an idea in a Sims survey that suggested consequences for extreme weather, such as a house being affected by a storm.
    -University Stage - loved both Sims 2 and Sims 3 university themed expansions.
    -Bring vehicles back with more functionality, such as they were in The Sims 2.
    -Minor, but I would love if the power outage would happen more dramatically (e.g. flickering lights).
    -Would be nice to have a functioning school.
    -Different stages of schooling, and introduction of exams.
    -Teenagers to be lower in height than young adults/adults/elders - hard to tell the difference sometimes!
    -I would LOVE an Open For Business style expansion pack (Sims 2) that actually contained a lot of content WITH depth in the interactivity.
    -It would be great to have more notifications about what the Sims are actually saying or thinking when a certain interaction is performed.
    -Again, I would love to see more rich information about the outcome of certain actions in terms of notifications, such as reviews for books written.
    -It would be great if the neighbourhood could be changed in certain ways by the passing of certain laws, such as introduction of new recycling bins, proposal to build a town hall in future expansions, new facilities at parks.
    -Also, the neighbourhood could be changed by particular events, charity events or family fun days at the park can be used as an example.
    -Bring back seasonal events, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Summer Vacations.
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  2. Pedro


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    I really want them to improve the relationships. Sims can get married and get a girlfriend/boyfriend (while still married) and there seems to be no/little reaction when your girlfriend/boyfriend cheats.

    It would be nice if your neighbors threw parties like in sims 3 and you get an invitation. Really adds more depth for me.

    I wanted to see family trees.

    I want New common jobs such as doctors, police officers, politic, commercial etc.

    Probably there isnt a way for them to do this but i would REALLY appreciate if they removwd the loading between lots in the same neighboorhood, at least for high end computers.

    In a seasons expansion i dont know why but i would like to see a blackout happen once in a while after a really heavy rain..lol
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  3. Cody


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    What a great and fun thread :)! I hope that with expansion packs that they will be more content rich. Maybe with them having to put less energy into creating the worlds (that look fantastic none the less!) they can work on the content side more. That would make me happy happy happy.
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  4. Meka3514


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    Cool ideas, everyone :). I really love the graphics in the game, and the new emotions system. My Sim divorced and was also pregnant...whew, it was rough because she was so sad, uncomfortable and very tense after work. I didn't think she'd come out of it, with so many bad emotions running at the same time. I love the speed of the game, and achievements for kids/teens. I don't really have any suggestions at this point, w/exception to fixing some of the bugs (i.e. marriage/last names, etc). I have a feeling I've barely scratched the surface with this games functionality. I read new Guides from SimsVIP or other sites, and it's things I didn't know you could do. I think once I really know how to play, and what other things are available in-game, that I may not be aware of , I'll have a better idea of what I'd like to see.
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  5. criskywalker


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    I want more unique and original EPs:

    - Farming
    - Hiking and Camping
    - Amusement Parks
    - Cassinos
    - Sports

    I'd like new versions of Hobbies, Superstar and Open for Business.

    New, never seen before content like pen & paper RPG, card and coins collecting, tennis.

    New pets like rabbits, ferrets.

    New instruments like flute, saxophone and a microphone to allow the singer to sing alongside a band!

    Some kind of gradual aging like acne and hair getting gradually grey.

    Diseases. Nothing too bad, but for example cold, fever, headache, alergies, stomachache and breaking bones which have the sim wearing a cast.

    Objects wearing down and getting old.

    New emotions making sims afraid, worried, distracted, stressed, insomniac, excited, curious, relaxed.

    More NPCs!

    More and new traits!

    Better rag to riches simulation. Homeless sims. VIP items that can only be unlocked by being part of the jet-set and having lots of money. Limos, helicopters, hot tubs! Banking and stock market.

    New community lots like circus, zoos, stadiums, carnival games, sea parks, malls, restaurants, supermarkets, comic-book stores, theaters, cinemas.
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  6. JohnBigOz


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    I am curious if they are ever going to add more emotions.

    I'm hoping they expand emotions so that each emotion has an upside and a downside.
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  7. Babies should be improved.
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  8. LettyKB


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    I stopped myself from buying S3 pets because I knew S4 was coming out this year- pets are the EP I would really love to see in the near future. Aside from that I would also like to see:
    - a car/vehicle EP, maybe that would come with a mechanic career path or other such thing? Being able to not only have vehicles but customise them would be great.
    - I agree that more "normal" career choices would be nice so maybe an EP that has multiple new choices, maybe a hero EP? Where you could be a fireman, astronaut, police office, soldier or some thing else along those lines.

    I'm sure I will think of many more but for now that is all I can think of, also some SP's would be nice. D├ęcor themes such a oriental, middle eastern, and ultra modern would be excellent for building a decorating!!

    and I'm not sure if anyone has heard this yet, but a pool part EP would be nice too :p
  9. Coblin King

    Coblin King

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    The interface needs work. The inventory system for example is clunky and hard to manage.
    The interaction menu between sims is a bit too cluttered. I like we have these sociable sims, but finding the right interaction is not much fun. I'm sure there's a better way to navigate to specific action. Getting trough 3 or 4 radial menus to do something is just not right.
    And pathfinding is not that great, sims still have trouble with simple things that should have been fixed by now. Having an empty plate on your counter preventing your sim from cooking, or a violin that your sim dropped in front of the bed, which would block the bed. These things should be fixed by now, right?

    As for new content and expansions? I hope we get some paranormal and weird stuff. Just things like the tragic clown, the genie or the crystal ball, nothing too much. I think the Supernatural expansion went too far, so I hope we don't get werewolves and witches.

    I also hope my sims would one day be able to play board games and rpgs with their friends, even host events. I can imagine my sims sitting on the table chatting while they play a tabletop game.
  10. uhleeshuh


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    There's an option under Game Options that will change the social menu. By allowing it, it will take the first radial menu away.

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