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The Bornervilles

Discussion in 'Stories and Legacies' started by Raze-Herman, Sep 3, 2014.

  1. Raze-Herman


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    In medieval Times, the watcher gave a blacksmith the name Harold Bornerville and much stuff have happen to this family scinse! Two sims, a single elder mom and her young adult son will soon move in to Willow Creek, but first! Let's get to know their family History!

    When the poor boy James met Emma it was love at first sight! James and his sister Lilly had a rough childhood and meeting Emma was exactly the thing he needed! Emma Bornerville was not rich! But a lot more wealthy than James from Pleasantview! They moved in to a small house in Sunset a Valley and got married! Emma's brother Jacob got extremely rich, but unfortunately he was also the kind of man that never let anyone borrow his money! James and Emma had three children, all boys! First William, a rebell kid but grew up to be a solider! Timothy a shy kid with a lot of ideas, he grew up to be a painter! And the youngest Paul, the kid that shared his mothers intrest in horses! William got married to Darlene Bunch, his childhood friend and secretly a wearwolf! Together, they got one child, Lucas! Lucas had only one friend, but the best friend you could ever have! Dewey Bornerville, his cousin! But he was soon going to leave Sunset Valley! Darlene and William's marriage was not going to last. William abandoned the Family and moved o Hidden Spings with his brother Timothy and his Family and sadly died young!

    Darlene could not live with all the good and bad memories from Sunset Valley and together with her son that now was a Young Adult moved to Willow Creek to start a new life! Will Darlene find a new love, or will she die alone? What will happen to Lucas that only want to keep carry on the family name! What will they do in Willow Creek? What have the Watcher planned for them?

    Yeah! That was my family right there I played them for a long time in The Sims 3 and now it's time to move on to The Sims 4! Pictures of the Family will come up to the forum later! And I will keep update this thread with more news about what will happen to this family in the future! But thank you all for reading and have a awesome day and Hejdåh!

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