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The Jackson Family

Discussion in 'Stories and Legacies' started by SimWorld, Jun 27, 2015.

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    In the Summer of 2012, I began the Jackson family legacy story known on my website as “The Sims Legacy Story.” For two years it followed me as a Sim character growing up in school, marrying my high school sweetheart and allowing her brother to move in. From there the two of us had six children, two which died young as they were twins. We also raised a family generation of dogs and a cat. Once Sims 4 was announced in September 2014, I had horrible plans for a meteor to strike and kill the pets (even though I would NEVER do that in real life.) Plans were also in place to age off me and my wife and move the kids to Oasis Springs in Sims 4.

    The title card of the series seen is about four to six months old as the kids are teens now, three moved out to make room for Johnna, the daughter of mine to marry and have twins of her own. Due to the 8 household rule I have to manage two households in the game (quite difficult if you believe). Below is a brief description of them.

    Jebediah – A college graduate (from Sims 3) in communications. Head of the estate household is a distinguished author, and skilled of repairing objects. He is currently single. Prior to moving into Oasis Springs, Jebediah was an entrepreneur as he owned a bookstore.

    Johnna – A college graduate (from Sims 3) in art. She has become known at the top of her career ladder as a celebrity chef. Over the weekends she recently opened a store downtown titled “Johnna’s Sweet Arts” as she not only makes a full day baking and cooking meals for the entire family of 8 at the estate but the other three come back for as well. Johnna has become an artist and photographer and sells prints and art at the store.

    Logan – Johnna’s firstborn son out of wedlock. The curious mystery is who was the father? He is best friends with brothers Vernon and Brendan, plus his newest younger brother and sister.

    *Carter – Johnna’s barely legal young adult husband. Apparently the two met at the store and things went hot from there. The two of them have two children *Gideon, and *Melinda – Logan’s sibilings. Carter is currently unemployed.

    Vernon – A high school teenager working long mornings as a bistro, an A+ student in high school and salesperson for Johnna’s shop by weekend. Vernon is the son of Courtney.

    ≠Courtney – A college graduate (from Sims 3) in physical education, prior to going to college Courtney asked his parents Nathaniel and Justina to enroll him in sports boarding school. While there he became engaged in a sexual encounter with a cheerleader. She became pregnant but did not want the child. Therefore she gave Courtney full custody. Courtney is fulfilling his dream working his way up the athletic career ladder.

    ≠Balasi – Son of Nathaniel and Justina and husband to ≠Coy Contreras-Jackson, Balasi is also a college graduate (from Sims 3) in health medicine. After graduation of college he began working at the hospital before moving from the family home in Isla Paradiso for Oasis Springs. Since no medical career was around, Balasi picked up work in information technology until the hospitals showed up. He walked away from his IT position and started once again following his college career. Balasi in high school came out to his dad, Nathaniel. Nathaniel was not pleased but accepted it. Balasi met his future boyfriend and husband Coy Contreras while working at Jebediah’s bookstore.

    ≠Coy – Husband to Balasi and father of Brendan, and college graduate (from Sims 3) in music, Coy after college has worked his way up the entertainment career ladder as a musician and currently working as a music producer for several pop and rock artists.

    Brendan – The teenage son of Balasi and Coy (although considered adopted, genetics made a considered factor). Brendan is a B grade student in high school. During the evenings Brendan works in a department store, then works along side Logan or Vernon on weekends at Johnna’s.

    * Characters are not added on the title card.
    ≠ Characters have moved out to make room of the family expansion.

    If you would like to follow the Jackson’s, visit the archive feed at:

    There is also a outdated biography on the website (which I will make an attempt to update soon). You can see this from the “Meet the Jackson’s” menu.

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