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The Legend of Robina Hood! (Oasis Springs) Latest Update: 4-24-15; 11:20 AM (CT)

Discussion in 'Stories and Legacies' started by SimsPOV, Apr 17, 2015.

  1. SimsPOV


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    Hello everyone! I hope y'all are enjoying my long story of John Alves but I'll be starting a new one in the near future entitled:

    "The Legend of Robina Hood!"

    Basically... The "made-up, untold" story of Robin and Marian's only child: Robina... In good ol' Sims 4 form! :)

    Coming Soon! Stay tuned for updates! :)
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  2. Luis Alonso

    Luis Alonso

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  3. SimsPOV


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    [G]reetings everyone! I am Robina! I have come to this so-called new world from the world I have usually lived in... Back with my father (Robin) and mother (Marian). It has been way way different... I was frozen in a time capsule, preserved for the 21st Century... Not knowing when I would awaken from my frozen slumber, I felt this warmth against my body... This is when it all began.......

    "Ma'am... Madam? Lady? Can you hear us?"

    My eyes slowly opened and I was looking at these men in white... "Who... who are you?" I said to them. "Ma'am... We found you in this frozen capsule, which looks old, ancient! Where did you come from?"

    I then told them of the story... My story of how my dad stole from the rich to give to the poor... "Oh my," one of them said. "Your dad was Robin Hood?" I nodded and said to them: "Yes... I came from that time... do I look okay?"

    "Unfortunately, your body is in a pretty broken/torn state..." one of them said to me. I looked around, and noticed that what they said was true! "OHH MY!" I said to myself. I then broke down and cried for awhile...

    "However, there is one way to save you..." They said. "Really? I'll do it, I'll try it!"

    "Have you heard of The Sims?" One of them asked me. "Sims? What is that?" I said. "It is a people simulator that has been out for 2 decades almost..."

    After giving it some thought, I realized that they were unable to save me in human form that I had to be what I read from a book, "Digitized..."

    "If I have to be digitized," I asked. "Can I at least make myself how I want to be?"

    "Of course!" was the response. I was happy to hear this... "We just need for you to step right through this portal and from in there, you'll be able to customize your look... from head, body shape, legs, feet..."

    I was happy to know that so I got in, made some changes... I then heard a knock on the portal: "Miss? Did you have a name?"

    "Ummm... well, I was never given a name, or if I was given one, I had forgotten it, it HAS been quite some time..."

    "We will name you Robina!" They said. "Robina Hood! Is that okay???" I gave it some thought and nodded yes to them from inside... (In honour of my dad's name, I was fine with it).

    "Best of luck, Robina!" As they waved to me and pressed a lever that zapped me from that world to this one...

    I then woke up from my slumber as I saw a bright light (which was the sun) from above...

    I got out from the portal and noticed a big sign not too far from where I landed:


    My new life's journey was about to begin!!!

    (1) - Picture of Robina Hood!.jpg

    ---ROBINA (Pronounced: ROW-BEE-NA)
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  4. SimsPOV


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    Day 1: Starting Anew!

    [G]reetings travelers! I am back from my weekend-long vacation and have made it back to my new but strange world... The world that was called: Oasis Springs...

    I was wanting a pint of ale so I wandered into this place called "Rattlesnake Juice..." There, I met these villagers who looked quite different from myself... After I took a gander and noticed that the server was busy attending other civilians, I decided to sit and watch this device that was displaying images from a screen... There is when I met this interesting man... A guy that wore black and gray...

    "Why hello!" The mysterious man said to me. I then waved back to him, kinda unsure of my surroundings... Next thing I knew, he was sitting next to me!


    "I haven't see you here before, what brings you into Oasis?"

    I was still really unsure of this guy, not knowing his TRUE intentions but decided to give this fellow the benefit of the doubt: "Hello man, I am someone who isn't sure of this place, not knowing what to become... Just everything here is really advanced to where I came from..." I then realized that this man was looking at my eyeball ring. He then looked up at me, pointed to it and said: "Why are you wearing this? Does it carry some sort of symbolism to where you came from?" I then told him the whole story of how my dad was Robin and my mother was Marian...

    He then put two and two together...

    "Wait... Wait a minute!" The man said. "If all that is true, then that means..!!!"

    "You are correct, man... I am their daughter... I am Robina... Robina Hood, it is a pleasure to meet you!" I then proceeded to bow before him but he then signaled me to get up and told me that in today's times, it wasn't necessary to do all that... He then got up and gave me a hug...

    "I am John," the man said to me.

    "John... does thou has a surname?"

    "John.. Alves..." the man said to me.

    "Interesting," I said to him. "So how long have you been living here in Oasis Spriings, is it?"

    "How about if we grab a few drinks and I'll tell you all about my adventures here in Oasis Springs, the people that I've met along the way, and what I hope will happen as I reside here!" was his response to me.

    I then smiled at him, nodded and said: "That will be most pleasing!" I then followed him to the area where the bar person would be serving me and this fellow, named John Alves...


    Personal Diary Entry #1: Sorry, I am a bit new to this so I will hopefully be updating my story and adventures with all of you followers as the days go by! Your patience is most appreciated!


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