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The Powerful Medium that is the Storytelling of The Sims

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JohnBigOz, Nov 18, 2014.

  1. JohnBigOz


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    I really wish I had a blog by now, this would've been perfect.

    Let me recap

    Since October the Ghost Patch day, I have begun playing my original family with a Painter with a sad story Spencer, years have passed, he passed away but due to this several families have entered the "rotation" Including the Landgraabs

    As Cassandra and Malcolm are the onyl available teens, naturally, they were meant for each other.

    Cassandra became a Piper while Malcolm became the handsome bad boy prince of the town.

    Cassandra's second aspiration was ""Big Happy Family", as she was well on her way, everything was dandy, she mastered both the Piano and Violin (and soon Guitar since she started playing it), had a beautiful daughter named Nancy Landgraab II (after her grandmother, Nancy)

    Now, this is how this cute story turns sad and dark.

    As per rules, I only allow Sims to get pregnant and give birth within the week, so, Malcolm and Cassandra Woohooed and Cassandra became bregnant with the second child.

    She came home exhausted, so I sent her to bed, she also went into the labour but I chose to wait for the three hour period.

    This is where things went wrong.

    Because of this, her bladder, failed (she was inches away from the toilet), which earned me the Have a Sim pee Himself with a lot with 5 toilets.

    She had a +5 embarassed moodlet.

    So I made this decision to capture this moment and have her reminsince about it.

    This was enough

    I pushed her into Mortified, and thinking she had time to hide from everyone.

    Cassandra died of embarassed.. shortly after giving birth to a baby boy Malcolm Landgraab II.

    ... this did not just happen.. but it did. and it provided an amazing story-opprotunity.

    Cassandra.. died in labour... :(

    (her water also broke)

    This gets worse

    Bella is a widow, so not only did shel ose her true love Mortimer, but also outlived her only daughter (thankfully Alexander is still a live and unlikely to meet his early demise) sad.jpg
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  2. Meka3514


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    Wow, cool storyline. I've never had a Sim die in my game, so very interesting at how the Emotions pushed poor Cassandra over the edge.

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