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The sims 4 Machinima - Trapped

Discussion in 'Creation and Photo Sharing Hub' started by iholly, Jul 31, 2015.

  1. iholly


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    Hello, I'm not new here but I have never posted here until today... I have actually forgotten I had made an account here and forgot why I've made one here, until now... and that was to show off my first sims video and get a bit of feedback from others but that video has boomed off with so many views and helpful comments that I will now not even bother posting it up here.

    So now I'm just going to post my newest video, it's one of my favorites so far but I could not put as much hard work effort into it because the song that I've used is "airwave dubstep" and that would have resulted for a lot of effects and flashes that could possibly give someone with weak eyes like a seizure so I couldn't go all out again sorry if the video is not as enthused as the music. :(

    I have not put a fitting story in this machinima, because I've made over at least 300 clips for this video and sadly not all of it could be placed in the video. So I took the ones that looked like the best and can fit with the music. The girl with glasses is named Alyssa while the pig tail girl is named Rachel (my mascot for my channel) their both roommates in this. I hope you will enjoy the video.

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