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Welcome To SimsVIP Forums

Discussion in 'Important Notices and Forum Rules' started by SimsVIP, Aug 11, 2014.

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  1. SimsVIP

    SimsVIP Staff Member

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    Welcome to SimsVIP's Forums! Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the many features available on these boards, and also read the forum Terms and Rules

    PLEASE NOTE: Piracy, Illegal Torrents, and any discussion/comments/links referring to illegal game downloads, are absolutely forbidden on these forums. Any person posting such comments on this site will be immediately banned and blocked from these forums permanently!

    To begin, use the "Sign Up!" button to the right of the site to begin the registration process. Please note that we have not cross-connected accounts to work on both SimsVIP.com and SimsVIP.com/forums. Each site has a separate registration for security purposes. If you want to use the forums, you will need to create a new account.

    Once you have registered and logged in, take a moment to visit your profile page and update your preferences. This site allows for private messages between members, thread alerts, tagging, member following and ignoring, status updates, and many other social features. To view your profile and account preferences, hover over your name on the top right of the navigation bar.

    In addition to your personal account settings, please be sure to visit your "Alert Settings" and "Browsing Preferences" to configure which alerts you want to receive. This site may automatically enroll you in site/email alerts, so be sure to configure those accordingly.

    Dwm 2014-08-15 19-55-50-54.png

    Dwm 2014-08-15 22-49-43-43.png

    We know that you have more than just Sims to talk about, so we want to encourage users to use the Off Topic Chatter forum. Anything goes in the Off Topic Forum, but please remember that the rules of the forum still apply. DO NOT POST ANY PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION.

    Please note that the off topic section of the forum can only be viewed by registered users who are logged in.

    Photo and Video sharing is allowed on these forums, but DO NOT post any explicit or vulgar media. Accounts who do not follow the rules will be permanently banned.

    As for the rest of the forum, please be sure to engage in civil conversations without attacking one another. Everyone has their own opinions and thoughts, but not everyone will agree with you.

    Always be sure to check back here for updates, and enjoy your time on the forums! :)

    Please Note: Forum time zone is set to Eastern Time (UTC−05:00 - US & Canada) by default. You can change your time zone in your account preferences.

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