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Your favorite feature from each expansion pack?

Discussion in 'Expansion and Stuff Packs' started by Vertigo, Aug 30, 2014.

  1. Vertigo


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    So, let's play a game :blush:
    The title says it all, so it's pretty clear. You just need to mention one or two features from each expansion pack.
    1. Mention only 1 or 2 features
    2. It can be a minor or major feature
    3. You must go through all expansion packs, even if you don't have all of them.
    4. If you can't think of anything type None. Note: You are allowed to use None only ONCE
    I'll start :grin:
    1. World Adventures: Tombs! They're why I bought World Adventures in the first place :tearsofjoy:
    2. Ambitions: The firefighter profession
    3. Late Night: Bridgeport! Because it's my favorite EA made world and they really nailed it IMO
    4. Generations: Chemistry potions
    5. Pets: The ability to play as a pet
    6. Showtime: The singer profession
    7. Supernatural: 1. The ability to create supernatural sims. 2. The magic aspect
    8. Seasons: 1. Swimming in the ocean. 2. The weather dynamics
    9. University Life: The new smartphones
    10. Island Paradise: Hotels
    11. Into The Future: The modern buy mode/build mode objects
    Your turn :grin:
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2014
  2. SimfulSimmer

    SimfulSimmer cute, clever and charming too.

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    World Adventures: The addition of fruits and photography
    2. Ambitions: The addition of Laundry.
    3. Late Night: Apartments
    4. Generations: Teens & Children Mischievous activities/pranks
    5. Pets: Pets in general
    6. Showtime: Magician profession
    7. Supernatural: None
    8. Seasons: Weather and Snow!!
    9. University Life: Being able to educate your sims from the beginning + Smart phones
    10. Into The Future: The modern buy mode/build mode objects
  3. robi393


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    1. World Adventures - Exploring tombs! Even though it was kind of unusual from a Sims game, it was really fun exploring all the tombs.
    2. Ambitions - Sculpting. My sims always made so many objects that I placed in the house later. :)
    3. Late Night - The celebrtiy system. It gives us a new goal to work twards and it kind of forced my sims to have a social life and go out.
    4. Generations - The daycare profession? There were only small new features in this expansion pack so it's not easy to pick one.
    5. Pets - Racing. I'm not really into horses but I loved going around the neighborhood with my horse.
    6. Showtime - The magician profession.
    7. Supernatural - Fairies. I mostly just liked what they looked like. :D
    8. Seasons - Aliens. I think I'm the only one who doesn't care too much about the weather.
    9. University Life - My favorite part was that after you finished college you got to pick a new trait.
    10. Island Paradise - Mermaids. God, I loved everything about this EP it was so hard to choose. :D
    11. Into The Future - The new buy mode objects were amazing.
    (Also, you guys forgot Island Paradise! :D)
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2014
  4. Pjadek

    Pjadek Staff Member

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    1. World Adventures: Real locations - I love them!
    2. Ambitions: Washing machine and stylist profession
    3. Late Night: Clubs and penthouses
    4. Generations: Pranks
    5. Pets: Cats meoow :p
    6. Showtime: Starlight Shores, that's the best town, it reminds me so much on California
    7. Supernatural: The Alchemy skill, objects
    8. Seasons: Weather and season festivals which are really nice addition to the game
    9. University Life: All new parties that were awesome
    10. Island Paradise: The ability to have much more fun on the beaches and have your own paradise
    11. Into The Future: New architecture objects
  5. simsit


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    1. World Adventures - I'd say the three worlds, they're just gorgeous!
    2. Ambitions - The firefighter profession! I always end up playing it!
    3. Late Night - Bars! I can't live without those!
    4. Generations - The bachelor/ette party!
    5. Pets - As I'm not a pet-person, I'd say Appaloosa Plains, that world is awesome!
    6. Showtime - The karaoke machine and the DJ booth!... Yeah, I don't like Showtime...
    7. Supernatural - The rocking chair! Yep... I don't like Supernatural either :p
    8. Seasons - The festivals! They're just so cool!
    9. University Life - I'd say college itself. It's a large feature, but I think it was really well-done so... I'm picking that!
    10. Island Paradise - The ability to place lots on water! It makes wonderful houses!
    11. Into The Future - The new buy mode objects. Like everyone before me. #unique
  6. Mattyboi


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    1. World Adventures - France, primarily because it's nostalgic for me.
    2. Ambitions - The Investigator Profession, I loved beating sims up.
    3. Late Night - Apartments and Vampires
    4. Generations - Teaching teens how to drive and shower woohoo.
    5. Pets - Adoption from a pet shelter, and the bestfriend system.
    6. Showtime - The genie and the singing from the singer profession.
    7. Supernatural - The rocking chair saved my life, and I loved the LLAMA reference.
    8. Seasons - The seasons, the game wasn't complete without them.
    9. University - The ability to ask Sims to Pose Nude for Sketch, I loved that feature. I also loved Dorms. The whole expansion pack is a huge thumbs up. Very-well crafted.
    10. Island Paradise - Hotel Management and The World, which was stunning.
    11. Into the Future - Descendants and the Made Most of My Time Lifetime Wish. It has a nice ring to it and makes me feel warm inside.
  7. KennziKaige


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    1. World Adventures: Tombs for the exploration and game play, France for the sheer beauty.
    2. Ambitions: Firefighting and ghost hunting!
    3. Late Night: Clubs and bars, totally bars
    4. Generations: Day care profession. I just wish we could drop off children to inactive households. If that's possible, I haven't figured it out yet.
    5. Pets: Owning pets. I myself have a dog and kitty-cat
    6. Showtime: Venues, though I don't use the professions much.
    7. Supernatural: The supernatural and magic! Favorite things EVAH! :ghost:
    8. Seasons: Autumn :jackolantern:
    9. University Life: Earning a degree
    10. Into The Future: Modern furniture and Stark Trek feeling :p
  8. xyxnix


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    1. World Adventures: Tombs: Because you can go somewhere.
    2. Ambitions: The washing machine - Because your clothes can't be dirty
    3. Late Night: Apartments - Because it is cheaper
    4. Generations: Marriage - Because it needs an arch right?
    5. Pets: Appaloosa Plains - It looks like where I live.
    6. Showtime: The venues - They look cool
    7. Supernatural: None - Because I'm not a fan of that stuff
    8. Seasons: Seasons
    9. University Life: Better jobs
    10. Into The Future: Time Tracel
  9. Kit

    Kit Mommy Mode

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    1. World Adventures: Definitely exploring the tombs!
    2. Ambitions: Apartments
    3. Late Night: Vampires!
    4. Generations: Imaginary Friends!
    5. Pets: Horses! And Appaloosa Plains because I always used that town.
    6. Showtime: Magician
    7. Supernatural: Witches! I always play a witch legacy with female heirs!
    8. Seasons: Weather in general. It really brought the game to life.
    9. University Life: A new chapter in the young adult life, college. I just loved it as a whole!
    10. Island Paradise: BOATS! Discovering new islands!
    11. Into The Future: Changing the future to meet descendants.
    MiffoShort1997 likes this.
  10. MiffoShort1997


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    1. World Adventures: I really enjoyed going to France and exploring the caves and finding the nectar. I also enjoyed China and the martial arts!
    2. Ambitions: Loved being a fire fighter. Probably one of my favourite careers from the Sims 3 series!
    3. Late Night: Vampires of course!
    4. Generations: Believe it or not I actually really liked how they added the pushchair's for the toddlers :) I'm a family play type of guy and as I'm probably never going to meet a girl to marry I am unlikely to have children, unless I adopt but my real life health isn't good enough for that yet! Toddlers are one of my favourite things from the Sims 3 and that's why I am missing them soooooo much in 4!!
    5. Pets: Horses. I really liked the horse's system that they added in to the Sims 3 Pets. Being able to ride a horse and then have them jump obstacles was just amazing :) I hope for a similar system in the Sims 4 series, though I'd prefer horses to return with a Farm expansion and not Pets.
    6. Showtime: Singer. I loved pretending that my Sim was famous and loved by millions like Elvis Presley was!! I wished though that the singer career had been bigger, that Sims were able to release albums and name them themselves :)
    7. Supernatural: I LOVED everything!!! Supernatural for me was one of the best Sims 3 expansion packs. I love the Werewolf's most, then the Witches, then the Fairies and so on...
    8. Seasons: Like Supernatural I liked almost everything to do with the Sims 3 Seasons. The weather was probably my favourite especially winter. On Christmas Day I used to wake my Sims up really early 4 or 5 AM "as I do in real life ;)" and then together as a family they would open their presents. If we have a similar thing in the Sims 4 I'd like it if parent's and family could actually go to a store and by Christmas presents!
    9. University Life: College. I liked the whole dorm thing where you could make friends. I always found my Sim going to parties more than doing the work though :)
    10. Island Paradise: The houseboats were my favourite thing! It really added something new and special that had never been done before. If we get them in the Sims 4 that would be awesome too!!
    11. In To The Future: Time travel, androids and the future!! I liked most things about In To The Future, especially being able to travel through time! It was an incredible expansion and I hope to see another one like it with the Sims 4!!!

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